Michelle’s Caught Dancing Wearing ‘Shorts,’ Daughters Give Her Nasty Surprise

Michelle Obama slipped into a Beyonce concert in Paris, France. Wearing a see-through white blouse with matching white short-shorts and 5-inch platform sandals, the former first lady looked like she raided one of her daughter’s closets. As she started to twerk with Beyonce’s mom, that’s when Michelle got her a nasty surprise from her daughters. Don’t miss this. […]


Cooper & McCain Unhinged: Call For Trump’s Arrest After What Happened In Russia

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper destroyed any journalistic credibility that he had — if he had any — when he made no attempt to be an unbiased newsman and decided to be an unabashed President Donald Trump hater. There was a disgraceful performance, and that performance was Cooper’s. Then, Senator John McCain joined him in becoming unhinged as the pair called for Trump’s arrest after what happened in Russia. […]


JUST RELEASED: Anthony Bourdain Exposed ‘Piece Of Shit’ Clintons Before His Death

Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain, who took his own life one month ago, has spoken from beyond the grave. The “Parts Unknown” host, who hanged himself in a French hotel in June, sat down with journalist Maria Bustillos from Popula magazine before his death. The interview, in which he exposes the “piece of shit” Clintons, was finally published on Sunday. […]


Meghan’s ‘Terrified’ After Queen Trashes Her Political Antics To Trump During Meeting

President Donald Trump spoke about his meeting with Queen Elizabeth II while he traveled on Air Force One. The president gave the meeting a glowing review, and one subject he did elaborate on rocked the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle. In fact, the Queen gave Trump the “go ahead” to send a clear warning to Meghan about her sick political antics, and now we have proof she is terrified her days may be numbered. […]