Woman Makes Discovery So Troubling In Her Trailer That She Set It Ablaze

A West Virginia woman was so troubled by a discovery in her rented mobile home that she reached out to her landlord for help. However, when she didn’t get the response she expected, she took matters into her own hands and set the residence ablaze.

Sandra Kay Ward, 65, couldn’t take it any longer after she made a find in her Belington rental that disturbed her a great deal. It wasn’t the first time that she made such a discovery in the mobile home she rented in Barbour County. She had reached out to her landlord repeatedly, but their response did not meet her expectations.


On March 31, when she was startled yet again by a creepy find, she decided she was going to take care of it for good. Ward was so upset, she set fire to some papers, threw in rugs that were on the kitchen floor, placed a basket in front of the tub and set fire to the paper that was in it, and also set fire to her bed along the end wall in her master bedroom.

Fire crews arrived, and an investigation by the West Virginia Fire Marshal’s Office ensued. That’s when Ward would admit to what she had done and why she had done it, telling an investigator that she committed the arson to her mobile home because she found a cockroach at the residence earlier in the morning. She also told investigators that she was upset with the landlord because this was the fourth or fifth cockroach she had found since living in the mobile home.

“I’m not denying setting the fire, and they (can) put me in jail. I don’t care,” Ward told the investigator, according to the criminal complaint. It’s a good thing she didn’t care about jail because that’s exactly where she’s currently being held. Ward is in the Tygart Valley Regional Jail on a $20,000 surety bond after being charged with first-degree arson.

A home is ruined, a landlord’s investment destroyed, and a woman’s life will never be the same, as she faces felony charges — all of which could have been prevented with a simple cockroach treatment from Walmart, which would only cost roughly $10 to $50 at most. Even paying an exterminator a couple hundred for professional pest control would be cheaper than the result that unfolded for all parties involved. It’s a shame the landlord and resident couldn’t work together for a resolution.

While dealing with rental property issues and landlords, who fail to address such problems to the renter’s satisfaction, is a headache, this woman took things way too far. The old saying about cutting off your nose to spite your face comes to mind, as she didn’t just destroy another’s property but her own. She’d have been better off to squash the bug and not her own life as she once knew it. She’s soon going to realize that she’s likely to see a lot more cockroaches in jail than she ever saw in her West Virginia mobile home. Do people even think these things through anymore?

[h/t: KOMO News]

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