November 19, 2017


Frederica Wilson Attacks Gen. Kelly’s Patriotism, Trump’s ‘Nasty Surprise’ Shuts Her Down

Once again, “glittery” Rep. Frederica Wilson grabbed national headlines by attacking General John Kelly. Wilson got her 15 minutes of fame weeks ago, but she refuses to go away. Every couple of days, she uses social media to attack Kelly’s character and his patriotism, but this time, President Donald Trump’s “nasty surprise” for Wilson shut her down for good. You don’t want to miss what finally shut the mouth of the “rodeo clown” who was slandering an American hero. […]

CNN Reporter Brings Up Hillary, Sarah Sanders Destroys Her With Clinton’s Worst Nightmare

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders recently held a press briefing alongside Kevin Hassett, Chair of the Council of Economic Advisors, who excitedly discussed the tax reform bills that are quickly working their way through Congress and heading for President Donald Trump’s desk. While members of the press should have been focused on the issues at hand, one CNN reporter decided to bring up Hillary Clinton. That’s when Sanders instantly destroyed her by unleashing Clinton’s worst nightmare. […]

Trump-Hating Kathy Griffin Posts Unhinged Video As She Gets The Worst News Of Her Career

Kathy Griffin continues to beg for sympathy after posting a disgusting photo, depicting the beheading of President Donald Trump, which rocked the nation six months ago. The unhinged Trump-hater has struck yet again, dropping another bombshell. In a recent video posted to her account, Griffin not only openly admits that she’s lost her mind, she reveals the worst news of her career that just hit her hard — and it’s something you don’t want to miss. […]

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White WWII Veteran Screams In Agony As He Dies, Black Nurse’s Response Makes Family Sick

Earlier this week, video footage recorded in 2014 was finally released to the public, despite feverish attempts to keep it sealed. The footage shows staff at a nursing home in Georgia ignoring the dying pleas of a decorated white WWII veteran as he cries out in agony. Instead of helping him, a black nurse does the unthinkable, and people are rightfully sickened to witness her behavior. […]

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