January 20, 2018


CNN's Jim Acosta Asks Dumbest Question Of All Time, Is Shut Up For Good With Brutal Reply

CNN’s Jim Acosta Asks Dumbest Question Of All Time, Gets Shut Up For Good By Brutal Reply

CNN’s Chief White House Correspondent Jim Acosta is no stranger to humiliating himself, but he most recently outdid himself while trying to bash President Donald Trump. It all unfolded when Acosta asked White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney what’s being described as two of the dumbest questions of all time — and he was shut down for good in front of the entire country by a brutally honest reply. […]

Cocky Reporters Take Trump’s ‘Cognitive Exam,’ No Longer Laughing When Results Come In

Amid the current media frenzy surrounding President Donald Trump’s yearly physical and cognitive exam, a group of cocky reporters agreed to undergo the same mental test which the president aced. They undoubtedly expected to find that they could pass the text with ease, thereby proving that it was far too easy an exam to be giving the President of the United States. However, the smug reporters were no longer laughing when the results of their own tests came in. […]

Posters Pop Up Overnight In Oregon School, 2 Words Leave Trump Supporter Parents Furious

Posters Pop Up Overnight In Oregon School, 2 Words Leave Trump-Supporting Parents Furious

When parents first send their children off to elementary school, they trust that they will learn reading, writing, and arithmetic. They don’t anticipate that they will be taught things that conflict with their beliefs. However, that’s exactly what happened to Trump-supporting parents in Oregon. After they learned about posters that popped up in their children’s elementary school overnight, two words left them furious. […]

Cops & Criminals

Gymnastics Rapist Begs To Be Absent For Victim Statements, Judge Has Brutal Counteroffer

Former Olympic Gymnastics team physician Larry Nassar, who’s been accused of rape, recently begged a judge to allow him to be absent during the victim statements, claiming that it is “bad for his mental health” to be forced to listen to what the girls have to say. However, the judge had a better idea, and now, the video clip of her brutal counteroffer has gone viral, for good reason. […]

World News

With Queen Still Fuming Over ‘Disastrous’ Engagement, Meghan Markle Given Final Ultimatum

On Thursday, Meghan Markle made her third official public appearance with Prince Harry since the announcement of their engagement was made, and it was a complete disaster for the American actress, as she embarrassed the entire Royal Family with her classless antics. With Queen Elizabeth II still fuming over the ordeal, Meghan has been given an ultimatum ahead of her May nuptials. […]

Meghan’s Crying! Markle Throws Princess Diana ‘Under The Bus’ & Harry Let’s Her Have It

Meghan Markle isn’t winning the British people over, and that couldn’t have been more clear than when she opened her big mouth and started ranting while on her recent trip to Cardiff. At first, Princess Pushy, which is her nickname in the press, didn’t realize Harry had overheard her huge snafu, throwing Princess Diana “under the bus,” which was caught on live TV. Later, Harry whispered in her ear, and that’s when Princess Pushy shed some tears of rage. […]

Gun Rights

Liberal Attorney General’s New Scheme Will Strip Away Fundamental Aspect Of Gun Ownership

The left hates the Second Amendment. Why? Because they are terrified of an armed populace. Americans who know how to use firearms are self-reliant. They don’t want the government running their lives. So, every day, we learn about another liberal trying to limit our freedoms. The latest is from a liberal attorney general. His new scheme will deprive you of the most fundamental aspect of gun ownership. […]