Woman Horrified At What’s On Display At Walmart And Decides To ‘Fix’ It

Woman Horrified At What's On Display At Walmart And Decides To 'Fix' It
Katie Kinder (left), Walmart (right)

While doing some Christmas shopping through Walmart, Katie Kinder was sick when she saw what was displayed by the giant retailer and immediately took matters into her own hands to “fix” it. After getting a photo of what she found offensive, Walmart responded with something she wasn’t expecting.

Like many Americans, Kinder prefers the comfort of her own home when shopping and was browsing the store’s website to get some items on her gift list for others, when she came across some merchandise she wasn’t expecting. A simple black and white mug was all it took for her to put Walmart on blast due to the two words printed on the item.

Out of everything the massive company could print on a plain mug, they were selling one with the question “got retard?” on it, as if making fun of someone’s disability is a good choice in merchandise. Kinder, who is a teacher, couldn’t believe that this offensive offering was on their site and was the first person to say something about it.

“There should be outrage over this horrifically, offensive mug being sold at Walmart,” Kinder wrote on Facebook. “If Walmart wouldn’t sell a mug with a racial slur on it, then why in the world is this okay?” Perhaps it’s only a problem for people when they think President-elect Donald Trump is degrading people with a handicap in his campaigning, but when it’s their favorite store, it’s apparently funny.

Kinder insisted that the store fix what they are selling by removing it from their inventory and got the National Down Syndrome Society on board to help her out. The group reached out to both Walmart and Amazon who were selling this offensive mug and got a response they weren’t planning on. Without hesitation, Walmart said that they would no longer sell this mug and apologized for the oversight.

“This item violated out policy and we quickly removed it. It’s unacceptable for a seller to put it on our Marketplace,” the company tweeted in response to Kinder’s outraged tweet to them.

While the word “retard” has been watered down and used casually and many claim to not mean offense to those with Down Syndrome in saying it, if this is acceptable to sell, it opens the door to worse. Society already has an issue with not respecting other people and simply being kind, it doesn’t need to be something retailers as big as Walmart and Amazon capitalize on. This isn’t about being politically correct — it’s simply about showing a little respect.
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