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Obama Uses One Word For Hiroshima Bombing, Sets Internet On FIRE

by Robert Rich in Politics

During President Barack Obama's trip to Japan, he recently spoke about the nuclear bomb set off in Hiroshima during World War 2. However, he actually spit in the face of America by using just one word for the bombing that no one saw coming – and it’s set the Internet on fire. [...]


  • Barack Obama Visits Hiroshima, Calls Bombing Evil
    During President Barack Obama's trip to Japan, he recently spoke about the nuclear bomb set off in Hiroshima during World War 2. However, he actually spit in the face of America by using just one word for the bombing that no one saw coming – and it’s set the Internet on fire. [...]
  • Transgender Teacher Makes Students/Staff Pay When They Refuse To Say 1 Word
    An entitled transgender teacher at an elementary school recently began making disturbing demands of her co-workers and students as soon as President Barack Obama announced sick changes to the school system. However, when students and fellow teachers refused to say one simple word, the bossy woman lodged a legal complaint, forcing everyone in the school to pay for it. [...]
  • Trumpfeature
    Chinese Americans are finding their political voices, and a growing number of them want to see president Donald Trump replace Barack Obama after the election in November. They are also opening up as to why they are pulling for the presumptive Republican nominee and are none too quiet about their reasoning. [...]
  • billfeature
    Bill O'Reilly always has his facts and statistics straight before stating his Talking Points Memo at the beginning of his show. Whether one agrees with his political stance is largely irrelevant because he presents the factual data up front to back up his stances, and he's done it again, breaking down how the Black Lives Matter movement is actually killing Americans, which should trouble us all. [...]
  • composite_14642930825431
    In a little rural town in Georgia, called Hiram, they had a Memorial Day tradition. Along their Highway 92, the townspeople planted 79 wooden white crosses to honor the 79 county residents who had given their lives on the battlefield. Yesterday, the crosses were gone, and when the residents learned why it sparked a battle in city hall, with a showdown that should make you smile. [...]

Gun Rights

  • whiteflagfeature
    The Obama Administration has thrown in the towel on one very important human rights issue. Barack Obama admitted that he won't be able to do much to destroy more of your rights before he has to evacuate the White House, and while America cheers, he still urges others to take away your natural rights anyway. [...]
  • poffeature
    The Donald Trump campaign was propelled forward early in the race by his ardent adamance that we build a wall along our Southern Border with Mexico and make the Mexican government pay for it. Now, one gun maker has come up with a great idea to give a special gift to the US, should Trump win the presidency. Those who support the likely GOP nominee and his idea for a wall will love it. [...]
  • Leftists Demand Gun Range Remove "Racist" Target, Range Replies With One Word
    When a man was visiting a gun range in Kentucky, he noticed a shooting target that was particularly riddled with bullet holes. After taking a second look, he suddenly realized what the target portrayed. Now, liberals and their favorite special interest group want the target removed immediately. However, they received an unexpected one-word reply when they contacted the range. [...]
  • vietnamfeatrue
    Barack Obama is the most anti-gun president our country has ever had, but thanks to his nonsense, millions of Americans are arming themselves with the very guns he seeks to demonize — a fact that likely infuriates him. However, he now seems to be changing his tune, and he's lifting some gun restrictions. Unfortunately, it's not for those living in the United States. [...]
  • gunfeature
    States that implement unconstitutional gun legislation, like California and New Jersey, are bastions of criminal activity. They have been known to hamper law-abiding citizens in their quest to carry a gun for protection. Even service members are now forced to beg the state for permission, but even with dire circumstances presented, they are being denied their right to carry. [...]



  • NFL Player Sees Guy Alone In Parking Lot, Shocks Onlookers With What He Did
    In Massachusettes, an NFL player was headed to practice when a guy caught his attention out of the corner of his eye. He was standing in an abandoned parking lot as the player was passing through. Then, the football star noticed what was next to the stranger, near a guardrail, and shocked onlookers with what he did about it. [...]
  • composite_14643687024264
    An unbelievable video is making waves online as social media erupts after seeing what parents did with their 6-month-old baby in the water. Although the infant had a life-vest and plenty of adults all around her, it's what her own parents purposely did with the infant's feet that has many social justice warriors screaming "child abuse." [...]
  • composite_14641935589061
    Sarma Melngailis was the hottest vegan chef in New York City, with Robert DeNiro, Woody Harrelson, and a host of other celebrities as loyal customers at her raw food vegan restaurant Pure Food and Wine. She disappeared in 2014, under a cloud of suspicion. In an ironic turn of events, a Dominos pizza order led to police finding her, and placing that order was one the biggest mistakes of her life. [...]
  • Etan Thomas, the real racist here (left), woman on train he accuses of racism (right)
    There's one thing worse than racism, and that's hoaxes that allege racism that didn't happen. What's even worse are lies spread by a person with influence to further divide our country along the lines of skin color, but that's exactly what one ex-NBA player has done, and his story, which is, unfortunately, going viral, has more holes than a block of swiss cheese. [...]
  • Woman's Secret Gets Out After Posting Selfie Showing More Than She Thought
    A Los Angeles woman has an Instagram full of selfies and shots of her at work and about town that her followers are used to seeing. However, a recent set of shared pictures garnered a different kind of attention, when her fans saw much more of her that they didn't know she was hiding. [...]


Health & Science

  • The Drug-Resistant Superbug Doctors Have Warned About Found In Pennsylvania
    After a Pennsylvania woman headed to the doctor three weeks ago for what she believed was a simple infection, the doctor decided to run some tests just in case. As soon as the results were returned, doctors began to panic, and now they're saying the drug-resistant "superbug" they've dreaded has made it's way to the U.S. — and scientists are warning what to look out for. [...]
  • breast
    Linda Perez was just 18 years old when the hot, young woman decided her breasts just weren't big enough. The obvious solution to her small chest was breast implant surgery, so she paid Coral Gables Cosmetic Center $2,800 for the boobs of her dreams in 2013. Three years later, her "after" pictures need to be going viral, and when you see them, it's easy to understand why. [...]
  • Woman Has Stomach Pain, Doctors Pull Condom Out Of Appendix
    Crippled with a stomach pain so severe that she couldn’t eat, a woman decided to seek the help of a medical professional. However, she was later shocked as the doctors revealed what they pulled out of her – and that’s when she remembered what had happened two weeks prior when she was having sex. [...]
  • Model Posts Pic With 'Stomach Roles' To Prove A Point
    A fitness model has found herself in the public spotlight after posting two pictures. Taken just before her wedding, the first image didn’t bother anyone, but she decided to talk about the second, "nasty" one after people saw her stomach. [...]
  • Woman Bit By Rattlesnake Owes Hospital Over $200,000
    A Florida woman was minding her own business when her walk was interrupted by an intense pain near her feet. When she looked down, the situation went from bad to worse as she saw what was dangling from her leg – and her failure to watch where she was going cost her big time. [...]
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