Shock Video Shows Woman Overdose On Drugs, Viewers Horrified By What’s In The Background

Shock Video Shows Woman Overdose On Drugs, Viewers Horrified By What’s In The Background
A woman only identified as Bonnie (Photo Credit: Screenshot/FlyHeight)

A disturbing video is circulating on social media after a woman decided to get high in her friend’s bathroom. Unfortunately, things would get so much worse when it became clear the woman was overdosing, prompting someone to record the incident – and viewers were left absolutely horrified by what was in the background.

The disturbing clip was recently uploaded to FlyHeight, where it quickly went viral as shocked viewers began to share it. The footage begins with some very odd noises as a cameraman walks to a closed door inside of a house, but it isn’t long until viewers become aware of what is happening as a woman named “Bonnie” is quickly spotted rolling around on the bathroom floor.

Screaming and making a wide variety of other odd sounds, it appears as though the woman has overdosed on something – most likely meth, bath salts, or Flakka. The crazed woman can be seen violently kicking the bathroom door off the frame while screaming “help me.” Although you would think someone would come to her aid, viewers were left horrified to see what was happening in the background instead.

For reasons unknown, all the people in the house – except for one woman who doesn’t look so good herself and is probably high – only want to joke and make fun of Bonnie as her life is in obvious danger. Sadly, it looks like the one person willing to help her is only making things worse as she tries to drag her friend from the bathroom.

As the camera rolls, the overdosing woman is completely unaware of her surroundings and continues to flop and flail with no regard for her own safety. Viewers quickly notice that the situation is a recipe for disaster as the suffering drug addict could smash her head on anything at any given time or even knock the sink from the wall onto her skull.

With the help of another apparently impaired individual, Bonnie is able to make their way to the couch, where the druggy slumps over onto one of the cushions with half her body hanging off onto the floor – but things are far from over and only get worse from there.

As can be seen, the cameraman is still intent on relishing in Bonnie’s suffering by pretending to shoot at her with his empty fist mocking the holding of a gun and the pulling of the trigger, making pop-pop-pop noises. After that, he then makes more jokes with the terrified woman by singing, “na-na-na-na-na-na: You’re on can-deed-cam-ra,” Clash Daily reports.

Currently, the condition of the addict featured in the troubling footage is unknown, but it’s rather clear that she needs to drop her habit and her “friends.” This is disturbing in almost every regard. Not only is it a shame that Bonnie felt she needed to turn to drugs to solve whatever problems she has in her life, but she’s also surrounding herself with disgusting individuals, making a chance at recovery highly unlikely.

For those who haven’t gotten the message yet, drugs are bad. There isn’t a single decent person out there who thinks this kind of reaction is fun or exciting. Fortunately, there’s an entirely fail proof way to avoid such a scary and embarrassing moment that’s sure to work every single time — it’s as simple as not pumping your body full of poison.

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