WI Nursing Home Resident Tried To Vote Trump, Staffer Allegedly Made Sure She Didn’t

On Friday, Wisconsin held a hearing on its election irregularities. Witnesses testified that very disturbing things happened in nursing homes. One elderly resident named “Susan” tried to vote for President Donald Trump, and that’s when a staffer allegedly “made sure she didn’t.” You don’t want to miss what this nursing home staffer did to the poor woman, and it was just one of many allegations involving Wisconsin nursing homes.

One investigator looking into alleged election crimes in Wisconsin nursing homes was one of the most compelling witnesses at Friday’s hearing. This goes to the very heart of the election integrity issues facing Americans.

When our most vulnerable citizens are compromised and mistreated over political matters, it’s utterly shameful. 

This brings us to the testimony of the election investigator.

“Susan said quote: ‘she told me I really wanted to vote for Trump but a staff member at her home told me no, no, he’s a bad man. We’re voting for Biden,'” the investigator said. “And the staff member instructed her to vote for Biden so she did but she wasn’t happy about it.”

“None of us should be happy about this,” he adds. “These are severely cognitively and developmentally impaired people who rely on their caregivers for everything.”

“But those caregivers have betrayed their trust,” the investigator declared. “And this has happened over and over and over here in Wisconsin at assisted living facilities and nursing homes across the state.”

“The law is so disregarded and the rules put in place are so lax that even the dead are now being allowed to vote,” the Wisconsin witness said. “Ethel, whose name was also changed because her family fears retribution for coming forward, was 0ne of them.”

“She was 95-years-old, and she passed away in her nursing home in October after a long battle with Dementia brought on by a stroke,” he explained. “Her daughter Janet contacted me after discovering that not only did Ethel vote after absentee from that nursing home but she’s been voting absentee for years even though she’s not been mentally competent enough, at least since 2012.”

The Wisconsin investigator also claimed Ethel’s voting pattern became “more regular” after 2012 when she was cognitively impaired. Her daughter Janet filed a police report and gave a sworn statement about her mother being totally impaired from Dementia and not being able to recognize her or what she last ate.

“Even though Ethel died in October, yet she voted,” the election investigator claimed. “Even though it is illegal for a deceased person’s vote to count in this state, Ethel’s vote was counted.”

It has been alledged that Joe Biden received hundreds of thousands of votes from dead voters.

We probably will never know the entire depth and scope of the alleged fraud that went on, but it’s safe to say Americans will never look at elections the same again. To have residents of nursing homes being bullied into voting for Biden and for dead voters also voting for the former vice president, how can the mainstream media turn a blind eye?

In fact, many experts are saying this isn’t the first election to have this type of alleged fraud. For years, we have been listening to the mainstream media and their pollsters who tell us America leans to the center-left or has more Democrat voters than Republicans.

What if America really leans to the center-right? What if the Democrats have been stealing and siphoning off votes for years, especially in swing states? We saw the evidence of a red wave in 2020, and it did happen.

We all saw the enormous Trump rallies in which only someone like Barack Obama could come close to those numbers. We saw Trump boat rallies, Trump motorcycle rallies, Latino Trump rallies, and even Trump rallies in Beverly Hills, California. This grassroots spontaneous support is something we have never seen in a presidential election.

After comparing it with the nonexistent Biden campaign, it all indicated that Trump would be re-elected. 

Joe Biden’s lack of a campaign indicated there would be no massive voter turnout for him.

However, President Trump had a true massive voter turnout across the board, across the country. Even in Milwaukee, Detriot, Philadelphia, and Atlanta, Trump outdid his 2016 numbers.

Biden massively underperformed Hillary Clinton’s numbers across the board, except in those four cities. Biden blew away Clinton’s numbers in those four “swing state” cities. That’s all it took for Biden to supposedly win the election.

It’s an unexplainable anomaly. So unexplainable that statisticians and data analysts suggest it’s totally unbelievable. This cannot stand. These are the very reasons Trump voters are so upset, and unless we get a fair remedy to these “voter anomalies,” it’s anyone’s guess how the next four years will play out.

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