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  • Obama SWEARS Oregon Wanted Him To Come, These Pictures Prove Otherwise
    The bodies of the nine victims of the horrific shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon weren’t even cold before Barack Obama took to his podium, armed with his teleprompter to lecture the nation about gun control. Shortly after, he said he was going to Roseburg to speak with the families and swore the town wanted him to come. Well, those who keep pushing that narrative might want to look at what happened when he arrived. [...]
  • 12077274_10156076627420548_1535224156pv
    For the past seven years, we’ve watched our nation undergo a promised transformation at the hands f Barack Obama, and most of us have hated it. Well, it appears as if yet another step has been taken to turn our country into something it’s not after federal prisons removed a rather notable item from all of their facilities, which has Muslims across the nation cheering in delight. [...]
  • 1anavyobama
    As a part of the Armed Forces, the U.S. Navy is constantly preparing itself for new threats around the world to keep our country safe. However, the latest “threat” that soldiers are being taught to combat isn’t what you think, and we can thank none other than Barack Obama for it. [...]
  • SEE IT: Halloween Decoration Causing OUTRAGE, Obama Is NOT Going To Like It
    As the Halloween season is upon us, many citizens here in America have opted to decorate their homes in the spookiest way they can. Recently, deciding to do just that, one New Jersey man’s decorations have sparked a bit of outrage, and President Barack Obama is not going to like it one bit. [...]
  • 1aholmespv
    An Oregon boy wore a shirt to school this week that had something printed on it that the principal didn’t like, which resulted in the student being suspended. As if the suspension alone wasn’t enough to be upset over, what didn’t happen after he was sent home is even worse. [...]

Gun Rights

  • 12049252_976718935703247_6334970676055590792pv
    Unless you've been living under several piles of rocks, you know gun control is a huge issue. Unfortunately, it seems that stupid people keep making the situation worse. [...]
  • dismantledgunfeature
    Social media is often a place to connect with friends, meet new like-minded individuals, and disagree about politics. Many take it to the next level and make posts that are just so insane that they warrant being shared. This is what happened with Steve Elliott and his post, which clearly depicts the height of anti-gun insanity from a self-proclaimed "responsible gun owner." [...]
  • Gun Store Offering Discount To Whoever Says These 3 Words, The Left Is TICKED
    A Tennessee gun store is standing up for what they believe in by offering a discount to anyone who walks through the door and says three certain words, but local Democrats are not happy about it. [...]
  • Sheriff OBLITERATES Obama’s Anti-Gun Agenda Using Left’s Favorite Argument
    In the wake of the terrible tragedy that occurred in Oregon, Barack Obama has tried to shove more gun control down America’s collective throat, which isn’t sitting well with too many people. One person in particular who’s unhappy about it is Sheriff David Clarke from Milwaukee. During an appearance on Fox News, he used one of the left’s favorite arguments to dismantle Obama’s current agenda. [...]
  • Fed Up After Oregon Shooting, Kansas Took BOLD Action For College Campuses
    As the nation continues to mourn the horrific tragedy that unfolded at an Oregon community college, Kansas decided it was going to do something to keep college students safe. Not only do lawmakers have a bold plan, but it’ll likely be heralded by many on the right, who know the best way to ensure everyone’s safety. [...]



  • Football Coach Thanking God Gets Cut Off By ABC, Gets Instant Surprise After
    A college football coach was in the middle of an impassioned speech after a tough victory on Saturday, and as he was about to thank the “good Lord,” ESPN immediately cut him off. But right after the feed died, the network was hit with something they never saw coming. [...]
  • College Girls Catch The Attention Of Sportscasters But Not For Good Reason
    During a baseball game, sports commentators encouraged the fans to take selfies of themselves for a T-Mobile promotion. A group of sorority girls were perched in the stands and gladly obliged to the challenge. What the the sportscasters saw and how they reacted has caused a bit of controversy. [...]
  • Burger Chain Grilled Over What They Slapped On Model's Butts In New Ad
    Carl's Jr has made a name for themselves by sexualizing fast food, because butts and barely dressed models are evidently what sells burgers. But now, their ads are turning heads and turning up the heat with a new approach to slinging fries, as they cause controversy with what they put on their model's butts. [...]
  • Boy Told Left Hand ‘Evil’ By Teacher, NEVER Expected Who He Heard From Next
    Earlier this week, news broke of a young boy being told by his teacher that his left hand is “evil,” which caused him to be afraid of it and start trying to use his right hand. Naturally, his mother was outraged after hearing what happened, but neither of them could have ever expected to learn who heard about his story and reached out. [...]
  • whoopburepv
    From ridiculous statements about nurses to now insulting the millions of God-fearing Americans that hold a faith in a higher power, the hosts of The View don't seem to know when to shut their traps. Once again, their ill-informed ramblings are striking a nerve with conservatives across the country, but Candace Cameron just delivered an epic message to the liberal lunatics those of us on the right can applaud. [...]


Health & Science

  • Is Your Family At Risk? Common Food Additive Linked To Serious Health Issues
    It seems like every other day there is a new warning about one substance or another which has been linked to negative health issues. However, one common ingredient in particular — that is both purposely and unintentionally ingested by millions of Americans every day — should be avoided at all costs. Hordes of people are suffering ill-health as a consequence of consuming it, and the true cause of their symptoms is often being overlooked. [...]
  • After 3 Hours Waiting For Daughter At Dentist, Mom Walks Into NIGHTMARE
    A Florida mother took her daughter to the dentist for a pretty routine visit that most youngsters go through, so she figured all was fine. However, the dentist was acting rather strangely just before bringing the girl into the back, and after having a funny feeling about it all, the woman went into the office and absolutely freaked out at what she saw. [...]
  • Sonogram
    Imagine going in for an ultrasound only to discover something totally different from the norm you were expecting. Apparently, that's what's happened to many parents-to-be. Now, many parents know there's one thing their baby absolutely loves. [...]
  • Man's Nagging Feeling Led Him To Look Inside, Now He's Scarred For Life
    A family vacation to sunny California didn't end the way a young father had planned, after he ended up covered in blood as he emerged from the ocean water. He would eventually seek out medical help, but after what doctors discovered inside of him, the bleeding was the least of his worries. [...]
  • Doctors Find Tumor In Boy’s Stomach, SHOCKED At What It Actually Was
    When a 4-year-old began experiencing severe stomach pain, he was immediately taken to the hospital. When doctors examined the boy, they thought that he may have a tumor inside his stomach, but they were shocked to find out what it actually was. [...]