Something MAJORLY Wrong With Photo Of Oregon Shooter That CNN Used

Last week, a man walked into a community college in Oregon and opened fire, killing nine people. As we all know, it re-ignited the debate over gun control and had many on the left claiming the guy was a “right-wing lunatic,” despite his support for #BlackLivesMatter, admiration for socialist leaders, and other factors that would lead us to believe he was actually a liberal. Apparently, liberal-leaning CNN wanted to throw more fuel on the fire, and they did something to one of his photos that has people fuming.

As many already know, the man, whose name I won’t be saying, was mixed-race. His mother is a black woman by the name of Laurel Margaret Harper, and his father is a Brit named Ian Mercer. The most popular picture of the shooter so far has been a selfie that he uploaded to social media, which shows his darker complexion and is evidence of his mixed ethnicity.

Something MAJORLY Wrong With Photo Of Oregon Shooter CNN Used
The shooter’s parents

However, the race-baiting network CNN apparently thought that he needed to “look” whiter, so what did they do? They allegedly made him look whiter by retouching the photo, according to the Gateway Pundit.

Something MAJORLY Wrong With Photo Of Oregon Shooter CNN Used

On the left is the selfie that the man uploaded to the web, and on the right is the image that the Pundit said CNN allegedly ran. One look, and it’s obvious that it was edited to make him appear more white, which is rather odd, wouldn’t you say?

Here’s the thing, ever since the shooting, the media, along with left-wing sycophants, have tried to paint this guy as a white supremacist. Apparently, an angry black male shooter isn’t compatible with the current narrative that only white males carry out such horrid attacks. So, CNN wanted to make sure the low-information crowd didn’t get any other ideas.

Mad World News previously reported that the shooter supported numerous left-wing causes and even espoused his support for Vester Flanagan, the angry, gay black man who killed two white journalists in cold-blood only because they were white. Plus, one of his only connections on a social media account was an obvious supporter of radical Islam. So, how is it that he could be a white supremacist, as so many are reporting?

Regardless of his political leanings, for CNN to have intentionally altered a photo to mislead people is beyond wrong, and if it is indeed true, people should be raising holy hell over it.

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