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    Hillary Clinton's pick for vice president, Tim Kaine, is being branded by the media as a Christian and a pro-Israel candidate, but the truth is quite the opposite. Kaine has a long history of backing Islamic causes, and we've uncovered shocking revelations of his radical Muslim dealings that the media doesn't want you to know. [...]
  • Hillary’s PISSED: Wikileaks About To Put Her In Place With NASTY Surprise
    It seems as though the ground around Hillary Clinton is beginning to shake before it completely falls out from under her feet, and it all centers around her abysmal past coming to light. Unfortunately for her, things are about to get a lot worse. Wikileaks is about to hit her with another nasty surprise – and she can’t be happy about it. [...]
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    With over 20,000 Democratic National Committee (DNC) secret emails leaked on Friday, it has taken online researchers days to sift through them and pull out the most damning correspondences. It paints a corrupt picture of the DNC officials, but most disturbing are the 3 dirty ways these snakes are trying to dupe Americans and steal the 2016 presidential election from Donald Trump. [...]
  • debbiefeature
    Hillary Clinton is beefing up her supporting staff in her official run for the White House. The infamous Democrat, known for killing or destroying those who get in her way, is now showing us exactly what happens when you make massive mistakes while doing your job – just like the Democrat presidential nominee – by adding a staffer to her campaign that's almost as crooked as Hillary herself. [...]
  • dncfencefeature
    Democrats have been blasting Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump over his statements that we need a strong wall to keep Americans safe. Now, it looks like some of them have changed their tune, and the entire group should wear that "hypocrite" badge proudly. [...]

Gun Rights

  • Thugs Break Into Sweet 77-Year-Old Woman's Home, See Nasty Surprise Waiting
    When two thugs scoped out a lone elderly woman for their robbery, they thought the sweet little 77-year-old would be an easy target. However, as soon as they broke into her house, they stumbled upon a nasty surprise so shocking that they dropped everything and fled. [...]
  • gunusefeature
    A woman was left unscathed after her violent ex-boyfriend violated his active domestic violence order, kicking in her door. The angry ex was met with a surprise that he didn't anticipate when he ran from the home, carry away the gift his estranged girlfriend decided to give him for his unwelcomed visit to her home. [...]
  • [WATCH] Dad Gets Out Guns, Viewers Can’t Believe What He Made Kids Do
    A video is spreading rapidly across social media after a dad got out his guns and decided to call for his kids. What he did next has left quite a few people speechless as they witnessed what he made his kids do. [...]
  • tapper brown feat
    After the tragic events that struck Dallas, leaving 5 police officers killed and several more injured, Dallas Police Chief David Brown is becoming a well-known name and face. Displaying the type of leadership our country craves, the Chief is also becoming well-loved. After seeing how he quickly shut down CNN's Jake Tapper on gun control, it's clear why he's gaining support and popularity. [...]
  • fb post feat
    In a liberal's world of inside-out and upside-down, one looney college professor's call to action on Facebook made complete sense to him. However, not only did it scream of blatant hypocrisy, the directive that he gave to his followers was psychotically frightening. Now, the FBI and Homeland Security are investigating as other gun-grabbing minions of anti-freedom try to defend his words. [...]



  • moorefeature
    Although liberal Michael Moore is known for his environmental communism and not his accurate predictions of the future, he's come up with a prediction for the election in November. As the race is now narrowed to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, Moore thinks he's prophetic, but maybe he just understands the American voter. [...]
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    Typically, when a Playboy model posts a nude bathroom photo, viewers aren't left disgusted and revolted by what's seen, but when Dani Mathers, 2015 Playmate of the Year, showed off an image on Snapchat, she revealed more of herself than anyone cared to see. Now, she's left apologizing for the level of depravity she reached with the shocking picture. [...]
  • After 84 Killed In France, Reality Star Causes Outrage With Sick Selfie
    As the body count in Nice, France was still climbing and blood drenched the street in the aftermath of a Bastille Day terror attack, a reality TV star in New York was celebrating. The "Real Housewife" wasn't afraid to show it in a sickening selfie she posted on Instagram, and she was immediately obliterated for it by incensed followers who were shocked at what she said. [...]
  • [Video] Scram Pikachu! Mom Spoofs Pokemon With Grown-Up Game
    A mom of three from New Jersey just gained the nation's attention after her video, spoofing the popular Pokemon Go app, began going viral. The adult twist she adds to the game while still acting a little silly now has grown-ups all over America wanting to play too. [...]
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    African-American NBA players took to the stage of the Espy Awards Wednesday night to perform a ridiculous opening monologue, where they talked about Trayvon Martin and the so-called violent of cops, mimicking Barack Obama's words at the Dallas Memorial. However, one black slave, who doesn't fit their racist narrative, haunts them from the grave, exposing their lies and proving the black community has lost its way. [...]


Health & Science

  • Mom Has Migraine For 25 Years, Realizes What She’s Put Inside Her All Along
    After suffering the effects of debilitating migraines for the past 25 years, a mother-of-two thought there was no end in sight. However, things have recently taken a turn for the woman after she realized what she’s been putting inside her body all along. [...]
  • Girl’s Jaw Didn’t Grow For 6 Years, Here’s What She Looks Like After Surgery
    After spending the first 14 years of her life with a smile she didn't like, Ellie Jones decided to get braces. Unfortunately, while at the orthodontist, she was told that braces wouldn’t fix her appearance since there was a deeper problem. Her jaw hadn’t grown since she was 8 years old – but you should see her incredible transformation now that she’s spent the last 6 years in and out of surgery. [...]
  • WATCH: Doc Cuts Boy’s Eye That Was Swelled Shut, What Was Inside… NASTY
    A boy’s parents became concerned as they watched their child’s eye swell to the point that he could no longer open it. Knowing they had to do something about it, they had their son examined by a doctor. Medical professionals decided to cut it open — and what they discovered inside was downright nasty. [...]
  • composite_14691339407569
    Jerika Bolen is fourteen years old, and she has scheduled her own death. No, this is not assisted suicide. Jerika has an incurable disease and will simply go off of her ventilator. However, before she does, there is one thing she must do, and you'll be charmed by this bittersweet story of one brave girl and her last dance on earth. [...]
  • Ever Keep Your Baby Out Of The Sun Like This? STOP Immediately! Here’s Why
    Parents know just how important it is to protect their children from the dangers of the sun and have come up with innovative ways to do it over the years. Countless adults across the world have simply slung a blanket or sheet across the stroller to create some shade. Unfortunately, it seems that this isn’t exactly a good habit, and those who do it are now being urged to stop. [...]
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