Yoga Mom’s Video Goes Viral For WRONG Reason When People See Her Routine

A mother’s video is going viral for what many are calling all the wrong reasons after she decided to strike a few yoga poses and post them online. Her fitness regimen has everyone’s attention as people quickly noticed an unusual part of her routine – and it’s left some viewers absolutely disgusted.

Known on Instagram as Mottajuice, a woman believed to be from the Falls Church, Virginia area was in for a bit more than she bargained after one of her videos most recently went viral. Believed to have taken place when her daughter, Julie Ann, was just 1-year-old, the mother can be seen doing a headstand — but that’s not all.

As it turns out, the eyes of viewers quickly shift downward since the mother can be seen multi-tasking during her workout by breastfeeding her child at the same time. Of course, because the video is less than modest with the woman’s breast out in full view, some disgusted viewers have made the video go viral for what many are referring to as all the wrong reasons.

Most people know that there is a debate being waged in today’s society about breastfeeding between those who believe a mother should be allowed to do what is only natural without any scrutiny and those who hold modesty dearly. When it comes to this mom, it looks like those who feel there is an appropriate “time and a place” outnumber those who don’t.

Yoga Mom’s Video Goes Viral For WRONG Reason When People See Her Chest

According to Mail Online, the video was shared on the page of Sydney Michelle, who asked other mothers their thoughts on the matter. Of course, there were some who cheered the mom on, but it doesn’t appear as though she had the majority of the support:

… Sean Neale wasn’t impressed by the manoeuvre, saying: “There is a time and place for it.”

“What if the stupid b*tch fell onto her child, she is just doing it for a reaction?”

Meanwhile, Gareth Thomas Adams branded her a “weirdo” and Badshah Imdad Gul said he was “speechless.”

Jemiah was also struggling to verbalize her feelings, admitting: “I’m stuck for words for a change.” [Source: Mail Online]

It looks like people just want one thing when it comes to breastfeeding – a little modesty. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a mother breastfeeding her child, and she should never think otherwise. After all, the human race wouldn’t exist without it. However, it’s also important to keep others in mind as well and realize that a woman’s breasts are considered her “private parts” and should be kept covered in the interest of decency and respect.

When you flaunt it in everyone’s face for attention, you just might get it. However, it’s probably not going to be the positive response you had hoped for. Yes, breastfeeding is natural, but so are many other things we do discretely without the need for a public audience.

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