WATCH: Liberals Cringe As Whoopi Fails Horribly When Trump Insult Backfires

Whoopi Goldberg (left), Sunny Hostin (center), Joy Behar (right)

Although Whoopi Goldberg has been blessed with the gift of gab, she isn’t known among liberals to be the sharpest tool in the shed. Now, footage of her latest “Whoopi” moment is getting plenty of attention after she attacked President Donald Trump with just 6 words, but it just backfired on her.

According to Fox News, the hilarious “Whoopi” moment happened on Thursday, May 11, during an airing of “The View” when Goldberg attempted an embarrassing assessment of President Donald Trump’s decision to fire the corrupt former FBI Director James Comey. These mental waters proved to be a little too deep for the ignorant talk show host as she described her feelings on Comey’s firing.

Watch Goldberg’s gaffe and her counterpart’s futile attempt to recover:

I’m pretty sure that Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) is off in a corner somewhere very angry at Goldberg for having stolen the show from her after Goldberg described her thoughts over Trump firing Comey, and it went horribly wrong. “Does this feel like a coup to anybody?” Goldberg said. “It just feels like a coup,” she added.

Wow, where to start critiquing this golden nugget of liberal logic is just so mind-bending. Goldberg’s idiocy is almost as funny as Sunny Hostin’s failed recovery attempt. “Ohhhh, you said that, yeah,” was all Hostin could manage to say in an attempt to bring some kind of validity to Goldberg’s profoundness.

Goldberg and Hostin are the leading liberals of our time, paving the way for future idiots. Someone needs to explain what a coup is to Goldberg. A sitting United States president, who was democratically elected as the leader of the free world, cannot commit a coup against himself. He is already in charge, Whoopi. So, no, it doesn’t feel like a coup.

To make matters worse, Goldberg continued talking, saying, “First, the whole Justice Department got, everybody got gutted, all the things got gutted. It just feels — and he got all the generals — it feels kind of coup-y.”

And liberals wonder why they lost the last election. In short, it is because their party is full of arrogant self-entitled narcissists and complete morons who never learned to reason. Goldberg falls into the latter category.

It is nice to know that if Maxine Waters is having an off day and fails to provide us with a good laugh, that Goldberg has her back. They can inspire each other to “stay woke” as Waters likes to say. If you’re like me and can’t watch The View without feeling suicidal, just check back with us for the highlights, and we’ll keep ’em rolling. If you know anyone else who loves a good laugh, please share.

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