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[VID] FIERCE Woman Performs GRUESOME ‘Home Operation’ After Being Shot

by Meaghan Ellis in Health & Science

One woman has shown others how much pain a person can endure after being shot. But, that's not all. She even went a step further to alleviate the pain, and footage of her "home operation" has gone viral. This video is guaranteed to leave you on the edge of your seat. [...]
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  • Mom Convinced Son Is Having Nightmares, Hidden Camera Reveals SHOCKING Truth
    Children have grand imaginations, and many times, that is the excuse adults use when children begin experiencing things out of the ordinary. For one mother in Waikanae, Australia, her child's imagination was the first thing she blamed when her 3-year-old son came to her with a shocking story – until a hidden camera revealed the truth. [...]
  • Muslim Cleric Inflicts Sinister Punishment To Disobedient 10-Year-Old Boy
    The cruelty of Muslims knows no bounds when it comes to "coexisting" with non-Muslims. The intolerance that Muhammad modeled 1,400 years ago has been practiced throughout the Islamic community around the world, and its implementation of Sharia law only magnifies it further. [...]
  • 2A1B5E8E00000578-3144451-The_large-a-51_1435666201721
    A mysterious creature is baffling even scientists after washing up on a far east Russian shore recently. Locals have begun referring to the carcass as a “mutant sea monster,” as several contradicting features have left just about everyone involved fully confused. [...]
  • Victims Of Terror Outraged At Disgusting Thing Muslims Did To Their Memorial
    For centuries, Muslim migrants have displayed the same refusal to assimilate, citing their religious superiority and compulsion to obligatory spiritual practices. However, the increased populating of Western countries by Islamists and their push for Sharia law drives out all other cultures and faiths until there is no more opposition. [...]
  • #BringBackOurGirls Chibok Schoolgirls Found — But The Results Are Sinister
    Nearly 300 schoolgirls were kidnapped from Chibok, Nigeria over a year ago, spurring a wave of social media activism. However, the enthusiasm was soon met with boredom after Michelle Obama and Hollywood celebrities lost interest in the campaign and slowly abandoned their selfies and hashtag slogan #BringBackOurGirls. [...]


  • Confederate Flag Not Allowed To Be Flown At NASCAR Tracks Now?
    The controversy over the Confederate flag has reached a fever pitch, and it just so happens to fall on the weekend we celebrate our nation's independence. The biggest race of NASCAR is taking place over the fourth of July holiday, and some people may not be too happy with what NASCAR racetrack owners are saying now. [...]
  • This Ted Nugent Picture Has Liberal Panties In A Twist, Can You See Why?
    If there’s one man capable of instantaneously entangling whiny liberal panties in a twist, it's Ted Nugent. Fortunately for us, it looks like he’s done it again. [...]
  • Charlie Daniels Is Fed Up, Takes MASSIVE Swing At Sharpton, Liberal Left
    Apparently, “long haired country boy” Charlie Daniels has had enough of the controversy surrounding the Confederate battle flag, and he’s decided to speak out about it. In a scathing op-ed, he took a swing at “race-baiters,” like Al Sharpton, and called out the liberal left for their divisive tactics, and it’s well worth the read. [...]
  • SEE IT: Magic Show Takes Horrifying Turn, No One Expected This
    When most of us watch a magic show, we stare in awe and wonderment about how the magicians could put on such an amazing act. The act often includes several dangerous stunts that are meant to leave onlookers fearing the worst, but usually there isn’t anything to fear. [...]
  • General Lee' from the "Dukes of Hazzard" is Losing The Confederate Flag
    What started as a flag removal in South Carolina has resulted in a feeding frenzy of epic proportions. The liberal left has successfully whipped the population into such a guilt ridden state that everything and anything that is southern must go. Statues, flags in retail stores, and now the iconic General Lee from the hit TV series The Dukes of Hazzard. [...]


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