[VIDEO] Woman Has Blistering Message After Being FIRED For Voting For Trump

Forgoing all sense of dignity, morality, and integrity, liberals across the country have taken to burning their cities, looting, and showing flat-out hatred toward Donald Trump voters, claiming they are the ones in fear. Now, one woman is fed up after losing her job because she voted for President-elect Trump, and she has a blistering message, exposing the true mindset of American liberals.

Wrapped in a false dichotomy of “tolerance” and ” acceptance,” American liberals have preached to conservatives that Christian ways are bad while catering to violent extremist religions such as Islam. However, the oh-so-tolerant left is now showing their true colors in ways no one thought possible, thanks to the election of Donald Trump.

Screenshot of the woman who claims she was fired for voting for Trump and saying she's a "proud American."
Screenshot of the woman who claims she was fired for voting for Trump and saying she’s a “proud American.”

It’s become obvious that the only people liberals will accept or tolerate are those who think exactly like them, proving they are the truly bigoted population in America.

One woman, unfortunately, found this out the hard way when she was allegedly fired for voting for Trump and saying she’s a “proud American.” She didn’t say her name in the video, nor did she mention her bosses name or for whom she worked, but she wants the world to know that she’s angry.

The unnamed woman wants her video to go viral in hopes that others will begin to understand that liberals don’t react “tolerantly” and with over 1,200,000 views on Facebook, the clip is well on its way.

The good news is that the law is on this woman’s side — depending on her location. Discrimination laws exist that disallow a person to be fired for political beliefs in some states. Yet, it’s perfectly legal to fire employees for political views in other states. Not knowing much about the employment of this woman makes it difficult to assist her further, but she is still likely better off with a different job.

Firing employees, shutting down conversations by calling the opposition “racist,” and defending criminals like Hillary Clinton are all reasons why Donald Trump was elected. Liberals are so scared that Trump is going to round up homosexuals and Muslims and throw them into camps destroying their lives. Yet, liberals are the ones going our of their way to destroy the lives of those who voted differently than they did.

It’s nice to know that the Democrat party is in shambles, and it’s nice to finally see the “tolerant” left portray themselves as anything but. The worst part, though, is that it comes at a cost for many conservatives. However, this woman didn’t need a safe space or therapy after losing her job over her political views.

Imagine if a conservative fired a liberal for voting for Hillary Clinton. The backlash and outrage would blow up your TV with dramatic headlines. This woman takes it in stride and isn’t looking for revenge, but rather to just have the truth be known. Had she been seeking revenge, we would know whom she worked for and what company. She simply wants her story heard — and that’s the difference between a truth-loving conservative and a destructive, vengeful liberal.