‘I’m Under Attack’ Screams Maxine, Oathkeepers Run Her Out Of Town With Nasty Surprise

Maxine Waters is finding out the hard way when you start a war and call for leftists to attack supporters and Cabinet members of President Donald Trump, there will be a reckoning. Well, Auntie Maxine is screaming, “I’m under attack,” after she caught the attention of an organization made up of former cops and military veterans called the Oathkeepers, who are running her out of town with a big nasty surprise. […]


2 Months After Hiring Barack & Michelle, Netflix Gets The Last News They Expected

Netflix announced in May that the company had hired Barack and Michelle Obama to produce shows and films as part of a multi-year deal. Well, it didn’t take long for the video streaming service to learn the hard way that the move to bring the Obamas on board was a disastrous mistake. Now, two months later, Netflix has gotten the last news they ever expected. […]


Pelosi Slurs, Suffers Odd ‘Brain Malfunction’ — Now Watch Guy In Back Of The Room

During a media briefing on Capitol Hill this week, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi once again demonstrated that she’s got a few screws loose, slurring her words and suffering some kind of odd “brain malfunction” which prevented her from pronouncing words correctly and forming coherent sentences. If the guy in the back of the room was any indication, even members of her own party have had enough of the California Democrat’s crazy antics. […]


Michelle Jets To UK Following Trumps, Brits Give Her Nasty Surprise When She Lands

Michelle Obama slipped out of the United States and jetted to the United Kingdom, arriving in Scotland just as President Donald Trump and Melania Trump were leaving. This seems to be a pattern with the Obamas, who shadowed the Trumps all over Europe last summer. As the former first lady proceeded to trash Trump supporters when she landed, the British citizens gave her a nasty surprise. […]