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Liberal Offers NAUSEATING Pro-Abortion Argument, FOX OBLITERATES It

by Robert Rich in Health & Science

As the Planned Parenthood videos continue to be released despite the gag order intended to oppress First Amendment rights, a liberal defended their barbaric actions. Too bad for her, it took Fox News just a few moments to completely obliterate her argument. [...]
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  • Trump’s Plan For Debates Unlike Anything Seen, Other Candidates Have No Chance
    Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has been sweeping the nation with his no-nonsense and aggressive style, and it doesn’t appear like much is going to change heading into the GOP debates that will air on Fox News. His plan isn’t anything we’ve seen from other candidates, and after hearing it, they don’t stand a chance. [...]
  • 8 Major Stories You Missed While The World Lost Its Mind Over A Lion
    Ever since Cecil the Lion was killed by an American dentist, the world has been losing its mind, giving Cecil wall-to-wall coverage on every major network and igniting a fury of backlash by rabid anti-hunting activists looking to destroy the man who shot the famed feline. But while everyone has been distracted by Cecil, the world continued to turn, and eight major stories went widely unreported. [...]
  • BOOM! It Only Takes Netanyahu 7 Words To Send Scathing Insult To John Kerry
    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed Secretary of State John Kerry's spineless decision to bypass Israel on his tour of the Middle East, a purposeful slap in the face of our ally. However, the prime minister's response was the epitome of class and brazenness. [...]
  • BREAKING: Trump Announced Who Is Attorney General Will Be, This Is MAJOR
    As Donald Trump’s presidential campaign train continues to steam down the tracks, he just made a massive announcement about who he’s going to tap for Attorney General if he gets into the White House, and it’s a conservative’s dream come true. [...]
  • rubio lion
    Presidential candidate Marco Rubio opined his thoughts about the lion adorably named "Cecil" that was killed by an American dentist on a hunting trip in Africa. In his epic rant, he draws more important conclusions than most of the social media world could handle. [...]

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  • composite_14382858718650
    America has a strange relationship with New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. You either love him or hate him. However, after seeing how his wife just offended Muslims everywhere, you may have to start actually liking him (or maybe just like him even more). [...]
  • composite_14382628373315
    As time goes on, Hillary Clinton seems to be repeatedly shooting herself in the foot, and the polls only validate that notion further. However, it seems that one of the biggest obstacles she’s facing is a movie coming out that could put the final nails in her 2016 presidential campaign. [...]
  • Obama SLAMMED Over N-Word By… Hulk Hogan?
    In case you missed it, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) terminated its contract with wrestling superstar Hulk Hogan on Friday over a racist tirade allegedly caught on tape from eight years ago. While he initially apologized for the private moment that someone recorded in his own home, now he’s lashing out… at Barack Obama. [...]
  • One Of Mel Brooks All-Time Musicals Is Facing Criticism
    The left would like nothing more than for us to be all the same and to be devoid of emotion, which begs the question of where does it end? The answer is simple — it never will until we put a stop to the insanity. [...]
  • BOMBSHELL Dropped About John Stewart That He Did NOT Want You To Know
    Liberals talk a good game, but it’s often somewhere between the four corners of misinformation, deceit, attention diversion, and hypocrisy. Proving just that was a bombshell claim released about Jon Stewart that he surely did not want anyone knowing about. [...]


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