‘Real’ Witches Plan Bizarre Midnight Ritual To Protest Donald Trump

A witch casts a spell (stock image, left), President Donald Trump laughs (right).

“Real” witches across the country have big plans to gather together through their odd rituals and protest the presidency of Donald Trump at midnight tonight. A document is making its rounds through the witch community, detailing a way for the president to be removed from office. Since every other leftist idea has crashed and burned, why not bring in the witches with their orange candles? You can’t even make this stuff up.

Witches have rightfully gotten a bad rep for a long time, and funky rituals such as this one are part of the reason. The document circulating, among those who practice witchcraft’s mythical spells, details how to perform a ritual which will oust President Donald Trump from the White House. Witches plan to cast spells at midnight across the country on nights with a crescent moon, with tonight being the first night, and spells are to be cast on every waning crescent moon hereafter until Trump is no longer president.

This is laughable to most since a large portion of rational human beings don’t believe you can cast spells on or curse other humans, but that’s not stopping these “real” witches from trying. Similar spell casting events will take place on March 26, April 24, and May 23 and beyond until Donald Trump is not longer in office. Apparently, according to the document, for the spell to work, mass numbers of witches must all cast it at the same time, midnight Eastern time.

Not one single event will prove witchcraft is complete hokum quite like this one. Michael M. Hughes, who writes about the paranormal, posted the spell at ExtraNewsFeed last week, and he even admits there is an element of satire about this spell. However, he also stressed that a binding spell is apparently different than a curse or hex. “It’s a restraint, not harm,” Hughes told The Huffington Post. “I see it as self-defense.”

The instructions for the spell have gone viral, but not all of those who are sharing want to actually perform the ritual. Some just want to laugh at the lengths some people will go to because of their hurt feelings resulting from not getting their way.

Practitioners of witchcraft are now at the butt of the joke instead of those who paid for failed recounts. Over 3 months after the fact, leftists are still so upset that the election didn’t go their way that they are now delving into the land of fantasy and make-believe looking for help. And, they wonder why so many on the right believe liberalism is a mental disorder.

If these so-called witches spent half the time reflecting on themselves and how they treat others rather than focusing on some guy they don’t like, they could probably do some good in the world. But, by all means, please waste your time casting pointless spells since recounts and every other attempt to oust Trump has failed.

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