Women WERE Aboard Refugee Ships, But Muslims Did Something Sickening

The left tells us that the West must accommodate millions of Muslim refugees from war-torn nations and impoverished countries. They claim that these migrants are simply trying to flee from atrocities to make a better life for themselves in a safe country. So, why do all these poor, tired, and hungry refugees seem to be strapping, young men wearing designer jeans, carrying iPhones, and destroying aid kits that are not halal?

Europe and North America have been overwhelmed by floods of Muslim migrants from the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. Boats, trains, and planes continue to transport loads of alleged refugees. But when the new arrivals began stepping onto Western soil, there were no women and children, no persecuted minorities. There were only thriving Muslim males with selfie sticks, fashion sunglasses, and Nike shoes. There were no women — at least not any who had initially boarded the flotillas.

There WERE Women Aboard Refugee Ships, But Muslims Did Something Sickening
Muslim refugees take a selfie on a beach after arriving in Europe.
There WERE Women Aboard Refugee Ships, But Muslims Did Something Sickening
Refugees use smartphones while they await the generous benefits the West will shell out.

When the Titanic was sinking after striking a massive iceberg, the men placed the women and children on the few lifeboats available. After the boats were filled, the remaining men died with dignity, knowing they had courageously saved their families. They lived as men and died as men.

However, such is not the case with the Islamic “refugees.”

French newspaper Le Figaro reports that Muslim men have been throwing women and children overboard to drown at sea because of the cramped conditions on the ships.

“We were crammed in a boat 150 planned for 60. On the way to Lampedusa, twelve girls were thrown into the sea,” said 20-year-old Tarek, a Muslim migrant to Europe.

“Their sole obsession — cross the border. Most want to go to France, Belgium, the Netherlands or Scandinavia,” says Gaetano Scullino, mayor of Ventimiglia.

There WERE Women Aboard Refugee Ships, But Muslims Did Something Sickening
Over 70% of refugees are men.
There WERE Women Aboard Refugee Ships, But Muslims Did Something Sickening
If women dare step foot on a boat with Muslim refugees, they might not see land ever again.

Just as they’ve thrown over their own women and children, Muslim refugees have tossed persecuted Christians into the sea.

Three-quarters of so-called refugees fleeing war and persecution are men. We must ask ourselves how any man could leave his mother, sister, wife, and children behind to seek refuge for himself. The answer is that it has nothing to do with refuge at all.

There WERE Women Aboard Refugee Ships, But Muslims Did Something Sickening

These so-called refugees are not concerned with their families or the livelihood of their people. They are swarming transportation in order to hitchhike their way past multiple safe countries, where they could seek refuge, to Europe. Their sole purpose, as Scullino pointed out, is to get to Western countries because there they are able to live on welfare and complete hijrah, Islamic immigration commanded by Muhammad.

Muhammad taught that Muslims must continue to migrate to non-Muslim countries and populate them through birth and conversion until every nation on earth is a Muslim majority ruled by Sharia. It is then that they will force the minorities to pay jizya, convert, or die on the same sword by which their prophet conquered.

Westerners must address the ugly facts. If Muslim refugees are slaughtering their own women and children, what will they do in their new neighborhoods?

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