As Snowflakes Melt Over Trump’s Transgender Military Ban, Wounded Vet Has 6 Perfect Words

In a series of tweets on Wednesday morning, President Donald Trump revealed that transgender individuals will no longer be allowed to serve in the U.S. military. As conservatives rejoiced over the news, liberals had the predictable reaction, lambasting the president and his decision as being discriminatory against the LGBT community. However, one wounded veteran had the perfect reply to this progressive nonsense, and it put everything into perspective. […]

Melania Gets Revenge On Michelle Obama At Ohio Rally, As MSM Ignores What She Did

Melania Trump is ruthlessly scrutinized by the mainstream media while they continue to cheerlead for everything that Michelle Obama does. In a strange coincidence, Melania and Michelle were on stage on the same night with the liberal press fawning over Michelle’s every word. What they missed, of course, was what Melania did, dismissing her completely. You’re going to love how Melania got revenge on Michelle and the mainstream media in a way that will blow your mind. […]

Ben & Jerry’s Force Liberal Agenda On Customers, Backfires After What’s Found In Ice Cream

Ben & Jerry’s is one company on the list of those which use their popularity to force a liberal agenda on their customers. The ice cream giant has, over the years, produced a flavor inspired by socialist Senator Bernie Sanders and knowingly hired illegal immigrants, just to name a few of their most notorious blunders. These political stunts have all backfired, though, after what was just found in samples of the company’s premium ice cream. […]

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House Of Blues Tells Country Singer To Disarm, He Has A Much Better Idea

In a day and age when most celebrities loathe the values our great country was founded upon, there are still a few famous patriots out there who fearlessly defend the principles outlined in our Constitution. Country singer Jamey Johnson is one of the good guys. When House of Blues in Myrtle Beach (HOBMB) told him to disarm before entering the concert venue where he was set to play on Sunday, he had a much better idea. […]