Woman Got Breasts For Boyfriend, But Years Later Realized Horrifying Truth

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The plastic surgery craze has exploded, paving the way for hit reality TV shows on the subject. While this is mostly mindless entertainment without much substance, there are lessons to be learned. On a recent episode of Botched, which chronicles the medical practice of plastic surgeons Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif, a patient named Ilana learned firsthand the devastating consequences plastic surgery can have.

Ilana underwent a drastic breast augmentation at the behest of a past boyfriend, but she didn’t increase her bust to a normal or manageable size. She went with massive implants that catapulted her bra measurement to a whopping 38F. As she would come to find out, the life-altering move, which she made to satisfy her boyfriend, would prove dangerous to her own health in the future.

Ilana ended up with enlarged blood vessels, which is indicative of tissue injury and damage. The skin on her breasts also began to chafe over time, which Dubrow concluded was due to “underlying pressure, tension, and generalized tissue trauma.” Eventually, the discomfort became too much for the patient to handle so she decided something had to be done.

“We do know we need to take the implants out; we do know we need to do a lifting procedure, which means reduce the areola, reduce a lot of the breast envelope and lift you up,” said Dubrow, according to America Now. “But we do know that doing that in one stage is extraordinarily risky to your breast tissue and to your nipple.”

Luckily, the doctor had an alternative. “Putting a needle into the breast implants and sucking out the fluid, allowing the soft tissue to retract and everything to sort of relax down and then after a period of time doing one operation,” he explained. “It saves you from having to have two operations or more, which would avoid all the risks of anesthesia and the significant risks of the surgery itself.”

There are legitimate reasons to undergo plastic surgery. It can help give survivors of violence their lives back, it can repair the damage done to burn victims, and it can fix medical issues that make everyday tasks difficult, among other positive outcomes.

However, it seems that the vast majority of people who shell out big bucks to alter their appearance do so for reasons related to vanity, not a necessity. Perhaps the worst of these vain reasons is to please a dissatisfied lover.

The obvious lesson here is to learn to find beauty in the body that God blessed you with. Once you become comfortable in your own God-given skin, everything else falls into place. Never underestimate the power of self-worth!

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