WATCH: Horrifying Moment ‘Zombie’ Tries To Bite Cop, Learns Big Mistake Way Too Late

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WATCH: Horrifying Moment ‘Zombies’ Tries To Bite Cop, Learns Big Mistake Way Too Late
Images from viral video shot in Kentucky

A shocking video is circulating social media after police encountered what many people have referred to as a real-life “zombie.” Unfortunately for him, he would only learn just how big of a mistake he had made after trying to bite a cop – but at that point, it was way too late.

The incident reportedly took place in Lexington, Kentucky after four men took a new kind of synthetic drug outside of a local gas station. As the men were creating a disturbance, police were rightfully called to deal with them.

As one would imagine, police officers quickly responded, but things wouldn’t exactly go as initially expected. Upon arriving, the officers only found one of the 4 men conscious, and they tried to get him on his feet – and that’s when they realized there was a bit more to this story.

Clearly seen in the video shared by Mail Online, the man’s knees continued to buckle each and every time the officers helped him to his feet. Unable to control his own body, the man made it perfectly clear that he was under the influence of something, but that’s when things got exponentially worse.

In a burst of energy, the “zombie” begins to fight with police, trying to punch them both. He raised the stakes even higher when, without warning, he lunged at one of the officers with his mouth opened wide.

As can be heard, one officer starts shouted, “Get off me,” as he realized the man was growling and trying to bite him. Knowing that the situation was a potential danger to everyone involved, the police decided that it was time to neutralize the threat.

Unfortunately for the drug addict, he would only realize just how big of a mistake he had made after police drew and discharged their tasers. Just like that, the electric probes penetrated the man’s torso and sent him tumbling to the ground like a sack of bricks – but that’s not all.

Amid the ensuing chaos, the “zombie” fell in such a way that his face smashed through the front plate glass window of the establishment he was standing in front of. Although they had to taser him a second time, this was enough of a break to allow police officers to get the man into handcuffs before he could do any more damage.

Since the incident, police have begun to use the video in hopes of raising awareness about the use of synthetic drugs, specifically one called “Serenity.” According to BizPac Review, the other three men at the scene had overdosed on the drug and couldn’t be revived with Narcan – which is exactly the problem.

“Narcan doesn’t work on serenity. Narcan is designed for opioids and serenity works in another set of receptors in the brain,” Lexington Fire Department Battalion Chief Joe Best said. Executive Director of Louisville’s Beacon House Russ Read further added that this video should be a wake-up call to anyone who thinks synthetic drugs aren’t dangerous.

The fact of the matter here is that no drug is good for you. However, people seeking to get a fix for cheaper are putting themselves at even higher risk as the chemicals involved are even more deadly than your typical varieties. Fortunately, there’s a way to ensure you don’t end up so high that you end up trying to eat a police officer’s face – and that’s to just not take the poison in the first place.