If You See A Shirt On Your Windshield…Do NOT Touch It! Here’s Why
Cops & Criminals

If You See A Shirt On Your Windshield, Do NOT Touch It! — Here’s Why

February 22, 2017 Alisha Rich

It’s no secret that there are disgusting people in the world. Although we all would love to live someplace where there are no threats lurking around the corner, there’s nowhere that can guarantee our safety. Unfortunately, the list of dangers only keeps getting longer, and if you see a shirt on your windshield, here’s the frightening reason you do not want to touch it. […]


Badass Frenchy DENIES Muslim Mufti’s SICK Request, ‘Michelle Didn’t DO It’

February 22, 2017 Rebecca Diserio

Michelle Obama got away with it because high ranking Muslims didn’t make her do what this Grand Mufti in Lebanon just demanded of Marine Le Pen, who is called France’s Donald Trump for her strong message against radical Islam. She is running for president of France, and she is one badass conservative woman. So, why should she have to do what Michelle refused to do, and why do the Obamas get special treatment? This will piss you off. […]


Liberals FURIOUS As Trump Spends Entire Day Bombing The CRAP Out Of ISIS

February 22, 2017 Jodi

President Donald Trump is making good on one of the essential campaign promises that he made to voters; namely, to systematically bring the radical jihadists affiliated with the Islamic State to their Allah-loving knees. He has claimed a major victory in this ongoing struggle to curb terrorism and has greatly succeeded in making the left furious with his latest efforts to bomb the crap out of ISIS. […]

Bloody Man Wakes In Pain, Doc Horrified By What Psycho Wife Put INSIDE Him
Cops & Criminals

Bloody Man Wakes In Pain, Doc Horrified By What Psycho Wife Put In Him

February 22, 2017 Robert Rich

Although one evening that a New York man went to bed was just like any other, it would soon be a night that he would never forget when he was left shocked to wake up bloodied and in an extreme amount of pain. In fact, things would take a life-changing turn when he went to the hospital to be checked over – and that’s when doctors were left horrified to see what his psycho wife had done. […]


BIZARRE: See The Fake News Site Letting Liberals Live In Alternate Reality

February 22, 2017 Dawn Parabellum

For those who still just can’t accept or comprehend that Donald Trump is, in fact, their president, a new website has been set up. On the bizarre site, an alternative reality has been created, one in which all of the news reported is fake, and liberals can bask in the false glow of more than just a Hillary Clinton presidency. If you didn’t think liberalism was a mental disorder, this may change your mind. […]

Girl Born With HUGE ‘Stain’ On Face, Looks Much Different 25 Years Later
Health & Science

Girl Born With HUGE ‘Stain’ On Face, Here’s How She Looks 25 Years Later

February 22, 2017 Robert Rich

After being born with what is known as a port wine stain on her chin, a New York girl has suffered severe bullying at every stage of life. However, after 40 different procedures and $15,000 spent trying to fight the massive birthmark, she’s developed into quite the beautiful young woman just 25 years later – but not for the reason you may think. […]

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