Woman Scared For Her Life When She Saw What Came Instead Of Toy She Ordered

Woman Scared For Her Life When She See What Came Instead Of Toy She Ordered
UPS Delivery and Delivery Truck

A New York state couple ordered what they thought would be the perfect gift for a friend’s little boy. When UPS showed up with a delivery, his wife was there and was sick when she saw what was in the box instead of the airplane they bought which she happened to have put in the back of her car without realizing it as she drove around with her granddaughter.

Joel Berman said he and his wife picked out a fun airplane as a gift for a friend’s grandchild that they thought he would enjoy, but that’s far from what the United Parcel Service dropped off. Since his wife was leaving when UPS pulled up, she had the driver put the package in the back of her car, as she ran around town with her granddaughter in tow.

When they got home, Joel was there and the couple opened the package in front of the little girl, who he said ran to her room and hugged her new puppy for comfort after what was unexpectedly revealed in the box. Joel told Newsday that he could tell something wasn’t right when the size and weight of the package didn’t match what he had ordered.

When he opened the box with his wife and granddaughter watching, he was irate to find that UPS had accidentally sent him a “semi-automatic rifle with a sophisticated scope, a stand, an ammo clip,” the report said, along with the copy of an Arizona man’s driver’s license and concealed carry permit. It was supposed to be delivered to a gunsmith in a different part of the state, but instead, it went to this family who treated it as if it was going to jump up and kill them on its own.

Woman Scared For Her Life When She See What Came Instead Of Toy She Ordered
“Terrifying” item delivered to Joel Berman instead of a toy

The couple acted nervous in speaking about the “terrifying” ordeal at the realization that Joel’s wife and granddaughter had an “assault rifle” in the back of her car for several hours as she ran errands. They called 911 when they got home and realized what they had in their possession and have since returned the gun and gotten the toy in return they were expecting.

Their exaggerated response is proof of the ignorance that liberals have engrained into citizens about weapons. Referring to a rifle as an “assault weapon” is the first problem, since anything can be used to assault another person or group of people. Rather than realizing that they drove around with a gun that didn’t climb out of the box on its own and start shooting, should disprove their own fear that they had it in the back for hours and were perfectly safe.

h/t: [FoxCarolina]

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