Will Ferrell’s Latest Comedy Attacks Trump & His Supporters, Gets Terrible News

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Once celebrated actor and comedian Will Ferrell released a new movie this holiday season. The Sherlock Holmes comedy had a surprising amount of Trump-bashing jokes and insults, despite being set in the past. It looks like karma, audiences, and even Hollywood critics had something to say about this film, and it wasn’t pretty.

Will Ferrell spent this holiday season in a movie loaded with bad Trump-bashing jokes. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube, U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Marianique Santos)

Again and again, we see Hollywood actors aren’t learning their lesson. Arrogant filmmakers routinely abuse their popularity to push left-wing politics. Although movie-going audiences have made it clear that they don’t want to hear it, these elitists continue to lecture us for being conservatives.

It’s clear Hollywood has never forgiven Americans for electing Donald Trump. After eight years of misery under Barack Obama, they expected us to just give the country to a corrupt, evil, and unlikeable woman. Instead, we chose a man who promised to make America great again. Liberal celebs had a meltdown.

But we’ve seen, time and again, how Democrats in Hollywood tank their own careers when they push politics. It’s one thing for a famous actor to endorse a candidate or issue. But these days, celebrities scold, rebuke, and condemn Americans for supporting Donald Trump. They think their negative rants against us will win us over.

They are sorely mistaken.

It was only a day ago when we brought you the story of how a Marvel director melted down over gun rights on Twitter. The resulting backlash from patriots was brutal. He’ll most likely have a hard time winning over viewers with future movies.

Today, we bring you the story of Will Ferrell. He was once a darling of comedy movie fans. Many still consider his early film Elf as a holiday classic. But the actor has had a hard time mustering up a hit in recent years. This Christmas, he’s back with another comedy. But it’s a far cry from anything he’s once delivered.

His new movie is a parody of Sherlock Holmes. The classic character is primed for witty and hilarious jokes and antics. Instead, Ferrell opts for lazy, predictable, and unfunny gimmicks. Most notably are the out-of-place jokes against the president. People were not amused.

One of the harshest takedowns of the film was written by The Hollywood Reporter’s Frank Scheck, who noticed “a strange amount of anachronistic Donald Trump-related humor” in the film.

Scheck wrote that “Holmes & Watson” includes “bit about fake news and red MAGA hats (here reading ‘Make England Great Again’) that fall utterly flat in this context,” but the lame attempts to bash Trump aren’t even the worst part of the project in the eyes of this critic. [Source: Fox News]

How did Ferrell and the filmmakers expect that to go over — when millions of Americans voted for and continue to support Donald Trump? They wear their MAGA hats with pride. Many Americans are excited about what Trump has done for the country. Many more are benefitting from his successes in the economy (including liberals).

Yet Ferrell and company are so stupid, they think bashing Donald Trump — in a movie set over 100 years ago — will be accepted by fans.

As you can imagine, the movie has been doing terribly.

The “Stepbrothers” duo, along with director Etan Cohen, attempted to parody Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic stories about Sherlock Holmes and his sidekick, Dr. Watson. But the film has earned “rotten status” on Rotten Tomatoes, with a stunningly low 4 percent of reviews being considered positive. The site also indicated that only 24 percent of viewers have liked the movie so far…

“Numerous talented British thespians are wasted in supporting roles in this Christmas turkey that, not surprisingly, wasn’t screened in advance for critics. Although making them troop out to theaters Christmas morning is something of which even Ebenezer Scrooge wouldn’t have approved,” Scheck wrote…

Variety’s Peter Debruge asked, “Is it funny, for instance, to spend an entire movie watching Ferrell’s Holmes try on various hats, knowing that eventually Reilly, as Watson, is bound to steer him toward his trademark deerstalker?” [Source: Fox News]

For liberal movie critics to be upset about the Trump jokes, you know the movie has to be bad. The film has a dismal 4% percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The few people who bothered to see it have not liked it.

It’s clear this comedian tried to take the lazy, easy way out for this film. He crammed it full of Trump jokes and expected audiences to stupidly suck it up. Anything else was just unfunny or bland.

A wonderful opportunity to make a Sherlock Holmes comedy was wasted, because of tired politics. Maybe if we spread the word that we’re sick of politics in our movies, these guys will stop doing it.