Woman Storms Out Of Restaurant After Manager’s Brutally Honest Piece Of Advice

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Two women went out to lunch with their children and were halfway through their meals when the manager of the restaurant approached them to offer a simple word of advice. He’d taken notice of the group for a specific reason and felt that something needed to be said to them about it, which one of the mothers didn’t even remotely appreciate.

Irate mother in video (left), Shari’s Restaurant where incident took place (right)

Sitting at a big table near the center of the diner with several young kids between them, the two unnamed women, who are said to be sisters, were shocked with what the manager of the family-friendly eatery had to say to them. The pair had allowed their children to run amok in the restaurant and cause a lot of noise and distraction for other patrons, far beyond what’s acceptable in even the most casual of environments.

After this carried on for some time, the manager stepped in and politely asked the mothers if they wouldn’t mind keeping their little ones under control. This respectable advice wasn’t unreasonable, but the mother in the video thought it was unacceptable.

So, she decided to get creative in her retaliation against the restaurant manager. Her sister, who was sitting across from her, began recording as the entitled mother tried to shame this man into a free meal for being so “rude” to her.

In a disgusting show of entitlement, the woman ripped the calm manager a new one, claiming he’s disrespecting them as mothers and not catering to families. The recording was uploaded to YouTube and titled “Rude Manager,” as if he was the problem and not her. Her plan backfired on her, as it was clear to everyone who viewed the video that she was trying to swindle a free meal out of the man, capitalizing on the moment that he expressed his concern with the kids’ behavior.

The manager was nothing but courteous to this woman. It’s also worth noting that this mother’s rant was riddled with F-bombs, said in front of her kids while communicating her grievances about feeling disrespected. Not only did she disrespect the manager in doing this, she also proved that her kids are in fact out of control because of her bad example.

This mother doesn’t deserve an apology from the manager, but she should have apologized to the other customers in that restaurant for being unable to control her children and moderate her language in a private establishment. If she left the restaurant without paying her bill, I hope this goes to court. This is the kind of mother who lets her kid fall into the gorilla exhibit at the zoo and blames the zoo.

Her show, in front of all of these little ones, isn’t uncommon and is the reason there are so many kids in society who treat adults like dirt and feel that they deserve “free stuff.” This woman’s antics make good moms cringe and give parents who take their little ones out to eat a bad name.