Woman Feels Like Leg Is On Fire For Days, All From Common Habit Women Have

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Stacie Wilson was enjoying a relaxing afternoon, treating herself to a simple beauty treatment, when she found herself writhing in pain. After spending almost a week in the hospital, suffering a life-threatening condition, she’s warning other women not to make the same mistake that she did.

Woman Feels Like Leg Is On Fire For Days, All From Common Habit Women Have
Stacie Wilson

Wilson thought she would take a moment to herself to not worry about the stresses of life, relaxing in a chair while being pampered by a beautician who she thought she could trust. Just as the tensions of her day started melting away, they all came roaring back tenfold when she felt a small “nick” that sent a fierce burning pain running straight up her leg. She soon found herself in the emergency room, looking at her now unrecognizable leg.

While getting a professional pedicure at a nail salon in Benton, Arkansas, Stacie Wilson said that the manicurist got a little too aggressive with sloughing off her dead skin, using a pumice stone. The commonly used tool cut her skin a bit near her pinky toe. Both she and the woman working on her manicure knew that it had hurt her, but Wilson didn’t think much of it until she got home and couldn’t ignore the excruciating pain, according to KATV.

“It feels like you’re sitting too close to a fire and you just cannot get away from it, that’s the way it feels,” she told the news station, describing how her leg felt on the following day. It appeared red and swollen, but when her body temperature rose to 102 degrees, she knew that she needed to head to the hospital right away.

Woman Feels Like Leg Is On Fire For Days, All From Common Habit Women Have
Stacie Wilson’s infected leg

Upon arrival, the doctor in the ER was able to quickly diagnose Stacie Wilson with cellulitis, which is a severe bacterial infection known to spread very quickly. Had Wilson not come in for help when she did, it could have ended up in her lymph nodes and her bloodstream, which would have been an imminent threat to her life, according to LiftBump.

Dr. Michael Pafford, who attended to Wilson for the four days that she was in the hospital, said that the infection was likely caused by non-sterile tools at the nail salon. Although that’s not the only cause for this infection, it’s the most common, and he urges salon-goers to be vigilant about making sure that nail shops you attend take extra measures to ensure that their tools are being cleaned regularly and not reused among clients.

Stacie Wilson is now recovering at home, but it will probably be awhile before she trusts anyone to touch her toes. She plans to report the incident to the Arkansas Health Department, which is a fairly passive approach for what she had to go through.

The salon should be shut down, and they’re lucky this woman isn’t suing them. Essentially, they are taking a risk with your health, just so they can increase their profits. It’s doubtful that she was the first to have contaminated tools used on her, and she probably won’t be the last.