Things Get Worse After What Maxine Waters Just Did On Live TV, Libs Frantic

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Things Get Worse After What Maxine Waters Just Did On Live TV, Libs Frantic
Maxine Waters

Recently, Maxine Waters went on live television and inadvertently endorsed President Donald Trump and the Republican agenda while talking about taxes. Of course, liberals immediately threw a temper tantrum, but things just got much worse after what she did while taking part in yet another interview — and now, everyone is wondering if she’s “senile.”

Mad World News reported yesterday on Waters after she decided to talk to “All In” on MSNBC, but things didn’t exactly go according to plan. By the time everything was said and done, Waters had rehashed the disproven liberal talking point that Trump hasn’t paid any taxes.

As we all know, courtesy of MSNBC’s own Rachael Maddow, Trump paid tens of millions of dollars in taxes in 2005 alone. Beyond that lie, Waters went on to say that Americans are struggling with their taxes, essentially endorsing the long-standing Republican policy of lower taxes and tax cuts for all. Of course, the inadvertent change in narrative sent liberals into a tailspin – but things have only gotten worse.

Too bad for the left who has lifted her up as some kind of hero after her repeated demands for Trump’s impeachment, it seems that the old bat – who many argue is downright “senile” – is going to lead to their own undoing, and that was certainly the case last night. Once again appearing on MSNBC for a tweet in which she declared that she would “fight every day until [Trump is] impeached,” Waters puzzled viewers by actually claiming that she never called for Trump’s impeachment.

Although the interview started off friendly, things took a turn after Waters was asked what offenses Trump was complicit in that were impeachable. When she couldn’t think of any, the deranged Congresswoman said that they needed an investigation to see if there were any. The host then asked why she would say Trump needs to be impeached only to be left shocked to hear her say that she never said that.

Truth be told, she did – several times in the past with the most recent demand being made just hours before the interview:

There is beginning to be a strong case to argue that Waters is senile and therefore unfit for the office in which she serves, but the entire ordeal only goes to show something a bit more sinister. With liberals now frantic and even attacking the woman they were just lauding as a hero a few days ago, it shows where the loyalty of the left lies – with their agenda.

It doesn’t matter who you are, as long as you’re saying the right things, you can get into the liberal club. On the other hand, even those at the top of the pyramid can be knocked down in a single day if they say anything “out of line.”

The fact of the matter here is that the left doesn’t like free thinkers. They don’t like people who think differently and they certainly don’t like free speech when people use it to oppose their narrative – purposefully or otherwise. Unfortunately for Waters, it seems that her time may be nearing an end as her forgetful old mind has betrayed her again.

Of course, she’s a member of the cruelest and most unforgiving political party this nation has ever seen. Too bad for her, she already made her bed – now, she has to lie in it while those who were just calling her a hero yesterday light it on fire.