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Cop Pulls Over On Side Of Road, Woman Floored At What She Saw Him Do

by Amanda Shea in News

While driving through a small Missouri town, a woman was at an intersection when she witnessed an officer pull over to the side of the road. Having parked his cruiser in an unusual way, she became curious as to what he was doing there and was left in complete shock when she watched what he did as he came around the side of his car into the road. [...]


  • composite_14749209058478
    One of Bill Clinton's alleged rape victims, Kathleen Willey, is speaking out about what she knows about a murder, and it hits close to home. Willey, who worked in the Clinton administration, accused Bill of sexual assault, and her account is extremely credible. Now, she reveals a deadly plot which left one man shot to death, and the connection with the Clintons is chilling. [...]
  • hand-cover
    As the Hillary Clinton camp continues to perpetuate the lie that their candidate is the epitome of health, they just got busted in another whopper after what one man noticed while reviewing the footage of one of Hillary's recent rallies. Once you see the propaganda tools they are utilizing on the American people in order to keep their rhetoric going, be prepared, because it's highly disturbing and likely to leave you extremely pissed off. [...]
  • screenshot_2
    Students were proud to show their Donald Trump gear for spirit week at Smithtown High School West in Long Island, New York this week, but one teacher wasn't happy about it. She decided to make her disgust known by publicly shaming the teens with a nasty name, but now, she's getting exactly what she deserves. [...]
  • Thugs Irate About Cowboy's Blunt Sign & Try To Take It Down — BIG Mistake
    A Florida seafood restaurant owner is so fed up with what he's seen lately that he got off the fence for the first time to share exactly how he feels by posting four blunt phrases on the sign outside his business. Not concerned with who he would offend, he got more than he expected when certain people saw it, but they messed with the wrong cowboy who had the perfect surprise for them. [...]
  • Hillary Thought No One Saw, Video Shows What She Tried Hiding Down Stairs
    Although Hillary Clinton may have thought no one was around, a reporter armed with a camera was able to catch her completely unexpected. The presidential hopeful didn't want anyone to see, but a video of the exchange shows exactly what she tried to hide down the stairs. [...]

Gun Rights

  • rowefeature
    Mike Rowe, America's favorite handyman and the host of the popular former TV show Dirty Jobs, warned his social media fans that there is now nude video of him, which they may stumble across. Although he didn't take the footage, it's safe to say that it will send liberals into a blind rage since it captured him wielding a shotgun while in his birthday suit, and if there's one thing liberals hate, it's guns. [...]
  • White Guy Drives Thru Charlotte Riot, BLM Lets Him Pass After Seeing His 'Display'
    When a photographer spotted a calm white man slowly driving through a crowd of Black Lives Matter rioters in Charlotte, she immediately thought he was about to witness the driver get ambushed. However, she was stunned to see the BLM protesters graciously part and let the guy through — all because of what he silently held out the window. [...]
  • Texas School Dist. Sends Thugs Message With Sign That Has Liberals Outraged
    It's becoming impossible to turn on the television without seeing cities across the U.S. in turmoil due to riots spurred by Black Lives Matter protesters and terrorist attacks carried out by devout Muslims. However, thanks to a controversial sign displayed by one Texas district, the schools are sending an unmistakable warning to these thugs, and it has liberals losing their minds. [...]
  • composite_14743988393245
    Congressman Tom Tancredo sponsored a "Gun Giveaway" to arm Americans against radical Muslim terrorists, but there seems to be a problem. The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which has links to the Muslim Brotherhood, has been caught in a huge lie about the giveaway. CAIR's attempt to paint Americans as ruthless racists failed, and Second Amendment-loving Americans are getting the last laugh. [...]
  • trumpgunfeature
    Hillary Clinton has often promised that she intends to continue Barack Obama's increased gun control attempts, should she happen to become president. She has shown her disdain for our Second Amendment repeatedly and only seems to renew her vows to limit our rights. Now, her rival Donald Trump has issued a bold challenge for her that has many on the right cheering. [...]


