Barbara Bush Made Her Personal Secret Service Agent Weep With 1 Last Request

Barbara Bush’s personal secret service agent has recalled with great emotion her one last request as they were traveling in New York after George H. W. Bush lost the presidential election to Bill Clinton. No longer was she the first lady, she was then the former first lady, and the election loss had devastated her the most. Former Secret Service Agent Jonathan Wackrow now tells us Mrs. Bush’s unusual request, which was an extremely rare and personal moment. […]

Reporter Asks Trump If He’s ‘Too Scared’ To Fire Mueller, His Reply Silences Room

President Donald Trump spent several days hosting Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at Mar-a-Lago this week. During a joint press conference with the two world leaders on Thursday, a reporter brazenly asked the U.S. president if he is “too scared” to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Trump’s reply immediately silenced the crowded room and showed the insolent reporter who’s boss. […]

Melania Attends Barbara Bush Services Without POTUS As ‘Scary Event’ Rocks Funeral

Former First Lady Barbara Bush’s funeral preparations have been rocked by a “scary event.” First Lady Melania Trump will be attending without the president, which is causing the liberal media to hyperventilate since Barack and Michelle Obama and Bill and Hillary Clinton will be there. Here’s what the mainstream media refuses to report as they try to make the president look heartless. […]

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Mean Meg Screwed Her Dad For Crown, Brother Tells Truth: ‘She’s Phony & No Diana’

Meghan Markle’s family is speaking out, trying to set the record straight about the upcoming royal wedding. Apparently, Princess Pushy just screwed her dad for her new crown. The former actress’ brother, Thomas Markle, Jr., is breaking his silence about “Mean Meghan,” saying that “she’s a phony and she’s not genuine like Diana,” as he spills the beans about her past and the sick truth she doesn’t want you to know. […]

Meghan FLEES Angry Queen As Princess Di’s Confidant Drops BOMB On Harry

Shocking revelations are coming out about Meghan Markle from one of Princess Diana’s closest confidants. Meghan resorted to fleeing from the angry Queen’s Easter celebration, and palace insiders say that Ms. Markle called her mom hysterical after Prince Harry was told, “She’s lying to you.” Will the wedding be called off by the Queen now that the royals know Princess Pushy’s big lies? Meghan’s scared that it’s over, and we’ve got the truth that Princess Di’s confidant exposed. […]

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Barack Obama Gives Glowing Praise To David Hogg, Kyle Kashuv Destroys Every Word

Parkland school shooting survivor David Hogg, who was nowhere near where the actual shooting took place, has become as annoying as a canker sore, especially to Kyle Kashuv. He is one of the students who has received the least attention because he supports the Constitutional right to bear arms. Kashuv has had it with the grandstanding of his fellow students — particularly captain boycott, David Hogg. […]