Woman Collapses at Trump Rally — Crowd Does Something Amazing

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While President Donald Trump spoke at a rally in Missouri, a woman collapsed. As medical help assisted the woman, the president asked everyone for a moment of silence and prayer. Instead, the huge stadium of people responded in an amazing way. You don’t want to miss this.

A woman collapsed during a Trump rally in Missouri. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube)

With so much on the line this midterm election, President Trump has been taking no chances. He’s been traveling coast to coast in order to rally support for Republican candidates. And rally he has — given the sheer massive number of crowds that have come out to see him.

Despite fake news from liberal media, Americans continue to be energized over the Trump administration. Americans are waiting in long lines — often for a day or more — to see the president and show support for his GOP allies.

Last night, during one of his final stops, Trump was speaking to a packed stadium in Cape Girardeau, MO. It was wall-to-wall supporters. Photos and video reveal supporters standing shoulder to shoulder to hear the president speak.

One of those supporters happened to be an elderly woman. Perhaps all that standing was too much for her. During the event, she collapsed.

Quickly, Trump spotted her from the podium and immediately directed medical professionals to assist her. As help reached and escorted the woman out, Trump asked the attendees for a silent moment and prayer for her.

The massive audience then does something truly amazing.

President Trump on Monday paused his campaign rally in Missouri for roughly 10 minutes after an elderly woman in the crowd collapsed and required medical attention.

Trump was recounting his presidential victory of two years ago and chiding Hillary Clinton for calling some of the president’s supporters “deplorables” when something appeared to catch his eye in the crowd.

“Is there a doctor in the house, please? Doctor? Please. Thank you,” Trump said, pointing toward the crowd gathered on the floor of the Show Me Center.

The president urged medical staff that converged on the woman to take their time as he stepped away from the podium. At one point, he urged the crowd to “say a little prayer,” and attendees behind the stage could be seen bowing their heads.

A short time later, the audience began singing “Amazing Grace.” [Source: The Hill]

It’s unfortunate that this woman collapsed. But that’s not uncommon at large gatherings.

What is uncommon is the stunning response from the rest of the attendees. They were quick to show their consideration and support for this stranger, by singing a touching and heartfelt hymn.

It was a poignant and powerful moment. These attendees were showing their true colors. While excited to see the president and hear him speak, they weren’t forgetting their neighbor who was in need. A spontaneous outbreak of song — a classical Gospel hymn to boot — reveals the character and faith of this crowd.

Trump was quick to thank the crowd for their response.

“That was beautiful,” Trump said after resuming his spot behind the podium. “Hopefully she’ll be OK.” [Source: Fox News]

For years, we’ve been told by the media that Trump supporters are vile, hateful, bigots. They’ve been branded selfish, closed-minded, and racist. But all that crumbles when we see how Trump supporters really behave in sudden moments of crisis.

This simple act of singing “Amazing Grace” showed the kindness and generosity of these Trump supporters. That’s true of all patriotic Americans across the country. We may have our differences and disagreements. But a true American respects and looks after his or her neighbors.

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