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Hogg Screams, ‘You Don’t Give A Sh*t About TX Shooting,’ Patriots Make Him Cry

There is horrific news coming out of Sante Fe, Texas, as another school shooting rocks Americans. While most people were somberly awaiting the details, anti-gun narcissist David Hogg immediately believed this shooting is all about him. Screaming at all gun owners and politicians, Hogg exclaimed, “You don’t give a sh*t” about the Texas shooting. This pissed off patriots, who then smacked “little Hitler” Hogg so hard, they made him cry like a baby. […]


After Watching Family Pray Aloud At Disney World, Crazed Hefty Leftist Attacks Them

Christine Sydelko has a large following on social media, and she is a rabid hater of President Donald Trump. It seems she makes her living via social media, saying and doing some of the vilest disturbing things possible, and that’s what happened when she took a trip to Disney World. After sitting next to a family who was praying before a meal at the theme park, the crazed hefty leftist attacked them. […]