Woman Reports Chick-fil-A Workers After What They Did To Elderly Dad

An Oklahoma woman couldn’t get over the way that two Chick-fil-A employees treated her elderly father, so she took the only recourse she thought she had – she reported them.

According to KFOR, 78-year-old Terry Smith was trapped inside of his vehicle back in May, when the area was ravaged by raging flood waters. As the waters rose, Smith’s vehicle was spinning like water going down a drain, and he was almost certainly faced with doom.


“He called me and he said ‘I need help,’ and I was thinking let’s change a light bulb or something and he said, ‘My car is floating away and filling up with water,’” daughter Stacey Weddington said.

Smith hung up from his daughter, then immediately called 911 for help. However, help was slow to arrive due to the deteriorating weather conditions, but Smith was about to get a helping hand from the last two people he ever expected.

Luis Torres and Jessica Gernant were on the late shift at a nearby Chick-fil-A, and they spotted the terrifying situation unfolding right outside of the restaurant. Without hesitation, the pair rushed out of the store to Smith’s aid, pulling him from the vehicle and bringing him inside until first responders could arrive.

“I was just thinking that I needed to help him,” Luis said through a translator.

Jessica played it off like it was nothing, despite the fact that she and Luis put themselves in grave danger to rescue Smith.

“He [Luis] and I went and got him and we just walked him up here to the store,” Jessica said.

KFOR has a local hero award called Pay It 4Ward, where people from the community nominate others to receive a cash reward for going above and beyond for someone else. After the pair saved Smith’s life, Weddington nominated the pair for the award, which they received.

While the two employee’s bravery is undoubtedly commendable, such selflessness often comes from the Christian-based restaurant chain, as Mad World News has extensively reported. Their exemplary customer service and incredibly kind staff is likely why they’ve earned the title of America’s favorite fast-food chain, according to the New York Daily News.

That’s right, out of every fast-food restaurant out there, the Christian-owned, moral-based, not open on Sundays due to religious beliefs chain beat out every other fast-food joint in the nation to be crowned the best with the highest score ever recorded in the American Consumer Satisfaction Index – an 86 – beating out even the liberal-leaning Panera Bread and Chipotle, both of whom have banned firearms in their stores. So, if this is what Chick-fil-A can continue to expect by following their Christian faith, then by all means, I hope the “consequences” keep coming for them.

After all, according to the left in our country, religious folk are actually evil, vile people who hide behind our faith in order to mistreat others. So, either there’s a lot more of us than expected or maybe our faith isn’t so bad after all. You be the judge, but either scenario is a good thing.

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