Whoopi Claims ‘Fallible’ Reporters Making Honest Mistakes On Trump, Gets Destroyed

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Whoopi Goldberg was so confused as she was forced to address how the mainstream media got two stories so wrong over the weekend about President Donald Trump. For Whoopi, there is no such thing as anti-Trump fake news. She said it must be “fallible” reporters making honest mistakes. That’s when she got destroyed.

President Donald Trump (left), Whoopi Goldberg (right) Photo Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images, YouTube/Screenshot)

Whoopi Goldberg was finally forced to address the issue of fake news. Of course, the leftist producers of The View wouldn’t call it fake news. In fact, they wouldn’t even claim the two stories over the weekend that have been proven as lies, are fake news. Instead, they left the 63-year-old comedian to wonder aloud why do those producing the news keep making mistakes?

The glaring answer to Goldberg’s question is so simple that you have to wonder are the shrews of The View that ignorant? If you read lies and believe them to be true, then yes you’ll keep making mistakes. Instead, Goldberg refuses to see the rush to judgment in these two news stories by leftists is the direct result of fake news.

Whoopi started the discussion by introducing the Buzzfeed article titled, “President Trump Directed His Attorney Michael Cohen To Lie To Congress About The Moscow Tower Project.” This was the bombshell report that was proven to be lies when Robert Mueller stated it was “inaccurate.”

Whoopi said she was happy Mueller was weighing in even if it means this story is “BS,” as she tried to see any upside to this debacle. “That makes me feel better,” Goldberg said.

That caused Joy Behar, who was visibly upset over the fact Buzzfeed got it all wrong about Trump, to chime in. “It should make the Trump people feel better that this so-called witch hunt is not happening…Mueller has shown you he is fair and balanced,” Behar said.

The shrews decided since Buzzfeed is “sticking to their story,” then there must be some truth to it because it can’t be fake news. “It just goes to show you, that fallible people can write fallible stories,” Whoopi declared. And isn’t it ironic that all of those fallible reporters seem to be wrong only when it comes to anything to do with President Trump?

Then, Goldberg brought up the next story which was also initially fake news: the Native American Nathan Phillips and the MAGA Catholic school kids. And that’s when all hell broke loose, as The View cohosts had a hard time spinning this one.

Whoopi plays two videos of the Native American-Catholic school kids dust-up. The first is the highly edited one which the mainstream media jumped on condemning the kids. The next one showed what really happened, the kids did nothing wrong, and in fact, they were being accosted.

Goldberg asked, “So many people admitted they made snap judgments before these other facts came in. But is it, we just instantly say ‘that’s what it is’ based on what we see in that moment? And then we have to walk stuff back when it turns out we’re wrong.”

Does Whoopi not realize it’s the job of reporters to make sure they have all the facts before they published a story? Then, there are no “snap judgments.” How does she not see there is a common theme to these fake news stories, which is President Trump. 

Of course, Joy Behar blamed President Trump, and Suny Hostin blamed the kids. “They [the Catholic school kids] had these political hats on and these outfits,” said Hostin, who claimed since the kids were marching for pro-life they should be banned from wearing MAGA hats. The so-called attorney of The View’s comments was enough to make your blood boil.

Whoopi and her ignorant cohosts have no idea about fake news. And when it’s right in their face, they dismiss it and claim there still must be some truth to it. Sean Hannity had an entire segment last night devoted to fake news targeted just at President Trump. He found over 20 times that media outlets have been forced to retract stories in the last year on the president alone.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We no longer have unbiased journalists reporting the nightly news. We have mouthpieces for the left who lap up the lies the mainstream media is feeding them and then they spit it out on their own show.

That’s what The View is, just a bunch of mouthpieces. When the truth is staring straight at them, they chose to look away. This show today proves the shrews would rather be degraded as idiots, then face the truth: they have been wrong about President Trump all along.

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