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Rapist Offers Mental Health Patient AUDACIOUS Proposition

by Antonio J. Newell in Crime

In most cases, a positive cancels out a negative. However, when a rapist offered a mental health patient a typically nice proposition, it does not. Actually, it's an audaciously disrespectful act of retribution, on top of what this man already did. [...]


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  • Liberals On ‘The View’ Humiliate Christian Host, Ends Up Biting Them HARD
    The liberal panel of catty women on The View have met their match with their counterpart, Christian conservative actress Candace Cameron Bure, when she annihilated them with the truth. The seemingly androgynous Whoopi Goldberg thought it was funny to call a few vile people in history Christians. [...]
  • Bill Mahar Asked If Muslim ‘Ideas Are Bad,’ Reply Gets THUNDEROUS Applause
    Bill Maher is as liberal as it gets when it comes to social issues, but one area conservatives tend to find themselves in agreement with him is Islam. On Friday night, he was asked by a member of the audience whether or not Muslims have bad ideas, and the response he gave, which shut down his liberal guest, had the audience erupting in applause. [...]
  • NFL Has Moment Of Silence For Paris, Man HALTS It By Shouting 2 Words [VID]
    Quite the intense video is spreading around the Internet after a moment of silence for the victims of the attack in Paris was interrupted at a football game recently. Things were brought to a screeching halt when a single fan decided to scream just two words at the top of his lungs – and many are pissed off about it. [...]
  • trumpfightfeature
    The Donald is at it again, saying things that most of us want to say but generally don't. His no holds barred attitude of "mean what you say, say what you mean" is coming out more often lately, and he's not backing down from socialist Ronda Rousey. [...]
  • NCIS Actress Nearly Killed By Homeless, Makes Surprising Statement About Cops
    An actress on the hit television series NCIS was walking outside of her Hollywood home Thursday evening when a run-in with a homeless man nearly ended with her dead. Terrified, she did everything she could to survive, and after the ordeal was over, she made a surprising stamen about law enforcement around the country. [...]


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