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Muslim Preacher Harasses Woman For Wearing Jeans, Cops Get Last Laugh

by Rebecca Diserio in Religion

An obnoxious Muslim street preacher, Krissoni Henderson, harassed a woman for wearing what he said were "tight jeans." The woman called the police to intervene as the Muslim yelled obscenities and screamed "Allah Akbar" at her. When cops attempted to confront Henderson, he acted out, laughing at the police officer and yelling in Arabic. However, the cops got the last laugh. [...]


  • [Video] Anti-Hillary Liberals Offer Crowd DAMNING Evidence At DNC
    The Democrat Party is hopelessly split, and the anti-Hillary liberals aren't going down without a fight, with or without Bernie Sanders. A massive crowd gathered around a speaker at a rally outside the Democratic National Convention (DNC) on Wednesday, where he revealed some damning evidence against Hillary Clinton that no voter in their right mind could ever ignore. [...]
  • composite_14698184852297
    Hillary Clinton's speech last night was very well planned since her campaign could not afford to leave anything to chance. Those in charge wanted to make sure there were no boos or dissenters in the audience, but that would mean stopping free speech. However, that is exactly what they did, and it's shocking how Hillary's thugs made sure millions of Americans were silenced during her big speech. [...]
  • Did You See Ominous Thing About Hillary’s Outfit At DNC? Sheriff Clarke Did
    As the Democratic National Convention (DNC) has recently concluded, Hillary Clinton has finally had her time to shine. Unfortunately for her, things didn’t exactly go according to plan since a few people noticed something ominous about the presidential hopeful’s outfit during her speech – and Sheriff David Clarke just blasted it to the entire world. [...]
  • Obama Daughter Vid Leaked, Disgust At What She Was Doing Away From DNC
    Malia Obama was too busy to attend the Democratic National Convention this week because she was caught up in something she thought was more important, and it has some citizens fuming. [...]
  • rip off
    Liberals went into a collective frenzy after Melania Trump's RNC speech, accusing her of lifting several lines from Michelle Obama's 2008 speech. Some were so outraged, they demanded Donald Trump step down from his presidential run. Now, liberals will have another chance to show how steeped they are in hypocrisy after their crooked queen was busted doing a little plagiarizing of her own. [...]

Gun Rights

  • EXPOSED! Secret Recording Of Dem Delegate Proves 2A End Game
    A reporter used a hidden camera while talking "gun control" with one of the Democrat delegates at the convention in Philidelphia, and the content of the secretly recorded conversation is insulting, to say the least. However, it also puts to rest, once and for all, the debate over what the liberals' endgame is for our Second Amendment with their push for more gun laws. [...]
  • Thugs Break Into Sweet 77-Year-Old Woman's Home, See Nasty Surprise Waiting
    When two thugs scoped out a lone elderly woman for their robbery, they thought the sweet little 77-year-old would be an easy target. However, as soon as they broke into her house, they stumbled upon a nasty surprise so shocking that they dropped everything and fled. [...]
  • gunusefeature
    A woman was left unscathed after her violent ex-boyfriend violated his active domestic violence order, kicking in her door. The angry ex was met with a surprise that he didn't anticipate when he ran from the home, carry away the gift his estranged girlfriend decided to give him for his unwelcomed visit to her home. [...]
  • [WATCH] Dad Gets Out Guns, Viewers Can’t Believe What He Made Kids Do
    A video is spreading rapidly across social media after a dad got out his guns and decided to call for his kids. What he did next has left quite a few people speechless as they witnessed what he made his kids do. [...]
  • tapper brown feat
    After the tragic events that struck Dallas, leaving 5 police officers killed and several more injured, Dallas Police Chief David Brown is becoming a well-known name and face. Displaying the type of leadership our country craves, the Chief is also becoming well-loved. After seeing how he quickly shut down CNN's Jake Tapper on gun control, it's clear why he's gaining support and popularity. [...]


