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  • MSNBC Panel NAILS Hillary Clinton Over 'Disgusting' Comments [Video]
    During Friday's edition of Morning Joe on MSNBC, a panel consisting mostly of left-leaning individuals tore apart 'disgusting' comments that Hillary Clinton had made the day before during a campaign event in Ohio. It's not often that the mainstream media throws a Democrat under the bus, but Hillary's remarks are apparently too difficult for even MSNBC to ignore. [...]
  • Picture On DNC Website ‘Honors’ U.S. Veterans, But There’s A MAJOR Issue
    The Democratic National Committee loves American veterans, or so they say. In fact, they love them so much that they posted a picture online of Barack Obama with troops in tribute to our heroes. The image stayed up for weeks, even though there was a serious issue with it that nobody seemed to notice. [...]
  • Al Sharpton Got Humiliating News From MSNBC, And His Reaction Is PRICELESS
    The folks at MSNBC, the network that has a total of 15 viewers (the staff and their families), have just made a rather humiliating announcement about the Reverend Al Not-So-Sharpton. While his show will still be on-air, he might have been better off if they canceled it altogether. However, the best part is how Sharpton reacted to the devastating news. [...]
  • Trump FINALLY Settles The Toupee Debate: Is It Real Or Not?
    After years of debating, it seems that America finally has an answer to whether Donald Trump’s hair is real. Finally settling the question once and for all, Trump pulled an unsuspecting woman on stage to feel for herself – and she gave a definitive answer. [...]
  • poll numbersfeat
    Poll results aren't always the best way to gauge the success of a presidential candidate, yet the new numbers out today are showing a shocking trend. [...]

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