It Just Got MUCH Worse With The Sneaky Muslim Walmart Shoppers In Missouri

It Just Got MUCH Worse With The Sneaky Muslim Walmart Shoppers In Missouri
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Since news first broke of a massive purchase made by Muslims at a Missouri Walmart, the state and country have been on edge waiting for answers about what these men plan to do with their suspicious stock. Now, more of what these Muslims have been busy doing has come out, and it’s getting more terrifying with each emerging detail, especially considering what happened a couple states away in Michigan.

Just 24-hours ago, we reported that two men had been stopped at a Lebanon, Missouri Walmart, after a concerned employee reported that the Middle Eastern foreigners came in just before 4 a.m. and purchased 60 prepaid cellphones with cash. Officers didn’t have enough to detain them for questioning about their intentions, but now, we have learned that this store stop was the last of a series of very concerning events.

Had police known then what we know now, they wouldn’t have gotten away with a massive cache of cellphones in their possession, which is now into the hundreds. Following our initial report, we learned that six hours before the cellphone purchase in Lebanon, the Middle Eastern men were spotted making another sizable purchase of nearly 50 prepaid cellphones at another Missouri Walmart in Macon, and around the same time, a third purchase was made of the same merchandise in Columbia, also at a Walmart. But now, it goes even further than that.

With this story and information spreading like wildfire, along with warranted concern about these Muslim men who are still at large in Missouri or wherever they have ended up since their shopping trips, police departments in surrounding counties have come forward with alarming reports they also received about these men. Jefferson county police, a neighboring county to the three counties where these separate purchases were made, just announced that on Thursday, they received a call about Muslim men trying to make a large cellphone purchase in their area store, along with another one right by them in Cape Girardeau, KFOR reported.

It’s odd that the story first broke with what we now know was the Muslim men’s fourth stop, and every revelation since then goes back to where they were seen right before it, the most recent to come out was the earliest place they were seen. So, from Thursday to early Saturday morning, these men were going from store to store buying up throwaway cellphones and have now amassed a stock of at least 200 phones. Employees in each store reported it, but cops allegedly only stopped them at what was these guys’ last known Walmart destination, but released them within minutes.

It Just Got MUCH Worse With The Sneaky Muslim Walmart Shoppers In Missouri
Michigan suspects from 2006

It wasn’t stated if their names or any specific identifying information about the suspects was obtained before releasing them on Saturday, but we can only hope something of value was obtained from these men to help in the investigation. This case eerily mirrors what happened in Michigan in 2006, when three Muslim men were arrested and charged with supporting terrorism, after purchasing 80 prepaid phones at a Walmart, according to NBC News. When they were stopped, officers found around 1,000 phones in the terrorists’ van.

The police sergeant on the Michigan case said it’s a known tactic for terrorists to buy these prepaid phones late at night or early in the morning, with the hope of getting an inexperienced sales clerk. This is exactly what the Missouri Muslims did, and now there’s no telling just how many phones they have and where or how they plan to use them. Hopefully, we don’t find out after it’s too late.

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