  • composite_14698232067474
    An obnoxious Muslim street preacher, Krissoni Henderson, harassed a woman for wearing what he said were "tight jeans." The woman called the police to intervene as the Muslim yelled obscenities and screamed "Allah Akbar" at her. When cops attempted to confront Henderson, he acted out, laughing at the police officer and yelling in Arabic. However, the cops got the last laugh. [...]
  • Clerks Disgusted By Booty Shorts Girl's Surprise When She Turns Around
    A confident girl strutted into her neighborhood drug store wearing a pair of booty shorts she felt attractive in. Without realizing anyone was watching her, she was browsing around when she heard snickering over her shoulder. That's when she showed the gawking clerks her little surprise. [...]
  • bikini cop
    A criminal thought he found a group of easy targets when he decided to try to turn a group of beach-going girls into his victims. Unfortunately for him, one of the bikini-clad babes would soon show him what she does with her time when she's not on the beach, quickly teaching him that he picked the wrong woman and delivering an epic dose of instant justice — and a photo capturing the moment is going viral. [...]
  • Homeless Man Approaches Stranded Single Mom, Now She'll Never Be The Same
    A single mother was desperate to get home to her daughter when she realized that wasn't going to happen anytime soon. She was searching in her purse for her bus pass and couldn't find it when a homeless man approached and asked for cash. She said she was stranded and didn't have any money to give him and now will never be the same after what he did. [...]
  • evil
    Angela Merkel's decision to infiltrate her country with Muslim refugees has had devastating consequences for citizens. In the past 10 days alone, Germany has suffered 4 violent terror attacks, all committed by refugees with radical ties to ISIS. Now, Merkel is revealing a new plan, and considering how refugees have ravaged her country over recent weeks, it can only be described as sick. [...]


  • shermanfeature
    Richard Sherman, a cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks, is now on the defense against the liberal media after using a phrase that leftists seem to loathe. However, he stands by his statement. [...]
  • Charles Barkley (left), rioters (right)
    Former NBA star Charles Barkley has been outspoken about both his stance on police and the black community, recently receiving heavy criticism for his views. Two weeks after his initial remarks that caused a firestorm of backlash, Barkley just doubled down, telling blacks what they need to do as he described a world without cops. People aren't happy about what he had to say, but he's not backing down. [...]
  • alicia keys feat
    Social media erupted after Alicia Keys spoke and sang at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) on the same night Hillary Clinton formally secured the nomination for president, but it wasn't to praise Keys' performance. The misguided celebrity decided to tell Americans that we can't claim that the United States is the home of the brave for one ridiculous reason, but she obviously forgot one thing. [...]
  • jordan cover
    Black Lives Matter supporters are swarming around NBA basketball legend Michael Jordan, but not in a good way. The latest divisive rhetoric is showing the true hate in America and how this terrorist group is willing to throw anyone under the bus who isn't willing to go along with their hate-filled antics. [...]
  • Donald Trump (left), Chuck Norris (center), Hillary Clinton (right)
    With the 2016 presidential race heating up, it seems everyone has something to say about it, but when American icon and overall badass Chuck Norris speaks, it's wise to listen. The famous martial artist, actor, film producer, and screenwriter, who also served in the United States Air Force, just gave Republicans a warning before making a surprising prediction about a Trump presidency, and it's time to take note. [...]


Health & Science

  • Woman Shares Weight Loss Pics, Viewers FLOORED By What Else They Caught
    A female fitness blogger’s pictures have recently gone viral after she decided to share her weight loss transformation. However, it seems that the images have become so popular for more than one reason as viewers have been left absolutely floored by what else the photos caught – and they paint a different picture. [...]
  • Lady Has Tickle In Throat For Years, Doc Horrified When He Sees What’s Inside
    After suffering through a persistent tickle in her throat for quite some time, a Florida woman decided it was best to get things checked out. However, she’d have to deal with the cough-inducing issue for a whopping three years before she actually got some answers – and her latest doctor was horrified when he saw what had been inside all along. [...]
  • ketchumfeature
    It's a well-known fact that the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) hasn't been doing its job in serving our veterans as one veteran found out after being turned away. Not knowing what else to do, the Marine took drastic action, and unfortunately, there's no going back now. The heartbreaking chain of events is leaving servicemen and fellow Americans outrage, and rightfully so. [...]
  • Mom Has Migraine For 25 Years, Realizes What She’s Put Inside Her All Along
    After suffering the effects of debilitating migraines for the past 25 years, a mother-of-two thought there was no end in sight. However, things have recently taken a turn for the woman after she realized what she’s been putting inside her body all along. [...]
  • Girl’s Jaw Didn’t Grow For 6 Years, Here’s What She Looks Like After Surgery
    After spending the first 14 years of her life with a smile she didn't like, Ellie Jones decided to get braces. Unfortunately, while at the orthodontist, she was told that braces wouldn’t fix her appearance since there was a deeper problem. Her jaw hadn’t grown since she was 8 years old – but you should see her incredible transformation now that she’s spent the last 6 years in and out of surgery. [...]
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