Pelosi Panics As Americans Give Her Hell At Town Hall, Causes Major ‘Brain Fade’

CNN and the Democratic Party are freaking out as new polls show there is no “blue wave” happening for the mid-term elections. Hoping to gain ground, they colluded to give Nancy Pelosi an entire hour-long town hall event with their Democratic tool Chris Cuomo hosting. Things went wrong as Americans gave Pelosi hell, causing her to have a major brain fade on live TV. […]


De Niro Bans Trump From Every ‘Nobu Restaurant,’ POTUS Gives Him Nasty Surprise

Robert De Niro’s hatred of President Donald Trump erupted once again as he launched a restaurant and hotel in Spain called “Nobu,” which is part of a worldwide chain he co-owns with famous Japanese chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa. The aging actor exploded in a tirade, banning the president from every Nobu in the world. Now, De Niro looks like a fool as Trump gave him a nasty surprise he won’t forget. […]