December 17, 2017


After Rosie Goes Nuts Attacking Sarah Sanders, Press Sec Makes Her Cry With Just 6 Words

Rosie O’Donnell is completely unhinged, and she is now targeting Sarah Huckabee Sanders. The leftist actress and so-called comedienne can’t stand Sanders, who is quickly becoming a darling of the Trump administration. So, Rosie decided to make disgusting remarks in a vicious attack, thinking her bullying techniques will shut the press secretary down. Except, that didn’t work. In fact, it just fired up Sanders who made Rosie cry with just six words. […]

Meryl Streep Calls Trump ‘Dictator Who Stole Election,’ President Gives Her Nasty Surprise

After Meryl Streep infamously bashed President Donald Trump at last year Golden Globes, she is now coming out with a new movie called “The Post,” a movie based on true events about The Washington Post in 1971. Streep is making the rounds, insisting that Trump is a “dictator” stopping a “free press” and stating that he stole the election from Hillary Clinton, but that’s when things got ugly. The president gave her a “nasty surprise,” making her look like a fool. […]

Ingraham Asks Sanders How She Deals With ‘C-R-A-P’ From Reporters, STUNNED By Her Reply

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders spoke with Fox News’ Laura Ingraham from the White House on Friday evening after a big week for President Donald Trump came to a close. Ingraham congratulated Sanders on the great job that she has done so far in the briefing room and asked her how she deals with the “C-R-A-P” that comes at her daily from liberal reporters. The Fox News host was clearly stunned by the reply that Sanders issued seconds later. […]

Trump Finds Out McCain Is In The Hospital, Immediately Does The 1 Thing NOBODY Expected

Sen. John McCain was readmitted to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center this week to continue his recovery from prior cancer treatment. McCain has been undergoing radiation and chemotherapy as part of his treatments for brain cancer, and these procedures have severely impacted his overall health. When President Donald Trump learned that McCain had been readmitted to the hospital, he immediately did the one thing that nobody expected. […]

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Liberal Media Goes Berserk After Seeing Problem With Ivanka’s Christmas Post From WH Party

The liberal media has gone berserk after seeing Ivanka Trump’s personal post from inside the White House Christmas party. Pointing to one thing that they noticed, they are making crazy accusations, and the rest of the Trump-haters are all on board, making it go viral. Except, there’s one huge problem with what they claim to “see,” and you’ll be shocked at just how much they hate the First Family and Christmas. […]