Woman Hears Odd Noise In Blizzard & Uncovers Neighbors Chilling Secret

After getting hit by the recent blizzard, many people on the East Coast were forced to stay inside their homes, consumed with boredom. However, while one woman in Brooklyn, New York was entertaining herself with a video camera, she heard an odd noise, resulting in her uncovering her neighbor’s chilling secret.

The shocking video, posted by Evelyn Tully Costa, has begun to spread across the Internet. It captures the sound of two distressed dogs crying for help after they were left outside during the ice-cold storm by their cruel owner, who has now been identified as June Hercules.

Old dog left outside in blizzard.

Posted by Evelyn Tully Costa on Saturday, January 23, 2016

While watching the video, the wind can be heard whipping around outside, and the dogs can clearly be heard whimpering. A few times, one of the dogs can be seen peeking outside of the enclosure that they were hiding in for shelter, all while getting trapped by the snow.

Woman Hears Odd Noise In Blizzard & Stumble On Neighbors Chilling Secret
Where the dogs were seen by Evelyn.

“Abusive neighbors on president street in crown heights Brooklyn leave two elderly dogs (one is short-haired) out in blizzard neglected as usual,” Evelyn wrote on a Facebook post. “No food since yesterday. No water since they have out all night and it’s been below freezing. Been going on for 13 years.”

The original video was posted in the afternoon, documenting that the dogs had been in the freezing temperatures since the previous night. According to a post written later by Evelyn, the dogs were brought inside after police instructed June Hercules to do so.

“I don’t know why anyone would leave an animal outside for hours on end in those conditions,” Evelyn explained, according to NY Daily News. “It’s a chronic neglect situation.”

Woman Hears Odd Noise In Blizzard & Stumble On Neighbors Chilling Secret
June Hercules (Source: Heavy)

In extremely cold conditions, dogs should only be let out to go to the bathroom and immediately returned to the warmth of their home. “The 71st Precinct in Brooklyn confirmed that the dogs are now inside, and that the ASPCA is coming to investigate in the morning,” Daily Mail reported.

It’s cruel and inhumane for anyone to treat their animals this way. If you take on the responsibility of owning a pet, it is up to you to make sure they receive adequate care, otherwise give them to someone who will. There is no reason a helpless animal should have to live an abusive life because their owner is too lazy or uncaring to do anything about it.