Thailand Zookeeper Places Head In Crocodile’s Mouth, The Results Are Predictable

Graphic footage shows the moment a zookeeper in Thailand placed his entire head inside a giant crocodile’s mouth.

A zookeeper who clearly lacks common sense decided to place his entire head inside the mouth of a large crocodile, with unfortunate but predictable results. Now, the graphic footage of the terrifying incident is being shared online.

According to Daily Mail, in the video filmed last Sunday, a zookeeper in Thailand kneels on the ground before carefully placing his head inside the mouth of the crocodile. He may have thought he had successfully trained the massive animal not to bite him, but he was very wrong.

The zookeeper places his head inside the crocodile’s mouth before it suddenly snaps down and violently thrashes him around.

Mirror reports that for about ten seconds, the crocodile does remain still with the zookeeper’s head in its mouth, but then, matters take a turn for the worse as it bites down and begins thrashing. The horrifying footage shows the zookeeper being violently swung from left to right as he lets out a blood-curdling scream.

It looks like the crocodile is about to make a tasty meal out of its master as the audience looks on in horror, but miraculously, the zookeeper walked away with his life. A few seconds after the croc locked its jaws onto the man’s head, it decided to release its bite just as suddenly, slithering back into the water. Meanwhile, the man was left moaning on the ground from his injuries.

According to the video’s description, the zookeeper showed the small audience previous injuries he had incurred from performing with crocodiles before the stunt which nearly saw his head ripped off. He apparently has many other wounds from similarly stupid behavior, including a missing finger.

Certain animals simply cannot be tamed. A crocodile is not the same as a dog or a cat, which can be domesticated. Those who do not respect the wild nature of beasts like crocodiles are bound to be killed or seriously injured by them, just like this zookeeper.

The crocodile violently thrashes the zookeeper from side to side while he screams in agony.

This man is lucky to be alive following his encounter with the crocodile. Hopefully, he has learned his lesson and won’t do anything so stupid in the future. If he does, he deserves every bit of the painful consequences which come his way.

However, the fact that he was showing off his slew of injuries before incurring the most recent one suggests that he has some sort of penchant for danger. He lost a finger and, now, almost his head. Some people just never learn, similar to liberals and their love of so-called Muslim refugees, who always seems to bite them when given the opportunity.

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