Wife Floored At What She Caught Husband Doing With Child In His CPS Office

Wife Floored At What She Walked In On At Husband's Child Protective Job
DFACS (The Dept of Family and Children Services)

When Chellie Heckman’s husband hadn’t come home from work on time as a supervisor with the Department of Family and Children Services, she was curious about what he was up to at his office. She was absolutely floored at what she found him in the middle of that he was in no rush to stop anytime before being discovered there.

Chellie’s husband Jason has had several early mornings and late nights outside his standard nine-to-five shift lately, but this one was different after what she saw that she felt needed to be exposed. Over the years of her husband working his way up in the department to the level he’s at now, she’s heard all of the horrible things citizens have said about these social workers and definitely knows more now about what happens “behind the scenes.” Now, she has a picture to prove the reality of what really goes on at the DFACS (The Dept of Family and Children Services) office.

According to Don Logana with WTOC, the social worker’s wife sent the news station the picture of her husband on a particularly late night on the job. Chellie explained that before this photo was snapped, she knew that Jason had taken a toddler boy into the care of the state, but he was still in his custody since he hadn’t been placed with a foster family yet. With nowhere for this boy to go, the child was fussy and just wanted someone to love him. Jason was that person, giving him a shoulder to lay on and treating this parentless child like his own son.

Wife Floored At What She Walked In On At Husband's Child Protective Job
DFACS supervisor Jason, with rescued toddler after hours

“He among many others do a very thankless yet fulfilling job, and it takes a very special person to handle these cases,” Chellie wrote alongside the incredibly touching photo of her truly compassionate husband seen napping with this child who finally felt safe. “The case workers and investigators are hardly recognized when there is something great that happens,” she added.

These underpaid individuals, who work this thankless job and often long unexpected hours, take a lot of abuse from parents being investigated and onlookers criticizing them for what they do or don’t do. The issue isn’t with these employees, who got into this line of work in the first place to help the forgotten, neglected, and desperate children; it’s the bureaucratic red tape that ties their hands. They want nothing more than to save the children they find suffering unfathomable neglect and living in heinous circumstances, but the law protects the parents and prevents these workers from doing the job they have a huge heart for.

“Attached is the perfect picture of the love and compassion that these guys give that goes unnoticed, while he had stayed out after hours with this baby and went in 2 hours early, his focus was to make sure this baby was cared for and felt safe,” Chellie wrote into the news station.

While the parents of these suffering kids run, hide, and lie to people like Jason, and government gives them countless chances to “prove” they can care for their kids when it’s clear that they can’t, there are children struggling with day to day life, desperate to rest on the shoulder of the “Jasons” out there.

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