Man Breaks In Woman’s Home, Walks In On Terrifying Secret She Was Hiding

An Indiana man, who said he was hiding from someone, picked a house at random to get a reprieve from the unknown person allegedly after him. As soon as he entered the Indianapolis area home, he realized that that the situation he was trying to escape was the very least of his worries.

Karen Dolley (left), Jacob Wessel (right)

Jacob Wessel, 30, was running around town like a crazy person Friday night when he found a comfortable hideout in Karen Dolley’s home. The man, presumed by police to be on drugs of some kind, was lurking in Dolley’s dark hallway when the woman woke up after hearing someone in her house. What Wessel didn’t know was Dolley’s little secret that she was hiding behind her unassuming appearance.

Dolley, who lives alone, rounded the corner from her bedroom into the hallway where she found Wessel waiting, unprepared for what he was about to receive. The homeowner knew what she had to do to protect herself and didn’t hesitate to react to the threat of the intruder, but how she handled it was the last thing anyone would expect, especially Wessel.

The feisty woman had at him, repeatedly pummeling his face with her fists, shouting “get out.” However, she wasn’t done with him after the initial knock out after approximately 10 punches. The 43-year-old woman had a different side to her that nobody would ever want to be on the receiving end of, but this guy found himself there. Dolley, who is trained in medieval combat fighting skills, grabbed her freshly sharpened Japanese sword and pinned the intruder to the ground.

Man Breaks In Woman's Home, Walks In On Terrifying Secret She Was Hiding
Karen Dolley

“It is 440C stainless steel, it has an edge and it will cut,” Dolley said, according to Fox 59. She held the blade to Wessel’s chest with one hand, using her phone with the other hand to call the police. Although she didn’t cut him, as the edge was prepped to do so, she told the news station that had he made one wrong turn or acted in a slightly different manner, he wouldn’t have made it out of her house alive.

Man Breaks In Woman's Home, Walks In On Terrifying Secret She Was Hiding
Karen Dolley’s sword she used on the intruder

“I would have swung the sword at him or I would have stabbed him,” Dolley said, but police came just in time to take him into custody. The intruder was charged with residential entry after a brief stop by the hospital to check out his injuries. The medieval combat badass said he seemed “so out of it” upon arrest, which could be in part due to the unknown drugs authorities believed he was under, because of his nonsensical claim of being chased.

On his way out of Dolley’s door in handcuffs, Wessel reportedly apologized to the homeowner. Clearly, this was one bad “drug trip” he won’t soon forget, and hopefully one of the woman’s many punches knocked some sense into him to get back on track in life. Kudos to this woman for defending herself in the way she knows how, proving that people have a right to protect themselves, and you can’t ban hands. Now, she should get a gun for backup.

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