Woman Hears ‘Voices’ Coming From Tree, Horrified To See What’s Under Leaves

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A woman was minding her own business when she “heard voices” coming from a tree while no one was around. She moved in closer and looked at the ground – and that’s when she noticed the horror buried underneath the fallen leaves.

Woman Hears ‘Voices’ Coming From Tree, Horrified To See What’s Under Leaves
Images from Thailand (Photo Credit: Facebook)

The incident occurred when a woman in Thailand was walking along and heard what she described as “voices” coming from a tree. Seeing how no one was around, she did what anyone else would do and went in for a closer look.

After seeing that there was an area of the ground that had recently been dug up, she initially thought someone had buried their pet alive, but that wasn’t the case. Unfortunately, the situation would turn out to be so much worse. In fact, the horrific incident has left the community in shock and has even grabbed international headlines.

Investigating more, the woman cleared some of the leaves away, and that’s about the time she saw the unimaginable. In fact, you can imagine the woman’s surprise to see a baby’s foot sticking up, out of the ground.

Woman Finds Baby Buried That Had Been Stabbed 14 Times
The location where the woman heard “voices” (Photo Source: Facebook)

“I tried to control myself and called for help,” she recalled. The woman was eventually able to get her husband to come over and help — but things only got worse from there.

In a disgusting act, the baby had been dumped face down in a shallow grave only about 7-8 inches deep, but nothing would prepare them for what they’d see when they pulled it out. Come to find out, the baby showed signs of serious abuse and had been stabbed a staggering 14 times.

Woman Finds Baby Buried That Had Been Stabbed 14 Times
The baby after it was found

Whoever ditched this baby apparently didn’t want it to survive, but these good Samaritans had other plans. After the two called the police, the baby was taken to an area hospital and an investigation was launched into the people responsible for such horrors.

Authorities tried to locate those responsible, tracking footsteps and tire tracks that led away from the tree, but they were unsuccessful in their efforts. However, the story has most recently taken an uplifting turn. Four months after the discovery, the infant is said to have made a remarkable recovery and is doing just fine — and here’s what he looks like now:

Woman Finds Baby Buried That Had Been Stabbed 14 Times
The baby today

According to IJ Review, “Doctors at the Wangyai district hospital said the baby had been stabbed over a dozen times, including through the lungs” — but that didn’t slow this little fighter down. Today, the boy is healthy as can be, and aside from his scars, you would never know that he had been subjected to such an atrocity.

The boy has not been named yet, and the investigation is still underway, but police aren’t giving up. Although the ages of the parents are unknown, Mirror does add that Thailand has one of the highest teenage pregnancy rates in Southeast Asia.

Sadly, that would explain why someone might not be ready to raise a child, but it doesn’t give a reason as to why they would try to kill the defenseless baby boy. It takes a special kind of monster to stab an innocent newborn, and only someone capable of the most evil this world has ever seen would be able to do it a whopping 14 times.

There is no room on this planet for such monsters and one can only hope that the vile scumbags responsible are caught. Anyone with this kind of disregard for human life isn’t deserving of their own after they tried to strip it someone else.

This boy must have an incredible life ahead of him. Despite starting off his life with being found in the most disgusting of ways, it seems as though God was not done with this boy just yet. One can only imagine the things in store for him.