Woman Sick When Cop Pulls Up & Yells For Couple To Come To His Car

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Tara Wilson was about to leave an empty strip mall parking lot when she saw a cop pull in and park across the way. He rolled down his window and shouted for some nearby people to come to his car. Bothered by the fact that the cop was seemingly hassling them, Wilson sat back and watched, but she couldn’t believe what unfolded when the pair approached his patrol car.

Tara Wilson (left), Couple at cop’s car (right)

Wilson wasn’t sure what the Dickson County, Tennessee cop was up to when she saw him pull into the parking lot, seemingly out of nowhere and appearing only to be interested in “hassling” a couple of young people who were walking around. She wrote in a social media post that the pair looked to be homeless, but they weren’t bothering anyone. She was irritated that it looked like the officer was treating them as if they were up to no good when he called them to his car.

“I was thinking why does he have to mess with these people? Aren’t they going through enough?” Wilson recalled in her post of the moment she heard him shout for them to come over. Although her initial thought was that he was going to question these poor people who were down on their luck, Wilson decided to wait around and see what happened. That’s when she watched in shock at what came out of his ride.

Evidently, the cop, who she later learned is Deputy Nicholson, had spotted the needy pair earlier and decided to do something for them. He went to a restaurant nearby and bought them each their own meals and drinks to go, then surprised them with it in the parking lot. Witnessing his generosity, Wilson decided she too would approach the man and thank him for his kindness after he proved her negative assumptions wrong and unwarranted.

Woman Sick When Cop Pulls Up, Then Yells For Couple To Come To His Car
Deputy Nicholson. Photo Credit: Tara Wilson

“There are good cops out there,” she said, which is an understatement. The majority of cops are good, there are far fewer who are not, but they tend to get the most attention. It’s time to recognize the profession and the people who wear the badge for who they really are — the eyes and ears in our communities watching out for each one of us regardless of skin color, lifestyle, or any other circumstance. They just want to help, not harm.

This cop could have questioned these homeless people, but he proved his good intentions when he provided them with what they really needed. This is what police officers do every day, and it often goes unnoticed because the attention is placed on people who blame cops for their reactions to a thug’s bad choices.