Woman Floored By What Police Officer Wrote At Bottom Of Her Speeding Ticket

One Sunday evening was particularly hectic for a mother in South Carolina, whose path crossed with a cop’s when he pulled her over for speeding. After the traffic stop was done, she didn’t take a second look at the citation until later — that’s when she noticed an unexpected message that he added to the bottom of the paper.

Ayla Hemeon (left), Traffic notice with note (right)

Ayla Hemeon was rushing around Georgetown with her daughter, tackling last-minute weekend errands before needing to get back home to finish homework with her child. In a hurry to get to her parent’s house to drop off a pumpkin the mother and daughter had carved for the aging couple, she didn’t realize she was going over the speed limit until an officer’s lights were in her rearview mirror.

When the cop came to her window, she frantically explained why she was speeding, telling him about having carved the pumpkin for her parents and wanting to get it to them before needing to finish schoolwork with her daughter Tara before bedtime. It wasn’t to excuse her breaking the law, more to just explain her oversight that she was speeding and to accept the wrongdoing.

Woman Floored By What Officer Wrote At Bottom Of Her Speeding Ticket
Ayla and her daughter Tara

With an earful of Ayla’s story about her busy night, the officer went back to his patrol car. The mother described in a Facebook post after the incident that she saw him taking longer than usual to write her ticket. “He went back to his police car and I could see him busily writing my ticket,” she said. But to her surprise, when he returned to her window he didn’t have a ticket in hand, he issued her a warning and something more.

“When he came back he told me he was giving me a warning. With a huge sigh of relief, I thanked him and left,” she added in her post. Ayla drove off with the warning in hand when a note he left for her at the bottom of it caught her eye.

(Source: Facebook)
(Source: Facebook)

“Thanks for all that you do. You could have spent Sunday alone, but you’re spending it helping your parents and daughter. Have a good day,” the officer had written in the comment area at the bottom of the warning notice. Ayla couldn’t believe the compassion and that he was thanking her for all she does when he spends his days serving people in the community.

“I can honestly say it made me tear up,” she said in the Facebook post about the note. “This officer made my day.” The mother added that she never expected something like that and his kind words were just what she needed after a busy weekend.

Officers hear all kinds of excuses from drivers on a daily basis from people possibly trying to get out of a ticket. This cop could have taken the mother’s story for that, issued her a ticket, and sent her about her business. But he heard her words and truly listened, showing appreciation for a kind gesture she was doing as a good mother and daughter. He sent her on her way with a “thank you” that she probably doesn’t hear enough.

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