  • Muslim Imam Tells Followers To Kill Infidels, Should've Seen Who Was In Crowd
    A prominent Muslim imam was giving a sermon at his mosque when he began candidly calling for his Muslim congregation to go out after their prayers and slaughter innocent non-Muslims. However, the devout preacher didn't realize that there was someone sitting in his congregation who was going to make him regret his hateful, violent message. [...]
  • Woman Gives Muslim Husband Nasty Wedding Gift After He Takes 2nd Wife
    A Muslim man was unhappy with having just one wife, so the perverted husband secretly married a second woman. However, after returning from a jubilant wedding and honeymoon with his new bride, the first woman-of-the-house greeted the cheating husband with an incredibly nasty wedding "gift" that will stay with him for the rest of his life. [...]
  • Something Off About Muslim At Airport, Then Customs Agents See The Blood
    While merely doing their jobs, a few customs officials at an airport grew suspicious of a Muslim woman acting a bit suspicious. After pulling her to the side, the agents were later left horrified to see what was in the woman’s bag – and that’s when they noticed the blood. [...]
  • composite_14749058115368
    Six Muslim migrants have been identified as suspects in the vicious assault and rape of a 26-year-old mother-of-three who woke up bloodied and bruised in a strange house after her drink was spiked and she was abducted and gang-raped on what should have been an enjoyable night out. Now, as the Muslim migrants await trial, the citizens of the town have sent the rapists a nasty surprise that they'll never forget. [...]
  • nypd-rape-lie-feat
    As the anti-police rhetoric continues to infect our country, a video is circulating across the internet allegedly depicting a white New York City Police Department (NYPD) officer raping a black 15-year-old girl in a jail cell, and outrage is ensuing. However, before you share the video, there's something huge that you missed and need to know before this clip spreads any further. [...]


  • ditkafeature
    Super Bowl winning coach and legendary NFL commentator Mike Ditka is thrashing second string quarterback and bonehead Colin Kaepernick in an epic verbal smackdown. During an interview, Ditka didn't hold back when asked his opinion on Kaepernick and his refusal to stand for the National Anthem. [...]
  • After Kaepernick, White Athlete Voices Opinion… Here’s How That Went Down
    The nation has been inundated by headlines about attention seeking black athletes after they followed in the footsteps of San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who chose to protest so-called “police brutality” by showing disrespect during the National Anthem. However, a white athlete recently decided to voice his opinion on the matter, and let’s just say, things went a bit differently for him. [...]
  • rowefeature
    Mike Rowe, America's favorite handyman and the host of the popular former TV show Dirty Jobs, warned his social media fans that there is now nude video of him, which they may stumble across. Although he didn't take the footage, it's safe to say that it will send liberals into a blind rage since it captured him wielding a shotgun while in his birthday suit, and if there's one thing liberals hate, it's guns. [...]
  • Left to right: Donald Trump, "Uncle Si" Robertson, Hillary Clinton
    Duck Dynasty's Silas "Uncle Si" Robertson isn't necessarily known for his intellect but rather his humor. However, the much-loved reality TV jokester has more knowledge than he's often given credit for. While appearing on Fox & Friends, he not only had words of wisdom regarding fame, but he also listed 3 ways the American voter should vet their presidential candidate, and he was right on the money. [...]
  • camfeature
    As Colin Kaepernick sits for the National Anthem to protest "oppression" and black rioters burn the city of Charlotte and inflict violence on the innocent, another black NFL quarterback is fed-up. In response, he is standing up for some common sense, and he's doing it with some harsh words for men like Kaepernick and those destroying their hometown because of perceived racism. [...]


Health & Science

  • orangefeature
    The horrifying story of oranges injected with HIV and AIDS infected blood being imported to the U.S. is circulating on social media as a warning to others. People have been liking and sharing such posts in huge numbers to inform their friends and keep them safe. However, before you share the story and warn your friends, there's one thing you should know. [...]
  • Mom’s ‘Strange’ Pic Goes Viral For WRONG Reasons As People See Her Chest
    A woman has found herself in the center of controversy after posting a “strange” picture to Facebook. Unfortunately for her, it seems that once people saw her chest, her image went viral for all the wrong reasons. [...]
  • PICS: Mom Gets ‘Chicken’ From Popeye’s, SICK By What Was Actually In Bag
    A New York woman has taken to Facebook after her daughter ordered some chicken from a local Popeyes chain restaurant. Unfortunately for her, it seems that poultry wasn’t on the menu. She was left sickened by what actually came in the bag that was served – and she’s got the pictures to prove it. [...]
  • wine-feat
    Retiring to your porch in the evening with an alcoholic beverage is nothing unusual or illegal. However, for 55-year-old Carol Mullins of Loveland, Colorado, it led to more problems than she could ever have imagined when she got a nasty $54,000 surprise all because she sipped some wine on her own property. [...]
  • Mom Sick At What Friend Did During Kiss That Left Son Looking Like This
    After spending some time with a friend who seemed to love her son, Amy Stinton noticed a rash starting to develop on her 14-month-old. Assuming it was chicken pox, she took him to the doctor for testing when she received horrible news about what had gotten on his skin that he'll never fully recover from. [...]
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