What’s Written On Broncos Player’s Wrist Will Have Offended Liberals Shrieking

Denver Broncos tight end Virgil Green is hoping for his first Super Bowl ring in 2016, having played for the Colorado team since his draft in 2011. However, when fans began noticing what was written on his right wrist every game, it quickly became a topic of controversy that has liberal crybabies up in arms.

As the Broncos take on the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50, it appears as though players are giving fans more to talk about than the exciting rivalry or Beyoncé’s halftime performance. In fact, number 85, Virgil Leo Green, is interjecting something into the game that just might have leftists pitching yet another hissy fit.

What's Written On Broncos Player's Wrist Will Have Offended Liberals Shrieking
Denver Broncos player Virgil Green might look like your average tight end, but what’s written on his wrist definitely sets him apart from the crowd.

Charisma News reports that at each game, 27-year-old Green takes the time to write something very personal on his wrist tape to remind him exactly who deserves the credit for his incredible success.

Green told the online newspaper that he intentionally brings Jesus into every game by “praying before every game and writing on my right wrist tape ‘Faith’ and ‘Psalm 91.'”

Some of Psalm 91 reads, “If you say, ‘The LORD is my refuge,’ and you make the Most High your dwelling, no harm will overtake you…For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways;

If you look closely at the screen in today’s game, you’ll see a small band of white tape on his right arm with the aforementioned inscription. Of course, images from previous games also feature Green’s signature band.

What's Written On Broncos Player's Wrist Will Have Offended Liberals ShriekingWhat's Written On Broncos Player's Wrist Will Have Offended Liberals Shrieking

Of course, Green also declares that “believing that Christ died on the cross for my sins” is crucial to being a true follower, but reminds that it also includes “putting my full trust and faith in Christ through the good and bad times.”

Still, Green understands that one cannot expect God to carry you to success if you refuse to meet Him halfway. His one piece of advice was for the young people trying to make it in professional athletics:

“You have to be willing to work. No matter what, let nothing stand in the way of the pursuit of your dreams,” he said. “Never be embarrassed of your faith. People will try to make it seem like being a Christ follower is weird. Like Ephesians 6:10-18 says, ‘stand firm.'”

What's Written On Broncos Player's Wrist Will Have Offended Liberals Shrieking

If you follow Green on social media, it’s no secret that the athlete is a Christian who has no shame in openly declaring his fiery faith. In fact, nearly all of his Twitter tweets contain a special dedication to God.

It’s not only refreshing to see a young athlete remain levelheaded and dedicated to his personal beliefs, but it’s a relief to see him make the news for something other than domestic violence, drugs, and so many other scandals that too often grab the nation’s attention.

Green is experiencing something in his short career that many NFL players will only ever accomplish in their dreams — playing in two Super Bowls in only four years. Perhaps this guy’s onto something.

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