Woman’s Face Turns To Sandpaper, Then She Sees What’s On Her Desk

Rachael Cronin couldn’t understand what was going on with her face, when nothing about her day was out of the ordinary. With no allergies or illness, her skin became inflamed, rough, and very painful. Then she saw what was on her desk and immediately realized the cause of her sudden condition, and she’s not alone.

Without warning, the lower half of Cronin’s face turned to what she described as “sandpaper,” when a blistery rash broke out seemingly from nowhere. As the disturbing skin condition rapidly spread, so did her concern, until she saw the item that was the surprising culprit. Hours before this happened, she had applied a couple of swipes of a popular lip balm that’s become all the rage after celebrities endorsed it online and in music videos, Racked reports.

Woman's Face Turns To Sandpaper, Then She Sees What's On Her Desk
Photos from Rachel Cronin’s Facebook post about what EOS Lip Balm did to her face

Cronin’s problems with the trendy dome-shaped salve was just the start of a long list of alarming complaints about the product, which masquerades as an all-natural and organic cosmetic item. Her uncomfortable selfies of what EOS lip balm did to her, prove her claim that the over-priced product led to “severe rashes, bleeding, blistering, cracking, and loss of pigmentation,” as stated in her class-action lawsuit against the company. When her photos hit the Internet, droves of other supple lip seeking women commiserated with Cronin, sharing their own EOS horror stories.

According to Opposing Views, in addition to the adverse effects the lip balm had on some people’s skin, other former customers claimed that the product was essentially a petri dish for fungus. “MOLD,” one customer wrote in a product review on Amazon, “My EOS lip balm grew mold over the weekend when I was away from my office where I store it…”

Woman's Face Turns To Sandpaper, Then She Sees What's On Her Desk
Kim Kardashian promoting EOS Lip Balm despite all the issues it’s causing customers

Cronin’s skin complications lasted about ten days, but the stress of the situation has apparently stayed with her. Along with other compensation-seekers, she has joined in a class-action lawsuit against EOS. While an exact amount that the upset customers are suing for has not been announced, a spokesperson for the company has defended the product, saying that it doesn’t contain anything inherently allergic and advised Cronin to seek medical attention.

Evidently, issues with EOS have been complained about for years, with no media coverage of it. Instead, there has been increasingly more celebrity endorsement of the product. Perhaps rather than trying to place the balm in any celebrity’s hand who will promote it for a price, they should fix the issues with what’s causing paying customers so many complications. No amount of advertisement can cover up the adverse effects it has on people who will not only stop buying it, but sue for damages.