WATCH: Woman Asks Rude Thug For Simple Courtesy On New York Subway, Gets Horrific Surprise

A shocking video has emerged out of New York where a woman on the subway politely asked a rude thug for a simple courtesy. Now, the clip has gone viral after the woman received a horrific surprise instead of consideration. Little did this thug know that his heinous act would not go unanswered.

Screenshot of N Train (background), Screenshots from video footage taken moments after Sam Sweeney Saia was attacked (insets, left, middle), Photo of Sam Sweeney Saia’s injury (inset, right)
(Photo Credits: YouTube/Luftschlange, Facebook/Sam Sweeney Saia)

According to the Daily Mail, the shocking incident took place at approximately 7:45 a.m. on Thursday, November 16, 2017, on the N train. One passenger named Sam Sweeney Saia who was sitting in a seat next to the wall of the subway car was painfully crushed when a vile thug decided to sit next to her and spread his legs wide open. The rude position often called “man-spreading” is not only uncomfortable for the person in the next seat but also extremely offensive as it shows little regard for other people’s personal space.

The thug on this subway proved himself to be rotten to the core after the Saia politely asked him to stop crushing her against the wall with his leg. According to Anthony Macca, the witness who recorded the incident, the victim had asked the punk very nicely to please move his legs and he responded by swearing at her with the vilest threats.

Saia told the New York Daily News that the thug yelled at her, “B*tch, you ain’t nothing! I’ve raped white b*tches like you, f**cking c*** b*tch!”

The thug’s threats turned into physical violence as he punched the victim in the mouth and caused her to bleed. This is when all of the real men on the subway car should have stood up and wrecked this punk. As the clip begins, a male passenger can be seen intervening on the woman’s behalf and immediately demanding that the thug exit the subway car at the next stop.

“Get the f*ck off the train. Get off the train bro, you just f*cking hit a lady,” the man said to the woman’s attacker. “You hit her in the face. She’s bleeding. Look at her mouth. Just get off at the next stop,” he added.

The man continues to argue with the thug and restrains his hands to protect the victim. Almost instantly, the thug realizes that the good Samaritan could easily give him a beat down and he starts lobbing worthless apologies at the woman.

Saia also told the Daily News, “This took me by surprise. It’s just a matter of safety. I want my neighborhood to be safe. I don’t want this to happen to other women or men.”

It’s wonderful to want peace and tranquility, but when it comes down to it, men with a wicked character are often only forced to better behavior by someone who is either stronger or armed. This thug deserved to have the crap beat out of him.

The good Samaritan who has not been identified did step in to protect the victim, and for that, he deserves some gratitude. Who knows what that piece of trash might have done to the woman if no one defended her. He had no problem with assaulting Saia with several people sitting just feet away. Perhaps she will look into obtaining a concealed carry permit and carrying a firearm to protect herself in the event that she is assaulted again.

No one wanted to hear the thugs apologies, and he was kicked off the train. One can only hope that karma finds this degenerate sooner than later. It’s only a matter of time before that kind of criminal behavior lands him behind bars or six-feet under.

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