WATCH: Young Beauty Live-Streams Her Own Death, Then Cops Notice What’s In The Background

A young woman inadvertently live streamed her own death in Finland.

When internet users were first introduced to live stream technology, it seemed to be the coolest new trend in social media. Now, however, we have seen the darker side as teens broadcast their own suicide and horrifying sexual assaults are posted online. When a beautiful young woman began a live stream of her own, she had no idea it would ultimately capture her death, and the cops would later notice what was in the background the whole time.

Police in Espoo, a city near Finland’s capital of Helsinki, are operating under the theory that a live video posted to Periscope shows the car crash death of two people in their twenties who they found deceased yesterday morning. “We think that the victims are the ones appearing in the video,” said Espoo police district Paavo Myöhänen. “The car matches the one in the crash.”

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Two people in their twenties livestreamed their own deaths in a devastating car crash in Finland, police believe.

The footage, posted to Periscope, shows a man and woman talking and drinking for several hours before getting in a car and driving.

Soon after they get on the road there is a loud noise and the video, recorded by a woman in the passenger seat who was pointing the camera at her own face, shakes dramatically before suddenly cutting off. [Source: Daily Mail]

“We are awaiting test results to see if they were under the influence of anything,” said Myöhänen. “The car must have been driving in over 100 kmh (62 mph). The speed limit on the street is 50 kmh (31 mph) since it is a small country road. Both victims died in the crash. We do not know the exact time when the crash happened yet or when they both died.”

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Photographs of the live stream show the young man and woman drinking heavily before getting in the car where they ultimately died, so it can be assumed that the test results will show they both had a blood-alcohol content above the legal limit.

The male victim drinks straight from a bottle of hard alcohol before climbing behind the wheel of a car.

The final video of the series posted to Periscope, which shows the duo driving in the car before the crash, has been viewed about 132,000 times. In the earlier videos, the man can be seen shirtless and the woman in only a bra as they chat, play with their phones, and drink alcohol.

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This should serve as a warning to others who think it’s no big deal to get behind the wheel of a car after drinking. It could very well be your last drive, just as it was for the young man and woman in this horrifying live stream. They had their whole lives ahead of them, but due to one irresponsible decision, it all ended in the blink of an eye.

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