‘You’re Such A D*ck’: Watch Maskless Governor Get Confronted While Dining Out After Restricting Gatherings

Shortly after opting to tighten coronavirus restrictions, a Democrat governor was spotted dining out maskless. To say the sight didn’t go over well is a bit of an understatement as the official was lambasted by frustrated residents, who didn’t mince words, calling him a “d*ck” to his unmasked face — and it was all caught on video.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy (right) was captured on camera during a public dinner party that left residents frustrated. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, a Democrat, recently announced tighter coronavirus restrictions by executive order and urged people to keep their Thanksgiving gatherings “as small as possible.” Shortly after, Murphy was confronted by frustrated residents after they noticed him dining out publicly with his maskless family.

In a now-viral video that was captured on Sunday, Murphy was called a “d*ck” after the Democrat governor was spotted dining out without a mask after retightening coronavirus restrictions across the state ahead of Thanksgiving. Murphy not only limited indoor gatherings to ten and outdoor gatherings to 150 but also urged residents to keep their upcoming holiday gatherings “as small as possible.”

“We’re urging everybody to keep their Thanksgiving plans as small as possible because we know that indoor gatherings and homes are particularly dangerous places for COVID-19 to spread,” Murphy said last week. “The smaller the gathering is, the less likely it is that someone is infected and puts their loved ones at risk. It is that simple.”

Days later, Murphy was seen publicly dining out, maskless, with a group of people, and it didn’t sit well with residents who spotted him. With cameras rolling, a woman confronted the governor, who appeared startled, and asked, “Hey, how ya doing?” Then, she got right to the point.

“You’re having fun with your family, and in the meantime, you’re having all other kinds of bullsh*t going on,” she declared as another woman in the background added, “You’re such a d*ck.”

According to Breitbart, someone — presumably in Murphy’s party — could be heard asking at least one of the women to put her mask on, prompting a snappy response. “You can go f*ck yourself. How’s that?” she said. “You want to know why I don’t need a mask? Because there ain’t nothing f*cking wrong with me,” she added.

“I like your Trump phone case,” a young man at Murphy’s table responded. “Guess who Trump likes? He likes my dad,” the young man added, gesturing to the governor, who decided to put a mask on during the confrontation.

Governor Murphy, of course, isn’t the first government official to enact or encourage coronavirus restrictions and then be accused of not following their own advice. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also found herself on the receiving end of backlash after she was spotted unmasked during a visit to a shuttered salon with the salon owner calling it a “slap in the face,” according to Fox News.

More recently, California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom came under fire when photos emerged featuring his attendance at an upscale dinner party in November, which was allegedly composed of at least 22 people, The Blaze reported. According to Adam Housley — an award-winning journalist and former Fox News correspondent — the party took place solely indoors without masks and came with a whopping $15,000 bill.

Thankfully, plenty of law enforcement officers across the country have announced they will not enforce the holiday guidelines issued primarily by Democrat politicians. Howell Township Police Chief Andrew Kudrick Jr was among them:

“Our community is hurting. I live here. I grew up here. I shop here. I go out to dinner here. And, I talk one-on-one with our business owners… and I see how much they’re hurting,” Chief Kudrick explained. “So as a police chief, in charge of 100-plus police officers, I felt it was just incumbent upon me just to let them know, and let my community know, that we’re not going to enforce some of these executive orders which I feel are basically draconian.”

That hasn’t seemed to deter democratic leadership, though. In fact, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf recently announced stricter coronavirus restrictions while threatening that “law enforcement will be stepping up efforts to enforce this #COVID19 safety plan.”

Ahead of Thanksgiving, Wolf announced a series of additional coronavirus restrictions, including a one-night suspension of alcohol sales. The move to outlawing liquor sales on Thanksgiving eve has been called “lunacy.” It’s hard to argue when you consider the following:

Under the newly announced restrictions, bars and restaurants will be prohibited from selling alcohol for on-site consumption the night before Thanksgiving. It goes effect at 5:00 p.m. and ends the following day at 8:00 a.m. Additionally, all indoor and outdoor events and gatherings limits have been reduced. Per the restrictions, any indoor event that can hold 0 – 2,000 people will be reduced to 10 percent of its capacity, maximum. [Source: Breitbart]

So, coronavirus only poses a threat at bars on Thanksgiving eve? That would be silly. It’s also a threat in your own home but only if you have outside guests, according to Wolf’s administration, which also urged residents to stay home and refrain from holding gatherings in their private residences with people outside of their immediate household:

“Household gatherings are also advised against when attendees include non-household members as noted through the Secretary of Health’s Stay at Home Advisory,” a Monday press release read.

Threatening residents with “enforcement efforts,” PA officials announced that law enforcement will be “issuing citations and fines, and possibly regulatory actions for repeat offenders,” according to a press release. I’m sure that’s left plenty of Pennsylvanians hoping to catch a glimpse of Wolf ignoring his own restrictions, much like other Democrat leaders have already done. It makes me want to buy the man a drink — but only on Thanksgiving eve after 5 pm at a local bar.

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