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Thug Traps White 5-Year-Old On Bus, Shows Her Sick Use For Friend’s Hand

by Amanda Shea in Crime

A South Carolina father is out for blood after his traumatized 5-year-old daughter came off the school bus much different than when he sent her to class that morning. Had he not seen what a teen left on his little girl, he would have never known what the thug did to her with the help of someone else's hand. [...]


  • [Video] Trump's Wall Would STOP This Shameful Risk To American Children
    By now, most Americans realize that we need to secure our borders to protect our own citizens, not just against a physical threat but to keep us from being robbed blind by illegal leeches. Making the situation even worse, a shameful occurrence on our Southern border has been exposed, and it is putting our American children at risk, although it's gone vastly unnoticed. [...]
  • orders cover
    Barack Obama has decided yet again to ignore our nation's laws in order to enact his will against the American people. However, if Paul Ryan has his way, the president could soon be paying big time for his latest acts of lawlessness after he ordered our military to break the laws that he's sworn to uphold. [...]
  • The size of Trump's hands was an issue raised during  the Republican primaries (left), Hillary Clinton (right)
    As the November election draws near, Americans are eager to see our 2016 presidential candidates go head to head in the upcoming debates. Rumors are swirling that Hillary Clinton is increasingly anxious to take on Donald Trump, but she now thinks she has the debates in the bag. It's been confirmed that the Clinton camp has a secret weapon to destroy Trump — and it shows just how low they will go. [...]
  • psychicfeature
    Betsy Lewis is an internationally renowned psychic who uses her visions to make predictions of the future and numerology to explain her accuracy. Lewis has revealed who she believes will win the election in 2016, and she has a dire warning about ISIS that we should all pay close attention to as well. [...]
  • lesson cover
    During the pre-season opener against the Green Bay Packers, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick refused to stand during the National Anthem, igniting a firestorm of controversy. Despite being afforded that right as an American citizen, many people are speaking out against the player, including Allen West, who just schooled the ignorant athlete on the true meaning of "black oppression." [...]

Gun Rights

  • jenniferfeature
    Jennifer Youngman has lived in Plains, Virginia since 1990, and the 65-year-old is hardly dainty. After returning home from church, the woman said she was cleaning her two shotguns on her front porch when she noticed something odd outside. That's when she used her .410 shotgun to send a clear message that "national treasures" should be left alone. [...]
  • homicide feature
    Alabama was recently rocked by a gruesome mass homicide after five people were killed. Those found dead inside the Alabama home included a pregnant woman, but the liberal media has conveniently forgotten to report on this particular mass homicide the way they have others. It seems they hope Americans will ignore this gruesome case for two glaringly obvious reasons. [...]
  • 2afeature
    Hillary Clinton's supporters were recently captured on video, sharing their "thoughts," and to call it troubling is an understatement. Admitting that they are voting for the Democrat, whose life is mired in controversy, their next admission proves how far gone some of our youth are today. Making some of the most hypocritical and illogical statements, they rally behind their candidate, and it will make you sick. [...]
  • thrasher
    Few things are more frustrating than seeing a certain group of Americans who gleefully stab a fellow citizen in the back in order to make a political point. After the first USA gold medal win, liberals are making vile comments about our Olympic athlete's victory. [...]
  • Texas School’s Sign Has Parents Rejoicing, Just 1 Word Has Libs Up In Arms
    It doesn’t take much to have liberals running to their safe spaces these days and a recent incident is proving just that. Although parents are rejoicing over a new “back to school” sign in front of a Texas educational facility, some liberals are downright outraged over it – and it all comes down to just one word. [...]



  • 2nd NFL Player Vows To Sit During National Anthem, Gets Some BAD NEWS
    As the controversy surrounding San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick continues, it seems that yet another NFL player has decided to join him in disrespecting our nation. However, after Philadelphia Eagles rookie linebacker Myke Tavarres vowed to sit for the National Anthem, he quickly got some bad news. [...]
  • ugly ass cover
    A nasty fact just surfaced about Colin Kaepernick's past that he had hoped no one would find out. However, now that the cat is out of the bag, the liberal media is completely helpless in their attempts to twist the story since there is no way for it to fit their race-baiting narrative. [...]
  • jenniferfeature
    Jennifer Youngman has lived in Plains, Virginia since 1990, and the 65-year-old is hardly dainty. After returning home from church, the woman said she was cleaning her two shotguns on her front porch when she noticed something odd outside. That's when she used her .410 shotgun to send a clear message that "national treasures" should be left alone. [...]
  • With All Eyes On Anti-American Kaepernick, Another 49er Quietly Did This
    Colin Kaepernick was on the downward slide of his professional football career when he decided it was time to pull out the race card and make a deplorable statement on behalf of black people. While he's occupying all the attention of the public with his anti-American antics, another black San Francisco 49er has quietly done something else that's gone unnoticed but needs to be seen. [...]
  • PHOTO: After Kaeperneck Disses America, NY Giants Send Him CLEAR Message
    Although the left would have you believe that San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is a hero, that just isn’t the case, and many Americans see him for what he is. That seemingly includes the New York Giants, who wanted to send a deafening message to the entitled punk during their most recent game – and they did it during the National Anthem. [...]


Health & Science

  • Woman Has Severe Abdominal Pain, Doctor Shocked To See What’s Inside Her
    After suffering long enough, an Iowa woman decided to head to the doctor to get looked over. Although she thought she was just on the wrong end of some painful abdominal cramps, there was actually quite a bit more going on – and doctors were left shocked to see what was inside her. [...]
  • Baby Dead 12 Days After Birth, Then Parents Learn What Nurse Did In Secret
    After welcoming their baby into the world, a newborn's parents were beyond ecstatic. Unfortunately, that feeling would tragically be short lived as the infant passed away just 12 days later, and that’s when the couple learned what one of the nurses had done, leading to the loss of their child. [...]
  • drdrewfeature
    Rumors have long speculated that every time Hillary Clinton comes in contact with a person who opposes her, they come to an untimely end. Now, TV shows are also meeting their demise after crossing Hillary. Just days after one host mentioned something we've all been thinking about the Democrat nominee for president, the show was canceled, and speculations as to why are not in short supply. [...]
  • Teen Dies From Loved One’s Kiss, Warning Issued About Simple Mistake
    After a teen suddenly began to convulse at the dinner table and eventually died, his devastated parents were determined to find some answers. The young boy had been kissing his girlfriend, which involved one simple mistake leading to his death. Now, his untimely demise should serve as a warning to everyone, preventing another senseless loss of life. [...]
  • After Minnesota Welcomes Burkinis, They Find Something Horrifying In Pools
    In the wake of France banning the Islamic swimwear, Minnesota was praised by leftists and feminists for allowing Muslim women to wear baggy burkinis at public pools. However, their exaltation was quickly overcast after officials found something absolutely horrifying in the water. [...]
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