Woman Wakes To Heavy Feeling On Chest, Can’t Believe Whats On Top Of Her

Woman Wakes To Heavy Feeling On Chest, Can't Believe Whats On Top Of Her
Carlos Aguaras (inset), Aguaras’ mother-in-law’s home where incident took place

A woman in Florida felt something strange on her chest in middle of the night, and it eventually woke her. Never did she imagine what she would open her eyes to see on top of her chest, and it had her carefully reaching for her phone.

Carlos Aguaras told NBC 6 that he was awoken by a late night phone call from his terrified 99-year-old mother-in-law in Miami. Fearing the worst, he sprung out of bed when she whispered that she desperately needed his help, just after 2 a.m., and her live-in caregiver was unable to assist. Thankfully, he didn’t live far from her, so he hopped in his car to rush to her aid. When he discretely opened her door, he didn’t expect the scene he entered.

Several miles away, a stranger had been displaced, staying with a family member while work was being done on his own home. In the meantime, he put his obscure pet named Banana in a temporary cage, which evidently couldn’t hold him. Banana had broken free and was roaming the neighborhood, wanting nothing more than a soft secure place to curl up. Banana found his spot not just in the elderly woman’s home, but on her chest as she slept, WPLG reported. The problem was, this wasn’t your average house pet.

Woman Wakes To Heavy Feeling On Chest, Can't Believe Whats On Top Of Her
“Banana” the kinkajou

The woman woke to two black beady eyes staring at her, probably as scared as she was, but this brave 99-year-old managed to collect herself enough to make that call to Carlos. Banana is an exotic animal known as a kinkajou, which is a mix between a monkey, a weasel, and a cat. They are rainforest dwellers from Central and South America, according to Pix11. At the time, she had no way of knowing who or what she was dealing with.

Carlos called the South Dade Animal Hospital and spoke with veterinarian Dr. Don J. Harris, who said Banana was use to humans and posed no immediate danger to the woman. “No undomesticated wild animal like this would curl up on a woman’s chest to go to sleep,” Harris said.

It took some work, but Banana’s owner, Raymond Fernandez, was tracked down and eventually came forward to claim his lost pet. “I got my baby back,” Fernandez said.  “I can’t believe it. I thought she was lost forever.”

It had reportedly been about a week since Banana had gone missing, but perhaps the owner needs to keep better tabs on his pet and make more secure arrangements. If you’re going to take on the ownership of an animal, it’s your responsibility to know where they are at all times, so they aren’t terrorizing the neighborhood and waking up on top of sleeping strangers.