Woman Sees Dentist For ‘Abscessed Tooth,’ Ends Up Missing An Eye Months Later

Woman Sees Dentist For 'Abscessed Tooth,' Horrified Why She's Missing An Eye Months Later
Ceri Jones

After a woman noticed some abnormalities inside her mouth, she decided to schedule a dentist appointment to treat what she thought was her “abscessed tooth.” However, things quickly turned to horror for her when, only a few months later, she was left missing an eye and fighting for her life. Now, her story is serving as a warning to others.

After spotting a lump inside of her mouth, 22-year-old Ceri Jones, from the United Kingdom, made a dentist appointment, thinking she had an abscessed tooth. Plagued with headaches, she eagerly awaited her appointment. Unfortunately, her dentist admittedly had no clue what the lump was caused by but luckily instructed her to get a biopsy taken. That’s when doctors at Sunderland Royal Hospital took one look and delivered her the horrifying news, explaining what the lump really was — and it was far from just an abscessed tooth.

Doctors informed the young woman that the lump in her mouth was actually a rare form of cancer known as “adenoid cystic carcinoma, which affects the salivary glands of the head and neck,” according to Daily Mail. Making matters worse, she was forced to undergo facial reconstructive surgery, as well as have her left eye taken out to ensure all cancerous cells were successfully removed.

“I’d never heard of anything like it, I was so shocked that I actually had it to be honest,” Ceri admitted, according to Daily Post. Unfortunately, getting her eye removed was the least of her worries. In fact, while she spent 36 hours on the operating table, her upper left jaw and facial bones were also replaced with titanium. If that wasn’t enough, Ceri also lost all of her teeth on the left side since she had to have the muscle and skin grafted from her right thigh into her mouth.

Woman Sees Dentist For 'Abscessed Tooth,' Horrified Why She's Missing An Eye Months Later
Ceri in the hospital after surgery

As a result of the surgery, she faced many unforeseen complications. Her brain started to leak fluid, forcing doctors to give her a lumber puncture in her spine, which eventually led her to be put on life support. Luckily, she pulled through, but now, she has been flown to Jacksonville, Florida, to undergo proton radiotherapy. This particular type of radiotherapy is designed to hopefully kill off any remaining cancer cells and stop the disease from ever returning.

“I relive this nightmare every day from the day we took Ceri to Liverpool to the day she came home and the morning she went down to theatre (the operating room) for the longest life-changing surgery and the complications she had thereafter,” Ceri’s mother, Sarah Evans, explained. “Seeing my daughter on life support was a horrific sight I will take to my grave. It has been an awful time for Ceri, but hopefully, there is light at the end of the tunnel now.”

Ceri is a brave young girl. However, as a result of the medical bills for all of the expensive procedures and surgeries, in addition to paying for food and travel expenses, a GoFundMe page has been created in hopes of raising over $5,5000, but it has only succeeded in raising $485 thus far.

Although she has lost an eye and has undergone many trials that no person should be forced to face, her spirits are high. There is nothing scarier than fighting for your life, but at least she has the support she needs to keep putting up a good fight. Hopefully, one day, this will just be a memory as she will be able to live a long and happy life, and most importantly, her story will encourage others not to wait to be seen by a doctor when something doesn’t seem right. Had she not made that dentist appointment, but instead chose to wait, hoping the “abscessed tooth” would manage to heal itself, her story could have a much different ending.

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