Roseanne Yells ‘I Thought B*tch Was White,’ As Whoopi’s Sent Message ‘You’re Fired’

Roseanne Barr is lashing out at ABC and the double standard that exists at the network after Whoopi Goldberg cussed out Judge Jeanine Pirro. Of course, ABC fired Roseanne over an infamous late-night tweet without listening to her side. In a new video, Barr screams, “I thought the b*tch was white,” after the producer kept badgering her. Now, Whoopi Goldberg is freaking out as she gets a message saying, “You’re fired now.” […]

BREAKING: President Trump Responds To Michael Cohen’s Secret Tape

In a stunning development, it has been discovered that Michael Cohen, the former attorney for President Donald Trump, was a sniveling, scheming parasite with no honor or loyalty. The New York Times reported on Friday that Cohen violated his client’s trust in the worst possible way, recording him without his knowledge. Now, the president has responded to the secret tape. […]

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‘Dad’s Death Meghan’s Fault’ Screams Samantha Markle, Duchess Leaves UK In Disgrace

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, is in panic mode as her royal fairytale life comes to a crashing halt. Her half-sister, Samantha Markle, is now telling the world their father’s death will be Meghan’s fault. Making matters worse, the new Duchess had an extreme meltdown. Meghan was caught yelling at Prince Harry that she can’t stand “all the stupid rules,” and now she is leaving the U.K. all alone, in utter disgrace. […]

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“Darling Davis” Assaults Pro-Gun Kaitlin Bennett, Gets Brutal Surprise From FBI

Kaitlin Bennett is the pro-gun college graduate who made headlines when she posed for her graduation pictures with her AR-10 rifle. Of course, this pissed off anti-gun David Hogg, and one of his crazed groupies started to stalk Ms. Bennett. Things got out of control when this groupie followed Kaitlin to a restaurant to assault her, and that’s when the sick stalker got a brutal surprise from the FBI. […]

Anti-2nd Amendment ‘Borat’ Star Tries To Dupe Gun Store Owner, Gets His ‘Butt Kicked’

Sacha Baron Cohen, the actor best known as “Borat,” has been making headlines as he tries to resurrect his dwindling career with a new Showtime special. Cohen is targeting conservatives, focusing on his anti-gun views. Well, the Borat star chose the wrong gun store, as he dressed up in disguise hoping to buy arms illegally. Cohen ended up getting his butt kicked on video, and you can bet this scene won’t be on Showtime any time soon. […]