Wife Of Killed Cop Gets Last Laugh On Scumbag Who Mowed Him Down In His Car

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Wife Of Killed Cop Gets Last Laugh On Scumbag Who Mowed Him Down In His Car
Resia Clardy (left), Massachusetts State Trooper Thomas Clardy (right)

Massachusetts State Trooper Thomas Clardy was sitting in his patrol car, finishing up some paperwork, when David Njuguna went full speed ahead at over 80 miles per hour and plowed the officer down, never once using his brakes, with only the impact of the car and the cop bringing him to a stop. Njuguna lived and the officer died, but now, the hero’s widow is getting the last laugh on this scumbag who got off easy.

Njuguna had just left a marijuana dispensary when he killed the cop on his way home since he was apparently unable to wait to partake in his pot and was driving under the influence. The 30-year-old driver’s blood was tested on the scene and revealed that he had “an active THC level” at the time of the crash, according to the police report, and was subsequently charged with Manslaughter, Motor Vehicle Homicide While Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana, and held on $500,000 bond. However, that wasn’t enough for the 44-year-old fallen officer’s rightfully enraged wife, Reisa Clardy, who is now left to raise their seven children on her own.

Wife Of Killed Cop Gets Last Laugh On Scumbag Who Mowed Him Down In His Car
David Njuguna (left), Officer Clardy’s family (right)

Although Njuguna is in the country legally, he is not a U.S. citizen, but the taxpayers will still have to pay for his prison stay, which is now the least of his worries after what Reisa just dropped on him. The widow is seeking $20 million in damages against the driver, claiming “negligence, two counts of wrongful death, and conscious pain and suffering, and seeks damages, interests, costs and attorney fees,” the court documents state, according to Blue Lives Matter.

The complaint also stated, “As a direct and proximate result of the negligence of the defendant, David Njuguna, the plaintiff’s decedent, Thomas L. Clardy, was greatly injured, suffered conscious pain and suffering of body and mind, and died as a result of said injuries.”

This woman has every right to this money, even though it can’t replace her husband and the father of their seven kids. Adding insult to injury for the high driver who deserves it, a Judge denied motions to dismiss some of the pending criminal charges against him at a hearing last week.

It’s refreshing to see a court not cater to criminals who kill members of law enforcement by making excuses for why they think they are not completely responsible for their actions. Justice better prevail in this case, both criminally and civilly, awarding this grieving family every dime they deserve.