Woman Takes In Refugee As Her Chef, Shocked When He Whips Up Nasty Surprise

 Woman Takes In Refugee As Her Chef, Shocked As He Whips Up Nasty Surprise
Police arrested a 26-year-old Ethiopian refugee after he thanked the woman who housed him with brutal gratitude.

A leftist decided it was time to put her support of refugees into practice, so she hired an asylum seeker and brought him home to be her personal chef, forming a close relationship with the man. However, before she could prove all her right-wing friends wrong about the refugee crisis, her migrant guest decided to serve her an especially nasty surprise that immediately had her changing her tune.

The left claims that the West has a responsibility to open our borders and welcome in a flood of asylum seekers that despise our cultures, laws, and freedoms. Then, when our guests thank us by committing heinous crimes, leftists blame said cultures, laws, and freedoms for forcing them to resort to the barbaric tactics they perpetuate in their own countries. Fortunately, there are a few whose eyes are opened once they witness just how quickly their liberal values fail them.

On July 27, a Swedish woman, who remains unnamed for her own protection, gave in to the lies leftist media and politicians have circulated about refugees and invited one into her home in Östersund. After picking up a 26-year-old Ethiopian refugee, who remains unnamed because of Sweden’s leftist legalities that protect offenders, she offered him a job cooking for her.

Of course, most people would expect a refugee who’s allegedly fled war, destruction, and torment to be eternally grateful to be taken from an asylum center and offered their own room in a home. Unfortunately, the entitled refugee had other plans.

Fria Tider reports that soon after being taken into the woman’s home, the Ethiopian refugee wrestled her down, ripped off her clothes, and raped her in her own bed. The rape was reportedly so brutal that the woman’s clothing and bedding were “very bloody,” according to the official statement. The woman also sustained bruises and other injuries due to the assault.

Of course, the refugee told police and the court that the intercourse was consensual. However, he could give no reason for her horrific injuries.

Thankfully, the jury wasn’t buying the suspect’s absurd excuse, and they sentenced him to 3 years in prison and deportation back to Ethiopia for at least 10 years — a rather lenient sentence considering the nature of the crime. Explaining the sentence, the judge stated that it “means [the rapist] may not return to Sweden before August 25, 2026.” Unfortunately, many migrants avoid being denied asylum by entering countries with forged documents, leading many to believe that he may return or flee to another Western nation under a different identity.

 Woman Takes In Refugee As Her Chef, Shocked As He Whips Up Nasty Surprise
Since gangs of migrant men have been carrying out rampages of sexual assault in Östersund, police have advised women and children to stay indoors.

Because of Sweden’s willingness to accept hordes of asylum seekers, studies suggest that 1 in 4 Swedish women will be raped. What the left ignores is that Sweden’s migrant minority commits 77.6 percent of the country’s rapes.

As Sweden is the rape capital of the West, Östersund could be considered one the hubs for migrant sexual assault. After gangs of “foreign” men, mostly migrants from Islamic countries, went on a sexual rampage in the streets in March, the best local officials could do is warn potential victims not to go out at night, according to the Express.

“The cases of the sexual harassment and attempted rapes have involved groups of up to three people,” local Police Chief Stephen Jerand said. “What stands out is also that none of these perpetrators have been under the influence. Now the police are going out and warning women against traveling alone in the city. We have seen a worrying trend. This is serious, we care about the protection of women and that is why we are going out and talking about this.”

What authorities and these Muslim offenders are saying is that if we’d only submit to Islam and give up every value, practice, and freedom that offends Muslims, we wouldn’t get attacked anymore. Both the left and Muslims expect us to kowtow until we have nothing left to give — until our women are covered in Islam-approved attire and won’t leave the house without a male escort for fear of being raped.

Of course, anyone who’s taken a look at any part of Islamic history knows how this turns out for host countries. The Muslims infiltrate and are appeased, only to demand more and more until the nation either fights back against these invaders or eventually becomes an Islamic governance.

Over 50 countries in the present day have experienced this, and many more have suffered through wars and genocide to take back their countries from the same tactics Muslims have used for 1,400 years. Hopefully, Sweden’s citizens will band together and stand up against this infiltration since their leftist government certainly won’t.

Photo Credit [Alamy, Independent]

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