Latest Wikileaks Email: John Podesta’s Ties To Dark Satanic Cult [GRAPHIC]

As WikiLeaks continues to release emails, we’ve begun to see the reality of just how crooked that Hillary Clinton and her closest allies are. At this point, the government corruption is becoming common knowledge and accepted as fact, but with the latest Podesta email leak on Thursday, another alarming side of their evil has just been revealed, placing Hillary at the center of unspeakable depravity.

In a shocking message found in Wikileaks’ latest dump, one email reveals how Hillary’s campaign chairman John Podesta is involved in a dark Satanic cult. The email correspondence is between John Podesta and his brother Tony, where they discuss plans to attend a “Spirit Cooking” dinner at the home of a Satanist by the name Marina Abramovic.


It doesn’t take long into looking into this Satanist’s background to realize just what a dark and depraved individual this woman is. The following video shows Marina Abramovic performing a “Spirit Cooking” ritual just like the one Podesta attended at her house, where she can be seen using blood to summon demons in a depraved sex magic recipe.


Practitioners of this dark magic are required to use bodily fluids to conjure spirits, including blood, semen, urine, and breast milk. Part of the ritual also involves self-mutilation, as instructions for the recipe states for followers to “cut deeply into the middle finger of your left hand.” Here are a few screenshots of the video, where a recipe for the Satanic ritual is written in thick coagulated blood on the walls by Abramovic.




Although the video is incredibly sick, Hillary Clinton’s ties to Satanism are even more disturbing. Back in August, a man who worked for the Clintons during their time in Arkansas came forward with a claim about how Hillary went to a witch coven once a month while Bill Clinton was president.

According to sources, Hillary is also a founding member of the Belesian Grove society, a female counterpart to the Satanic Bohemian Grove society for men. The New York Times released a story about the mysterious group back in 2001, where they disclosed how Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor was among its elite 125 members. One of the Satanic group’s stated goals is to have a woman president, as the members all represent a “rare confluence of wealth and influence.”

Belizean Grove is fast becoming what could be considered the world’s ultimate old girls’ club. Perhaps that’s no surprise, as it is modeled on one of the nation’s most exclusive old boys’ clubs, Bohemian Grove. That hush-hush group, an extension of the 139-year-old Bohemian Club in San Francisco, has counted so many rich and powerful men among its ranks — including the presidents Eisenhower, Carter, Nixon and both Bushes — that it sounds like something out of a Dan Brown novel. Indeed, in 1942, the men of Bohemian Grove, who meet each summer under a canopy of redwoods in Monte Rio, Calif., dreamed up the Manhattan Project.

Below is an extremely graphic video showing a Satanic Bohemian Grove ritual in action, where unspeakable evil takes place within the secret group.

John Podesta’s emails prove that this is no longer a conspiracy and that Satanism has in fact infiltrated the highest factions of our government. Perhaps this is the reason we see so many flies continually landing on Hillary’s face.

H/T [Conservative Outfitters]