VIDEO: Woman Scales Border Fence, Drops Special Delivery On Border Patrol

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After a Honduran woman scaled the border fence near San Diego, she dropped a special delivery on the Border Patrol agents who are tasked with upholding our laws and keeping America safe. This is why President Donald Trump wants to build a wall.

President Donald Trump (left), Maryury Elizabeth Serrano-Hernandez (right) (Photo Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images, YouTube/Screenshot)

A major flaw in our immigration system allows people to sneak into our country and give birth to babies who have automatic US citizenship. Birthright citizenship, as it’s known properly, grants citizenship to any child born on US soil, no matter what the immigration status of the parents.

“Anchor babies” are eligible for all of our country’s generous welfare programs, and having one makes it more difficult for immigration officials to deport the parents. This is like hitting the lottery and immigrants know it, which is why they’ll do anything to give birth in America.

A pregnant Honduran woman scaled the border fence near San Diego just in time plant her anchor baby in the United States. Fox News reports that 19-year-old Maryury Elizabeth Serrano-Hernandez was part of the migrant caravan that made its way from Guatemala to the US/Mexico border at Tijuana, Mexico. Six months pregnant, she made the 2-month journey with her husband and their 3-year-old son.

The thousands of migrants from the caravan are parked in Mexico as the US tries to process their bogus asylum claims, and it turns out Mexicans aren’t really happy with them. At one of the many migrant camps, Serrano-Hernandez and her husband said they feared for their safety from angry local Mexican residents, so they decided to climb over the fence into the US.

At this point, Serrano-Hernandez was 8 months pregnant, but somehow she got over the fence. This is a ringing endorsement for President Donald Trump’s border wall if the current barriers can’t even keep a pregnant woman in her 3rd trimester out.

US Border Patrol quickly apprehended Serrano-Hernandez and her family, demanding they return to Tijuana at once. They refused, and Serrano-Hernandez went into labor.

Border Patrol agents took Serrano-Hernandez to a San Diego hospital where she gave birth to a baby boy. A US citizen baby boy that will likely keep her and her family from ever being deported back to their native Honduras. A baby boy who can now reap the benefits of every social welfare program the US has to offer. That anchor has been set, and Serrano-Hernandez is in our harbor for good.

Serrano-Hernandez referred to having a baby on US soil a “big reward,” and she’s not kidding. This was also the plan from day one.

“With the faith in God, I always said my son will be born there (in America),” said Serrano-Hernandez.

Though they just hit the lottery with their anchor baby, Serrano-Hernandez and her husband are already complaining that they are being treated unfairly.

Her husband claims immigration officials, who stood guard outside the hospital room, closed all the windows and tried placing handcuffs on the new mother moments after giving birth. They also inspected food brought in by nurses and monitored people entering and exiting the room. The nurses held a drive and gifted the family clothes, diapers and baby wipes but Ortiz says once his family returned to the San Diego detention center, their property was confiscated.

“I felt like a criminal,” said Serrano-Hernandez.

She entered the US illegally, which is a crime, so that criminal feeling she has about herself is normal and justified.

President Donald Trump has said he will end birthright citizenship with an executive order, which some say can’t be done arguing that a Constitutional amendment is needed. Birthright citizenship is allowed because of an interpretation of the 14th Amendment which says, “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.”

But that “subject to the jurisdiction thereof” clause is what many believe allows the President to end birthright citizenship. Illegal immigrants are not subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, so it can be argued that their babies born on US soil are not citizens.

If President Trump does end birthright citizenship with an executive order, it will most certainly be challenged in court. However this plays out, America needs a better immigration policy that doesn’t reward lawlessness and cost taxpayers billions of dollars every year.

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