Woman Hears Whispering In Alley, Ruined For Life By What She Walked In On

Woman Hears Whispering In Alley, Ruined For Life At What She Walked In On
Candy Arthurs with her grandchildren (left), Kristopher Amos (right)

After it became eerily quiet outside her Columbus, Ohio home, a grandmother peeked her head out to see what was happening. She heard some unfamiliar whispering that led her to the nearby alleyway, but will never recover from what she walked in on that had been lurking in her neighborhood for months.

Candy Arthurs had every reason to believe that her neighborhood was safe for her grandchildren. Her daughter, Amanda Gibson, lived there with her two children, and playing outside was never a problem. However, the family found out what was right down the street that they had no clue was there until it came to their front door.

According to KTRK, Arthurs’ grandkids were playing outside while she and her daughter were inside, keeping a casual watch on them. When the grandmother heard a man’s voice, she went out to investigate. An unfamiliar neighbor, Kristopher Amos, had approached the kids asking them for help looking for his missing drone in the nearby alley, and they went with him by the time grandma came out and ran to where she heard the man’s voice coming from.

Amos was instantly upset that Arthurs was intervening on his predatory plan and stabbed her in the chest with a knife he had on hand. The kid closest to him, a 7-year-old, was also stabbed and bravely ran home with his sister shouting to their mother to call 911. Amos scampered off back to his rat hole down the street, while Arthurs collapsed on the doorstep of her home, in front of her daughter. When the family learned Amos’ nasty secret, the stabbings went from bad to worse.

“She always said she would die for them and that’s exactly what she did,” Gibson said. “She’s definitely a hero. It’s hard because she lost her life but she saved both of my kids’ lives that night.”

Arthurs was unable to recover from the injuries she sustained and died five weeks after she was first stabbed. The child is expected to make a full recovery physically but likely not emotionally as he’s traumatized by what he lived through. It all could have been prevented had Amos been required to register as a sex offender for a previous crime against children he served time for.

The reason neighbors had no clue of Amos’ history is because he was only a Tier 1 offender and not required to register. For the crime he committed, it was an exceptionally light sentence that put other kids in imminent danger as proven not long after he was released from jail. Amos was convicted in 2010 of using the YMCA shower to entice children into his sexual lair. After release, he moved into a neighborhood full of children.

He’s since been captured and charged with killing Arthurs in addition to two felonious counts of assault. His bond was at $2.5 million on Thursday, six weeks after the June 23 attack and attempt to lure the children. However, it took brutally taking the life of a beloved grandmother and the innocence of a little boy for this pervert to get what he should have the first time around.

“I hope he rots in jail and that he never sees the light of day again and that he knows how it feels to lose his life,” Gibson said. It’s time to start taking these sickening crimes seriously on the very first offense.

When sexual predators like Amos are caught, it’s likely that it wasn’t their first time doing something disgusting, just the only time it was discovered. These offenses are never isolated incidents, as it’s serious dysfunction within these people that keeps them re-offending. Had the residents known about this neighbor, a grandmother may not be dead today and a little boy would be enjoying his childhood.

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