September 19, 2017


Hillary Emerges To Sign Books At Costco, Suffers Big Embarrassment Moments After Arriving

Imagine doing your grocery shopping on a Sunday afternoon and while strolling through the Costco aisles, snacking on various free samples, you run into none other than twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. For some Costco members, this was a reality over the weekend after Hillary emerged from her cave to sign books at the club store. However, she suffered a big embarrassment just moments after arriving at the bulk retailer’s warehouse. […]

After McCain Screwed Americans On Obamacare, Meghan Lands Big Starring Role On Liberal TV

Meghan McCain has been absent on Fox News since her dad had surgery for his brain cancer. Many people thought Meghan was taking time out to spend time with her dad, but there’s way more to the story. It seems like the Arizona senator’s betrayal, refusing to vote out Obamacare, is getting paid back in spades by the liberal Hollywood crowd. Meghan, who isn’t known as a potential mega-star, just landed the role of her lifetime. […]

Shocking The Liberal Hollywood Crowd At Emmys, Dolly Does 1 Thing On Stage For Trump

Dolly Parton was the only class act at last night’s Emmy Awards show. The beloved country singer was reunited on stage with her “9 to 5” co-stars Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda, who are both well-known hardcore leftists, and they made that clear at the Emmys. However, they were completely shocked, as was the entire audience, with the one thing Dolly did for President Donald Trump while on stage. You don’t want to miss this. […]

Cops & Criminals

Group Of Illegals Play Game Of Cat & Mouse On California Freeway, Hit With Instant Karma

The unsecured border between the United States and Mexico is a major issue for our national security. It is too easy to step onto U.S. soil illegally with zero repercussions — unless you do it like one group of illegals recently did. While trying to enter America illegally, a van dumped nine aliens into the U.S. before deciding to play a game of cat and mouse on a California freeway — until they were hit with a brutal dose of instant karma. […]

Indiana Thug Kicks In Wrong Door, Instantly Gets Brutal Surprise From Fed-Up Dad

An Indiana man was at home with his two young children and his wife when a violent thug demanded that he open his front door in the middle of the night. After refusing to unlock the door, the man and his frightened family were horrified to see the thug kick it open. Now, the story has gone viral after police said that the fed-up father instantly delivered a brutal surprise to the psychotic punk who had just invaded his home. […]

World News

Thug Attempts Armed Robbery With The Wrong Officer, Gets Deadly Dose Of Karma

Bank customers were horrified when they watched as a thug approached the wrong guy at an ATM, attempting to initiate an armed robbery. The thug realized too late that he was robbing an innocent citizen who just so happened to also be a military police officer. Terrified people around him were stunned when they saw the brutal instant justice he was served — and it was all caught on shocking video. […]

Melania Pops Up On Billboard In Croatia, U.S. Liberals Livid Over Message To The Right

A billboard bearing the likeness of First Lady Melania Trump has popped up in Croatia. The picture itself is from Melania’s speech at the Republican National Convention last year, but it’s the 13-word message to the right of our first lady’s image which is causing a stir. Liberals in the U.S. are livid over what’s written next to Melania’s face, as they would never allow such a thing to be erected in the states. […]

Gun Rights

Grisly Florida Thug Gets Instant Karma After Stabbing A Victim Who Wasn’t Ready To Die

A Florida homeowner was horrified to find a knife-wielding thug in his home as he walked in his front door after briefly stepping out to get some fast-food with a friend. Immediately, the man’s friend grabbed the suspect and put him in a bear-hug only to get stabbed by the intruder. However, little did this thug know, he was about to pay a heavy price for invading the man’s home and stabbing a victim who wasn’t ready to die. […]

Potheads Ransack Cars For Loot, Fed-Up Florida Homeowner With AK-47 Has Brutal Response

A woman in Chipley, Florida, was awakened in the middle of the night by a loud noise in the driveway. She immediately woke her husband to investigate, and just moments later, he came face to face with three teen thugs who were ransacking his vehicles for loot. Little did the potheads know, there would be a heavy price to pay as the fed-up homeowner confronted them with both his AK-47 rifle and a brutal response to their thieving behavior. […]

4 Florida Thugs Invade Man’s Home & Shoot His Dog, Realize Their Big Mistake Too Late

In Summerfield, Florida, a man was at home with his girlfriend when he heard his back door being kicked in by 4 armed thugs. Instantly, the victim’s dog “Zeus” charged at the intruders to protect his family and was brutally shot in the head. In the moments that followed, the punks realized what a big mistake they had just made, but it was way too late to avoid the wrath of the fed-up couple who were more than ready for some vicious payback, and rightfully so. […]