Woman Mourns Deceased Dog, Truth Revealed 10 Years Later With One Chilling Phone Call

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After a Pennsylvania woman’s dog went missing, she was forced to say goodbye, mourning the loss of her beloved pet. However, ten years later, she received a chilling phone call that revealed the truth and has left her and her family utterly shocked.

Woman Mourns 'Deceased' Dog, 10 Years Later Truth Leaks With One Chilling Phone Call
Debra Suierveld (left), her dog Abby (right) (Photo Credit: Screengrab/YouTube)

Ten years ago, Debra Suierveld’s black lab named Abby went missing. One minute, the beloved pooch was playing in their backyard with the family, and the next, she was gone. Unfortunately, after searching everywhere, Debra and her family were forced to face the fact that Abby wasn’t coming back and mourn the realization that her companion was gone forever. However, ten years later, Debra received a chilling phone call that she never expected.

After ten years, Debra and her family had since moved on and had even gotten two more dogs, but this week, everything changed with a single phone call as all the emotions she felt over the loss of Abby were brought rushing back to the surface. The person on the other end happened to be from the Animal Protectors in New Kensington, Pennsylvania, and they had surprising news – they had found Debra’s dog, Abby, a full decade after she went missing.

Come to find out, Abby had shown up on a stranger’s doorstep, and the person who found her immediately called the police. The call was eventually transferred to the SPCA. That stranger, who found Abby, was later identified as Judy Spiering, and it turns out that she lived only about eight miles away from where Debra lives and where Abby had initially gone missing.

Eventually, Abby was brought to the Animal Protectors facility where her HomeAway microchip led them to Debra. As the saying goes, the rest is history. “I didn’t even know what to say,” Debra stated, according to Rare. “She kind of came back from the dead.”

Debra admits that when she first received the call, she felt like they had made a mistake, considering her two current dogs were right next to her. It was then they informed her that the dog they were calling her about was named Abby. You can imagine her surprise when they uttered her lost dog’s name from ten years ago.

Remarkably, Abby looks great for her age, so the veterinarians and Debra believe that Abby must have found another family to stay with during her time missing. “She was in very good shape. She’s happy. She’s a good weight. She’s very well taken care of,” Debra thankfully explains.

Debra and her family are thrilled with Abby’s safe return, and rightfully so. “Never give up, that’s my message,” Debra said, according to Daily Mail. “Never think people are out of your life because they can always come back in dog form.”

She continued, “We thought she had passed away. It feels like a part of my kids’ childhood is back, part of our family is back. It’s pretty awesome.” In fact, she feels like her prayers have been answered, and her family is once again complete.

Woman Mourns 'Deceased' Dog, 10 Years Later Truth Leaks With One Chilling Phone Call
Abby (Photo Credit: Screengrab/YouTube)

Currently, it’s unknown who was taking care of Abby while she was missing. However, since this rare story has gone viral, it’s only a matter of time before the family recognizes her and speaks up about this dog’s remarkable story. Hopefully, someone will recognize Abby and provide some much-needed answers to fill in a decade’s worth of gaps.

Miracles do happen every day, and Abby is only one of many uplifting stories that prove just that. This poor family lost their dog so many years ago and thought she was gone forever. Fortunately, their prayers were answered for her to return, it just took ten years for it to happen.

This should just be a reminder to the rest of us that everything happens in God’s timing — even when we think He’s not answering our prayers — He is. Never give up hope because you never know what He has planned for you.