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Health & Science

  • The Russian doctor who removed his own appendix
    Today, when one has their appendix removed, it is considered a rather simple surgery. The doctor takes us into the operating room, they give us anesthesia, and we wake up not having any memory of the procedure. However, a Russian doctor in 1961 was not given that luxury when he was faced with removing his own appendix. [...]
  • Mom Posts Selfies Of What RARE Cancer Did To Her Face Along With A Message
    Helen Butchart thought she had a severe tooth abscess and went to her dentist. The doctor removed three teeth and treated her oral swelling with antibiotics. It seemed like a regular day in the dreaded chair that would be over before she knew it, and 54-year-old Butchart could get on with her life as the mom next door. But when treatment didn't work, she was sent to a specialist and given news nobody wants to hear. [...]
  • What's Wrong With This Picture? Some Are Say It's Wrong On Many Levels
    This woman has an unusual practice that others are irate over, but she says it's perfectly natural and others should do it too. [...]
  • You Think Your Insurance Is High Now? Look What Could Be Coming 2016!
    It seems that the only thing I hear about health insurance anymore is how unaffordable it has become. While the American people were promised affordable insurance for all, many are finding that's just not the case, as their premiums are higher now more than ever — and they better pay them if they don't want fined! Well, 2016 is gonna hurt even worse. [...]
  • Diners In 9 States Start Projectile Puking After Eating Trendy Dish
    Droves of diners across nine states got a side order of salmonella with their swanky meal out. What was supposed to be a trendy treat turned into a putrid evening, spent hunched over the porcelain throne, and it even resulted in a stay in the hospital for several of those who were affected. [...]