November 22, 2017


As Barron Helped Dad Pardon WH Turkey, Shocking Details Show His Young Life Is In Danger

Barron Trump was on hand yesterday to help his mom receive the beautiful White House Christmas tree, but little did the First Family know, danger was lurking just around the corner. Now, shocking details are emerging of a sick plot to assassinate young Barron Trump just as he was helping his dad, President Donald Trump, pardon the White House turkey. Secret Service agents were spotted on high alert watching Barron, and you’ll be shocked at who is trying to kill him. […]

Loser Chelsea Finally Leaves US ‘Over Trump,’ Caught In Shocking Video ‘Regretting It’

Patriots are cheering after loser Chelsea Handler admitted that she just left the United States because of President Donald Trump, but that’s not all. Chelsea immediately regretted her decision as she was caught in a shocking video, one minute laughing about leaving the United States, and the next minute it turns dark as she completely “loses it,” having a nervous breakdown after realizing some harsh truths. You don’t want to miss this. […]

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WATCH: Texas Agent Killed At Mexico Border, So Trump Halts Cabinet Meeting To Unleash Hell

Over the weekend, two brave Border Patrol agents stationed along the porous border between Texas and Mexico were ambushed by a group of illegal immigrants who bashed them in the head with blunt objects. One of the agents, Rogelio Martinez, was killed on the scene, while the other agent was critically injured. Then, on Monday, President Donald Trump halted his Cabinet meeting in order to unleash hell on the suspects who attacked the border patrol agents and those on the left who essentially allowed the assault to take place thanks to their support for open borders. […]

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