Ted Cruz Goes After Chris Cuomo In Twitter Spat Over Election Aftermath: ‘Hush Child’

Following the controversial 2020 presidential election, Senator Ted Cruz has been one of President Donald Trump’s staunchest supporters. CNN host Chris Cuomo, on the other hand, has shamed “GOP enablers” amid Trump’s election challenge. So, it comes as no surprise that the two collided on Twitter in a spat over the election aftermath, where Cruz quickly set Cuomo straight. Don’t miss this.

Ted Cruz (left), Chris Cuomo (right) (Photo Credit: Screenshot 1, 2)

After the media declared former Vice President Joe Biden the victor of the 2020 presidential election, calling him the next president of the United States, Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz has been vocal in his support of President Donald Trump’s right to contest the results. He’s defended efforts to fight voter fraud, and like Trump, Cruz has argued for ensuring the American people that the election was conducted fairly.

While speaking about the election aftermath in a Friday episode of his podcast, “Verdict with Ted Cruz,” the Texas senator’s sentiments regarding the “controversy” were no different. Cruz reiterated that President Trump is within his rights to seek recounts and contest ballots, not recognizing Biden as the victor until the election has been officially decided.

During the podcast, Cruz pointed out the obvious, saying, “Elections are decided when the results have been counted and the legal proceedings are over.” Sadly, that’s apparently a “radical position” to the left, as Cruz pointed out, saying, “That didn’t use to be a controversial proposition.”

“Here’s a radical proposition — elections are decided when the results have been counted and the legal proceedings are over,” Cruz wrote as he posted a short clip of the show to Twitter on Tuesday. “That didn’t use to be a controversial proposition.”

Cruz would soon find out just how “radical” the left found his position, though, from none other than CNN host Chris Cuomo. Proving Cruz’s assertion obviously did not sit well with him, Cuomo declared, “Wrong,” in response to the senator’s statement, but he didn’t stop there.

“You have been empowering the notion that there are problems with the count that justify delaying transition in the middle of figuring out how to distribute a vaccine in a pandemic. Own it,” Cuomo continued, addressing Cruz, “because the position owns you and will be remembered.”

That’s when the senator’s gloves came off. Not one to suffer fools, Cruz responded to Cuomo’s stupidity with a brief but cutting tweet, The Blaze reported. “Hush child,” he wrote.

With Cuomo being known for having a bit of a temper and a penchant for threatening people who disagree with and displease him, it comes as no surprise that Cruz’s flippant remark set him off. Firing back, Cuomo responded to Cruz’s rebuke by bringing up a recent spat the Texas senator had with Ohio Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown over Brown’s “fake virtue” signaling after Brown scolded Alaska Republican Senator Dan Sullivan for not wearing a mask on the Senate floor.

“Says the man who called a senator an ‘ass,'” Cuomo wrote. “Senator, you have people on lines for food in your state. Focus on them…on those children. Every day you delay relief the line grows,” he continued, adding the hashtag “#DoYourJob.” That’s when Cruz so eloquently set the CNN host straight.

“In the past 2 months, we’ve voted TWICE on $500 billion in COVID relief. Both times, Senate Dems filibustered the bill,” Cruz replied, explaining that he and his fellow Republican senators have been working on COVID relief but Democrats have been standing in their way. “You should call on your own party to stop blocking relief. EVERY SINGLE Dem voted to filibuster,” the fed-up senator continued.

After fact-checking the CNN anchor about how Senate Democrats have blocked COVID relief bills from passing, Cruz further lambasted Cuomo by suggesting that perhaps he’s the one that’s not doing his job. “I suspect you never reported on that fact to your viewers,” Cruz wrote.

Refusing to go away quietly, Cuomo decided to try his hand at being a “tough guy,” bringing his feud with the senator on-air, calling out what he says is Cruz’s “unique brand of jackassery.”

“You are a Covidiot, Senator Cruz,” Cuomo said. “I know you went to Harvard, I know you’re really smart. You just try really hard not to act that way too often, especially when Trump is involved.”

This isn’t the first time Cruz and Cuomo have collided. In late September, the two had a bitter slugfest during an on-air interview, where the senator had a heated exchange over the coronavirus. Exposing the CNN anchor’s double standard, Cruz invoked New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s handling of the pandemic as his brother repeatedly condemned GOP governors with smaller death tolls in their states.

“I get that your show wants to attack Texas, and Florida, and Georgia because they have Republican governors. We’ve also had much, much lower death rates than many other parts of the country,” Cruz said, alluding to Democrat-run states. “And it’s political, the attacks you’re making,” he added.

“There is something disgusting that Democrats are doing, that Joe Biden does, and that you do, which is you try to blame the people who’ve lost their lives on your political enemies,” Cruz continued. “And that’s just not right… It’s not right at all and it’s particularly not right, Chris, when your brother has presided over the state with the highest death rate in the country.” [Source: Fox News]

As the old saying goes, “Before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean.” That doesn’t seem to be a philosophy CNN, Chris Cuomo, his brother, or their Democrat cohorts lives by, though.

After all, Joe Biden himself pledged that he would not declare victory in the election before the results were “independently certified.” He obviously didn’t keep his word, and now, the leftist media wants to condemn those who just want to know the election was conducted fairly and legally? That, sadly, sounds like what we’ve come to expect. And, they wonder why millions have no trust in them.

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