Whoopi Stunned, Joy Has ‘Breakdown’ Over Impeachment Disaster On Live TV

Whoopi Goldberg was stunned and speechless today as co-host Joy Behar had a “breakdown” over yesterday’s impeachment hearing disaster. Joy was shattered when Adam Schiff’s hearing went all wrong. She went on a crazed rant, and no one could stop her. It was truly bizarre. Don’t miss this.

Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar (Photo Credit: The View/Twitter/Screenshot)

Whoopi Goldberg and the shrews of The View were almost as devastated on today’s show as they were the day after Donald Trump won the presidency. The somber mood reminded us of a funeral parlor as Whoopi Goldberg introduced the segment they all were dreading: the impeachment hearing from yesterday.

“The impeachment hearing from yesterday,” Golberg said. “Ambassador Bill Taylor gave some information we hadn’t heard before and Republicans as they do pushed back kinda hard. Take a look.”

Whoopi’s first soundbite is of Rep. Jim Jordan hammering Bill Taylor. Jordan makes the point Taylor has never met Trump or anyone in his cabinet and then says: “And you’re their star witness.” It was a great moment of clarity in the hearing, so why would The View play it?

There was absolutely no Democrat Congressmen doing anything worthy of viewing from yesterday’s hearing. Goldberg then plays a clip of a Democrat Congressman joking about Trump. That’s the best they could come up with.

“He let him have it,” Behar said with zero enthusiasm while referring to the Democratic Congressman who joked about Trump. Little did anyone know, poor Joy was just moments away from really losing it.

“Did [the hearing] clear anything up for people?” Whoopi asked.

“No,” Joy responded, breaking the silence. “And by the way, he [Jim Jordan] says both of these guys, neither one of them has ever met Trump, and have not had direct contact with him and why not—but Trump won’t let the people who have had direct knowledge of what happened in the conversation, come on to the impeachment hearing, like Mulvaney and Bolton. Both of them know stuff and they are the first people who heard this.”

What in the hell is Joy blubbering about? What conversation? She is rambling incoherently. 

“That’s a lie, what they are saying,” Joy added. “And they are going after the guy for no reason and it doesn’t make any sense. Do you understand what I am saying?”

“Yeah,” Whoopi quickly said.

“Yeah, Ok. Because I feel like I am not making any sense,” Joy responded.

Wow. This impeachment hearing from yesterday has really shattered Joy Behar. No one had a clue what she was trying to convey. Whoopi said “yeah,” hoping Behar would just stop talking. Instead, Joy continued to rant incoherently.

“I’m so [inaudible] from them,” Behar continued.

“And Jim Jordan, look it, check your own stuff,” Joy added while waving her hands in the air. “And put a jacket on, Ok?”

“Here’s the thing, they have nothing, on their side” she continued with growing anger.

“They have nothing. He did what he did. They have nothing,” Joy ranted. “And the real problem is for me from Trump, is they would like to say ‘Look he did it, he did it. He tried to extort and bribe the Ukraine president for a favor and ahm, so what! It’s not impeachable. It’s not a crime.'”

“But Trump will not allow them to say that because he had a perfect call and everything is perfect,” Joy said as her cohosts looked horrified. “And he says he did nothing wrong. So, they are between a rock and a hard place. The Republicans. They don’t know what to do next. And they are spinning around and around in factual lies and things.”

The problem was Joy was spinning around and around. Her Trump Derangement Syndrome kicked into overdrive, and she just lost it. 

Joy Behar’s incoherent rant and breakdown remind us of Nancy Pelosi today. Poor Pelosi was also having difficulties speaking after the Democrats totally bombed in their first open impeachment hearing.

Behar is 77-years-old, and she had put all her hopes and dreams of getting rid of Trump on Adam Schiff’s shoulders. When confronted with reality and the truth during the hearing, Behar’s mind had problems accepting she just might be wrong. We bet there are many more like Behar who got a real rude awakening watching Schiff’s show on live TV.

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