Woman Helped 364 Hurricane Victims & Used Her Own Shocking Tragedy To Do It

A woman from Owensville, Missouri, wants to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey in any way that she can. However, no one, not even the victims themselves, could have predicted how she planned on doing that – using her own shocking tragedy to do it.

Woman Wants To Help Hurricane Victims, No One Anticipated How She Would Use Her Chest
Danielle Palmer (left), Hurricane Harvey victims (right) (photo credit: Brett Palmer/Facebook, Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/Getty Images)

Danielle Palmer was devastated when she heard about the destruction that Hurricane Harvey caused people in Texas to endure. In fact, she immediately knew she wanted to help the victims in some way and eventually devised a plan to do so. However, she used one thing not too many people would have thought about utilizing – her chest.

Danielle knew everyone across the country would be donating obvious and practical things that people needed in the hurricane area. However, she stepped outside the box and chose not to donate the typical mounds of clothes, shoes, food, diapers, or even money but something else of value many hadn’t considered. She chose to use her body and donate her pumped breast milk — 8 gallons worth to be exact.

It all began when Danielle gave birth to her son, Truett. When he was born, he had several issues that forced him to be fed through an IV. Instead of letting her breast milk dry out, she decided to use the time to stock up on her supply and froze every ounce – leading to her total of 8 gallons.

Truett and I just sent 1040 ounces of liquid gold to help momma's with babies in Texas! So thankful we are able to help…

Posted by Danielle M. Palmer on Saturday, September 2, 2017

“Breastfeeding is hard. Whether you’re pumping or feeding or however it may be, it’s hard,” she admitted, according to Daily Mail. “And we are like momma bears. We protect one another.”

She now believes that God put her and Truett in that situation so that she could help other mothers in need – especially the mothers in Texas. “With Truett’s heart defect, I don’t take that lightly but I also know I’m grateful for the situation God placed us in.” She continued, “It’s given us the opportunity to do other things, I mean had we not been in this situation, we wouldn’t be able to share some of our love with the babies in Houston.”

It is estimated that Danielle’s donation will equal 364 feedings. The entire shipment of her breast milk is set to be taken to Dallas, Texas, through a local organization known as Guiding Star Missouri. They will drive the refrigerated milk to the city, where it will then be distributed to moms and babies who need it. Exchanging breast milk is legal, and Guiding Star rigorously tests the donated milk to ensure it’s safe for the babies who will be ingesting it.

Danielle is happy to help. “I can’t imagine being in a situation where you’re losing everything and just the fear of all of that,” she explained. “All I could do was sit and pray for the moms and dads and kids. Beauty can come from this. It won’t be bad forever.”

It’s remarkable what a woman’s body can do. Thankfully, Danielle transformed her less-than-ideal situation into a blessing – knowing that her pumped milk can help nourish babies whose mother’s milk was affected in some way because of the flooding. God always has a plan, and he wasn’t about to let those hungry babies in Texas starve. Sometimes, we need to do the Lord’s work and be the miracle others are praying for, and that’s exactly what Danielle did.

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